[SINGAPORE] The Glasshouse Specialty Coffee and Toast Bar at CHIJMES Singapore

September 25th, 2017. I knew about Glasshouse from Nicholas Instagram @stormscape. 🙂 He’s a writer at @DanielFoodDiary. They’re famous bloggers in Singapore. So, yeah, I visited Glasshouse as soon as I had time on my first day in Singapore.


Located in CHIJMES, Glasshouse occupied a simple place surrounded by glass, filled with plants and wooden furnitures. Well, from my hotel, I took bus to Raffles Hotel, then I walked to CHIJMES. When I arrived, I kinda got lost finding Glasshouse hahaha.. It’s far away from the entrance. It’s only 1 table left, but lucky me, another table available yaaay.

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White $ 4.00

I loved the coffee. Super love. It’s light but not too creamy. Not too coffee. In fact, for me, it’s perfect. I also loved the after taste. It’s velvety and very smooth. Definitely a keeper.


Heavenly Croissant $ 4.00

It’s basically a plain croissant. No filling at all. The texture was a little bit crumbly. But that’s fine for me. I love crumbly croissant. Those buttery layers.. hmmm..


Wow Glasshouse, I love your place so very much. Definitely a must-visit coffee shop in Singapore.

The Glasshouse Specialty Coffee and Toast Bar
30 Victoria Street
Singapore 187996
Phone: +65 9793 0234
IG: @theglasshousesg

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