Open Quarter at MidPlaza 2 Sudirman Jakarta

January 23rd, 2018. I’ve been stalking this account before they opened. When they opened early November 2017, I didn’t have a chance to visit the place. Finally, after a visit to hotel not far from the place, I came to Open Quarter. When I arrived at MidPlaza 2, it was just after earthquake. But, IContinue reading “Open Quarter at MidPlaza 2 Sudirman Jakarta”

Little Boy Coffee at Kemang Jakarta

January 22nd, 2018. When I saw the name, I found it cute. Little Boy Coffee. It’s like coming to coffee shop belongs to a little boy hahaha. I imagined a little boy greeted me LOL. Located on the second floor of the building, the coffee shop divided into 2 areas. Smoking and non smoking. NotContinue reading “Little Boy Coffee at Kemang Jakarta”

SOULFOOD Jakarta at Gunawarman Senopati Jakarta

February 26th, 2018. This morning I didn’t have anything to do. But my friend, Cindy, reminded me, “Don’t you have plan to go to a restaurant at Pacific Place with Aline?” OMG! I totally forgot to give confirmation to the restaurant hahaha. So, I had to reschedule, and finally planned to go to their otherContinue reading “SOULFOOD Jakarta at Gunawarman Senopati Jakarta”

Darling Habit Signature at Kemang Jakarta

January 22nd, 2018. I fell in love with Darling Habit when I went to their Tebet outlet. Actually Darling Habit Signature in Kemang was their first outlet. It’s bigger than their Tebet outlet. But, both outlets are just the same. Beautiful and comfortable. Like I said before, I fell in love to their Tebet outlet.Continue reading “Darling Habit Signature at Kemang Jakarta”

Martabak Boss at Wahid Hasyim Menteng Jakarta

February 24th, 2018. Before I checked-in in a hotel at Wahid Hasyim, I saw Martabak Boss nearby. Well, my sister told me about the place, but I didn’t really into martabak other than my favourite martabak place. But, when I saw it again after I had my pre-dinner. Yes, I had to eat at 3pmContinue reading “Martabak Boss at Wahid Hasyim Menteng Jakarta”

[EVENT] Weekend Brunch at Patio Venue by Plataran

February 11th, 2018. It’s been too long since I came to Patio Venue by Plataran. They invited me over and over again, but I couldn’t come. I think they had it enough hahahaha.. Until two week before, they contacted me and asked me to come to their latest event. It’s weekend brunch. They said IContinue reading “[EVENT] Weekend Brunch at Patio Venue by Plataran”

Mood Coffee at Bulungan Blok M Jakarta

January 21st, 2018. I wanted to visit this place sometimes ago, but it was too crowded. Hard to find the parking area, so I went to another place. So when my nephew had a birthday party near Mood Coffee, I asked hubby to visit the coffee shop first. Located in a busy roadside, it’s easyContinue reading “Mood Coffee at Bulungan Blok M Jakarta”

[MOVIE] Dilan 1990 – Kisah Cinta Anak Remaja Pada Jamannya *spoiler alert*

Hampir sebulan sejak film Dilan 1990 nongol di bioskop-bioskop tercinta di Jakarta. Gak tau deh ya kalo di kota lain. Sejak trailer filmnya diputar di mana-mana, gw kurang tertarik sebetulnya. Gw ngerasa aktor yang jadi Dilan gak bisa akting. Apalagi kesannya kok bahasanya lebay ya? Hahaha. Begitu filmnya main, semua orang teriak-teriak betapa bagus filmnya.Continue reading “[MOVIE] Dilan 1990 – Kisah Cinta Anak Remaja Pada Jamannya *spoiler alert*”

[HOTEL] Ibis Jakarta Slipi – Standard 1 Queen Bed Room

February 2nd, 2018 – February 4th, 2018. Ibis Jakarta Slipi Hotel is strategically in West Jakarta, only 5 Minutes from the Central Business in the area. Close to the Jakarta Convention Centre, Shopping Center & Senayan Sport Stadium. Easily accesible from & to the International airport. The ibis hotel offers rooms with Hi-Speed Internet WifiContinue reading “[HOTEL] Ibis Jakarta Slipi – Standard 1 Queen Bed Room”

[EVENT] Declare You Love at PAUL Indonesia on Valentine’s Day

February 9th, 2018. In celebration of the most lovely day in the world “Valentine’s Day”, PAUL Indonesia presents a wide array of Valentine’s Menu start from appetizer, main course until dessert from February 12th until March 15th, 2018. When they invited me, I asked them to bring Aline, Cindy and Fiona. But too bad, FionaContinue reading “[EVENT] Declare You Love at PAUL Indonesia on Valentine’s Day”

[HOTEL] DELUA Hotel at Mangga Besar Jakarta – Superior Room

January 26th, 2018 – January 28th, 2018 DELUA Hotel JAKARTA presents 70 – modern room from Superior to Suite, puts guests on famous “Mangga Besar” dynamic street, within walking distance with Lokasari, Hayam Wuruk & Gajah Mada area – popular with Nightlife Entertainment, Chinatown Food Street on the best places to eat, tasty fair priceContinue reading “[HOTEL] DELUA Hotel at Mangga Besar Jakarta – Superior Room”

MUCCA Steak at Setiabudi Building Kuningan Jakarta

February 7th, 2018. I was very overjoyed when I saw that MUCCA Steak will be opened in Setiabudi One. Woohoo! I never tried this steak, but I heard that they were the same owner as the Gandy Steak. And Gandy Steak is my family favourite. So, you can see the connection, right? I never askedContinue reading “MUCCA Steak at Setiabudi Building Kuningan Jakarta”