[EVENT] Media Gathering with Meat & Livestock Australia Limited

“You’ve got mail!” An invitation came to me. Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (MLA) is a producer-owned company that delivers research and marketing for Australian beef industy. We would like to invite you to attend our media gathering which will be held on: Venue: ENERGY CAFE, Energy Building Mezzanine Floor, Sudirman Date: 27 September 2013Continue reading “[EVENT] Media Gathering with Meat & Livestock Australia Limited”

JJ Royal Brasserie Lotte Shopping Avenue Ciputra World Jakarta

October 3rd, 2013. Hans, Aline, Octa and I decided to try a new place in town. Like usual, if we go for lunch in weekdays, Soya couldn’t come. I hope soon he will work in a company that is closer to us hahaha so he can have lunch with us whenever we want 😀 HihihiContinue reading “JJ Royal Brasserie Lotte Shopping Avenue Ciputra World Jakarta”

Koultoura Greenville Jakarta

A cup full of  jolt keeps you bright owl day. That’s a motto I found from Koultoura. Yaaaaay, finally I went there. The most happening coffee shop nowadays. A little bit too late, but “better late than never” aight??? I went there with my complete group, plus hubby and Rinto. We were doing our surpriseContinue reading “Koultoura Greenville Jakarta”

Ikuze Japanese Food Bazaar Lippo Mall Kemang Jakarta

September 24th, 2013. We were invited to try some new menu from Ikuze. Too bad Octa couldn’t make it again. So, it’s just me, Soya, Hans and Aline. We met Omar and introduced him to Hans, because Hans didn’t come on our first foodtasting. 🙂 I was so surprised when Omar gave us some kindContinue reading “Ikuze Japanese Food Bazaar Lippo Mall Kemang Jakarta”

Bihun Bebek A Eng PIK Jakarta

15 September 2013. Hubby ngajak ke PIK. Tumben juga, udah lama soale gak ke sana. Mumpung sempet kali ya. Ajak mamanya juga, krn belon pernah ke area sana. Jadi, pergilah kita ke sana sekitar jam 10an. Sesampai di sana, gw tertarik nyobain resto Bihun Bebek A Eng. Pernah denger dari siapa gitu deh, itu enak.Continue reading “Bihun Bebek A Eng PIK Jakarta”