Kitchenette Senayan City Jakarta

February 3rd, 2014. I went to Kitchenette with fellow bloggers. Kitchenette was launching its newest creations featuring new, delicious, innovative items made fresh daily by their chefs. Kitchenette is a heart-warming concept from Ismaya Group, where you are the heart and soul of our kitchen. Kitchenette is now open to serve you home-cooked goodness, greatContinue reading “Kitchenette Senayan City Jakarta”

Outback Steakhouse Kuningan City Jakarta

February 1st, 2014. I was attending an event at Outback Steakhouse which is located in Kuningan City. The event was called Steakopedia. It was all about steak. Everything you wanna know about steak, they will provide it. About meat grading, about marbling, about the cattle feed, and all about their steak. It’s really interesting. WeContinue reading “Outback Steakhouse Kuningan City Jakarta”