[HOTEL] Swiss-Belinn Kemayoran – Superior Deluxe Room

October 13th, 2017 – October 14th, 2017 What a lovely day to have a staycation at Swiss-Belinn Kemayoran. It’s my first time there. Good thing, my online-car driver knew the place. Poor hubby, he got lost inside the parking lot. There’s no security guard to be asked or a big sign in the parking area.Continue reading “[HOTEL] Swiss-Belinn Kemayoran – Superior Deluxe Room”

B.O.R. Coffee at Ruko Sunter Paradise Sunter Jakarta

October 13th, 2017. B.O.R. Coffee was born on February 2016. Yes, a long time ago. And I just had a chance to visit them this October LOL. Well, Sunter is quite far from my home. That’s why I always compiled list of coffee shops around Sunter, then visited them in a day. Located at aContinue reading “B.O.R. Coffee at Ruko Sunter Paradise Sunter Jakarta”

[HOTEL] Mercure Pontianak – Deluxe Room

October 6th, 2017 – October 8th, 2017. Finally, we went back to Pontianak again. Woohoo! We always went to Singkawang first, then spent time in Pontianak. This time, I wanted to stay 2 nights. Well, I used to stay around Gajah Mada street, but this time I wanted to try another area. We chose toContinue reading “[HOTEL] Mercure Pontianak – Deluxe Room”

[HOTEL] Swiss-Belinn Singkawang Hotel – Deluxe Room

October 5th, 2017 – October 6th, 2017 Whoaaaaa.. it’s been so long since I went to Singkawang. Actually, it’s my mother-in-law’s birthday. We planned this vacation a couple months ago. Well, a long time ago, we always stayed at a hotel near the traditional market. Now, we wanted to try another hotel. That’s why weContinue reading “[HOTEL] Swiss-Belinn Singkawang Hotel – Deluxe Room”

Mendjangan at Kemang Jakarta

September 8th, 2017. I knew about Mendjangan from Billy’s IG. Apparently, they hired Billy to be their opening team. Great job, Bil! So, when they opened, I took the time to stop by. It was very easy for me to find the place. Just looked for flower boards all over the area. Located at KemangContinue reading “Mendjangan at Kemang Jakarta”

Emmetropia Coffee at Ruko Neo Arcade Gading Serpong Tangerang

September 2nd, 2017. I knew about this coffee shop a long time ago, but didn’t have the chance to visit it. When we had staycation in Serpong area, I asked my hubby to visit new places around our hotel. And, we passed Emmetropia Coffee without any intention to stop by. But, since we still hadContinue reading “Emmetropia Coffee at Ruko Neo Arcade Gading Serpong Tangerang”

Voyage Coffee and Desserts at Ruko Sparks Gading Serpong Tangerang

September 2nd, 2017. When I wanted to visit Voyage Coffee around July, they were doing renovationg works. So I postponed my stopover. Until the day, when I came with hubby, visiting the new renovated coffee shop. Voyage Coffee occupied 2 levels with beautiful corners. You will find yourself admiring the lovely cloverleaf. The service thereContinue reading “Voyage Coffee and Desserts at Ruko Sparks Gading Serpong Tangerang”

Cozyfield Cafe at Gramedia World BSD Serpong Tangerang

September 2nd, 2017. I heard about this Cozyfield Cafe from my hubby. He said that there’s cafe inside Gramedia. So, when we went to BSD area, we visited the cafe, absolutely. It’s really a brilliant idea for the owner, to open cafe in Gramedia. After a tiring shopping at Gramedia, you can sit in theContinue reading “Cozyfield Cafe at Gramedia World BSD Serpong Tangerang”

Acai BAR at Senopati Jakarta

August 23rd, 2017. I have already seen Acai BAR before. Long before everybody else came to the place. But. Since I didn’t really like smoothies bowl, it was not on my list. That morning, I went there, just because I had another event near Acai Bar, so I visited the place first before going to myContinue reading “Acai BAR at Senopati Jakarta”

Hideout Cafe & Lounge at Ruko Beryl 1 Gading Serpong Tangerang

September 2nd, 2017. I knew Hideout a long time ago. But didn’t have chance to visit the place right away since it’s far from my home. At my previous journey to Serpong, they closed on Saturday or Sunday, I forgot. But now they open everyday. That’s why I finally visited it. From the facade, IContinue reading “Hideout Cafe & Lounge at Ruko Beryl 1 Gading Serpong Tangerang”

Kata Kopi at Sunter Jakarta

October 13th, 2017. It’s always happy to visit a new coffee shop. Actually I knew about Kata Kopi just before it opened. But as usual, I had to arrange my time to visit Sunter area. Located at the 2nd floor, above Kairos Barbershop, Kata Kopi occupied a small area. A humble corner in the busyContinue reading “Kata Kopi at Sunter Jakarta”

[HOTEL] Gran Mahakam Hotel – Deluxe Room

September 30th, 2017 – October 1st, 2017. I was very lucky to have a chance to stay at Hotel Gran Mahakam. As a 5-star boutique hotel, Gran Mahakam designed with a blend of classical and modern style in an ambiance of unparalleled elegance. When they asked me to stay there, I was super happy. HotelContinue reading “[HOTEL] Gran Mahakam Hotel – Deluxe Room”