Eric Kayser Plaza Senayan Jakarta

11th November 2014. I went to Plaza Senayan to meet a friend of mine. Too bad, she couldn’t meet me for lunch, so I ate alone at Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger. I heard about that place a couple of times but never had a chance to go there. So, that day, I tried the place by myself. Located in 3rd level of Plaza Senayan, Eric Kayser made everybody happy because I knew some people were waiting for it to open in Indonesia.

IMG_5647 IMG_5648

They had inside and outside seats. Inside is better because it’s bigger. The dim lights make it more classy. I love their lightings and their seats. Simple but elegant.

IMG_5643 IMG_5646 IMG_5642 IMG_5635

Ham and Cheese Croissant 82k

Croissant with beef pastrami and emmental cheese. Served with mixed salad and your choice of fried egg style (over easy, sunny side up, or scrambled)

I thought the cheese will be melted. Turned out it’s not that melted. It’s emmental cheese, different from mozzarella or other cheese that will melt away my heart.. LOL.. It’s a little bit pricey for me, because the croissant was quite small. Small for my tummy hahaha..

Emmentaler or Emmental is a yellow, medium-hard cheese that originated in the area around Emmental, in Switzerland. It is one of the cheeses of Switzerland, and is sometimes known as Swiss cheese.

IMG_5657 IMG_5671

Mi Cuit 68k

A thin shell of delicious chocolate cake over a hot chocolate lava filling served with vanilla ice cream.

The chocolate lava wasn’t like a lava, but tasted scrumptious. The vanilla ice cream enhanced the flavour, indeed. I ate alone so it’s too much for me. I finished it slowly hihihi.. Aaah, I wished I could eat this with someone I love.. #flytothemoon

IMG_5651 IMG_5654

Hot Tea 25k

The hot tea can be refilled with hot water. I love it. LOL. Always love a very generous place. 🙂


Thanks Eric Kayser for your hospitality. I really love how your people served me. They were polite and friendly at the same time. Definitely will come back for more desserts. I haven’t tried your eclairs. I heard they were good. Hmm.. drooling..

Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger
Plaza Senayan 3rd Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8, Senayan
Jakarta 10270
FB Fan Page: Eric Kayser Indonesia
twitter: @EricKayserID


3 Wise Monkeys Senopati Jakarta

November 5th and 19th, 2014. I went to 3 Wise Monkeys twice. First time on their soft opening at night. At first, I thought it was a western bar and bistro, but turns out it was a Japanese Bar and Bistro. That logo was quite eye-catching. The 3 monkeys were all over the place. Second time, on the daylight. So, please enjoy my night and day pictures there.

IMG_6100 IMG_6118 IMG_6104 IMG_5356

3 Wise Monkeys. The name is so funny. But if you look at the logo, it’s funnier.

IMG_5346 IMG_5347

Iwazaru: speaks no evil | Kikazaru: hears no evil | Mizaru: sees no evil

The place is comfortable with 2 levels. Level 1 for dining. Level 2 for sake bar and smoking area. The interior was very simple. Not intimidating, for sure. It’s so cozy, I felt at home. It wasn’t very spacious but quite comfy for lunch or dinner with your family or friends.

IMG_5350 IMG_5343 IMG_5354 IMG_6107 IMG_6109 IMG_6112 IMG_6113 IMG_6148 IMG_5361 IMG_5362

Kaiseki Set Menu 1 – 350k


Zensai is an appetizer which consists of 3 menu.

1. Salmon and Avocado wrapped with rice paper. It’s so delicious I could take more than one roll.

2. Seasoned seaweed salad. This is what we called chuka wakame. I love the sour and sweet flavour that coming from it.

3. Ama Rakkyo Zuke (sweet pickle onion). Funny. The texture is similar with snake fruit. The taste? Sour and lightly sweet with a hint of spice.

Zensai (前菜 lit. before dish) is Japanese for hors d’oeuvre or more commonly, ōdoburu (オードブル?) which is a direct transcription of hors d’oeuvre.


Mukozuke : seasonal sashimi

Consist of 3 kinds of sashimi:

Tuna Sashimi 5 pcs 48k | Salmon Sashimi 5 pcs 48k | Tako Sashimi 5 pcs 48k

Those sashimi are so fresh and delicious. I think I don’t need sauce for those sashimi, but still I prefer with sauce. Delicate texture with mild flavour.

Sashimi (Japanese: 刺身pronounced [saɕimiꜜ]/səˈʃm/) is a Japanese delicacy consisting of very fresh raw meat or fish sliced into thin pieces.

IMG_5396 IMG_5397

Chawan Mushi 25k

Steamed egg with shrimp, chicken, shiitake mushroom and edamame.

The chawan mushi was delicious. It’s silky, smooth and very soft. They were very generous with the shrimp, chicken and the shiitake mushroom. And you should eat chawan mushi while they still warm. More delicious.

IMG_5408 IMG_5409

Agemono: fried dish

They served us assorted tempura. 5 kinds of tempura. Daikon Noodle Roll (shredded white radish wrapped with nori), Shiitake mushroom, Prawn, Shishamo fish, and last but not least Shiso leaf. The assorted tempura were so delicious. Fried perfectly. All of them.

Shishamo (柳葉魚, literally “Willow Leaf Fish”), or Spirinchus lanceolatus, is a saltwater fish (smelt) about 15 centimeters in length. It is slim and resembles a willow leaf; the Japanese name, shishamo, is derived from the Ainu name for the same fish, susam, which is supposed to be derived from a compound of Ainu susu “willow” + ham “leaf”, hence its name in kanji (jukujikun, where the characters have no phonetic relation to the word). It is generally dark on the back with a silver-white underside. The Shishamo is a Japanese delicacy and is grilled or fried whole and served with its roe intact (ko-mochi-shishamo). 

Shiso (/ˈʃs/, Japanese: 紫蘇 or シソ[ɕiso̞]) is the now common name for the Asian culinary herb, seed (spice), or entire annual plant of Perilla frutescens variety crispa, belonging to the mint family. A whole leaf of green shiso is often used as a receptacle to hold wasabi, or various tsuma (garnishes) and ken (daikon radishes, etc., sliced into fine threads).

IMG_5411 IMG_5410

Nimono: steamed tofu

Kikazaru Tofu 35k

homemade stuffed tofu with unagi and edamame with kinoko mushroom sauce

I think this tofu was the best way to start your day before meat and rice. The tofu was soft, smooth and melt in your mouth. I think the portion is enough. Inside you will find unagi in the tofu. It’s like screaming at you, “Surprise!!!” LOL

IMG_5389 IMG_5386

Yakimono: grilled seasonal meat/fish

Grilled Tongue (Gyutan) 150k

It’s expensive, indeed. But really worth the price. The gyutan was so tender, juicy and really tasty. It’s literally melt in my mouth. I think this was the best Gyutan I’ve ever tried. It’s like eating a marshmallow with beef flavour. Haha so cute, if it’s true. 🙂

Saikoro Steak (US Prime) 79k

The saikoro steak was cooked perfectly. Saikoro means dice in Japanese, that’s because the shape of the steak resembled a dice. The meat was so juicy and tender, and easily chewed. That’s the most important thing. If a meat is hard to chew, people will lose interest to eat the dish.

Saikoro Steak (サイコロステーキ) is a popular izakaya (Japanese tapas style) dish. 


Tome-wan: rice or noodle dishes

Garlic Rice 25k

This rice was very unique. It’s only using garlic and shoyu sauce. It’s a little bit too dry, but for me, any rice will do. My tummy was very happy. If my tummy is happy, then I will be happy too. *dancing*



Mini chocolate and raspberry mousse. Tasted just fine. Not my type of dessert. I never like sour dessert, except sorbet. I have no idea. There’s something fresh about sorbet. Oh well, it’s kinda weird, right? Hahaha..



Tori Karaage 30k

Wow.. tori karaage is a very common dish in Japanese restaurant. Even now we could buy a frozen food, then fry at home. So, when they served tori karaage, I didn’t expect too much. But tell you the truth, it’s definitely one of the delicious dish there. And the owner told me the fun-fact about it. She took away 1 portion of the karaage. Her son dominated the tori karaage right away. Even his dad didn’t get the chance to look at the karaage. Not even a glance, I think.. LOL.

IMG_6129 IMG_6127


Aburi Salmon with Truffle Sauce 55k

Torched salmon belly with truffle sauce

OMG!! Just by looking at this, I was drooling. After I tried it, I was drooling all over the place. LOL. So scary yeah hahaha. Well, I will come back to this place for this. Definitely. I must bring my friends here. Btw, another fun-fact. This is a new place. But, the place is so crowded that sometimes the ladies (owner) must change their high heels into sneakers to become servers . I salute you guys!!

IMG_6136 IMG_6138


Dragon Roll 69k

shrimp, vegetable, wakagi, unagi, avocado, salmon, mayo, tobiko

Whoaaa, dragon roll. My chinese zodiac is dragon. That’s why I always adore  dragon. It’s like hmmm.. my symbol of power. *powerrrr of dragoooon* Ok, back to the roll. The filling of this roll was very generous. Actually I love everything with mayonnaise hahaha.. I love the crunch crunch too. Taste delicious.

IMG_6142 IMG_6145


Niku Udon 79k

This was my less favourite dish. The texture and the flavour was just okay for my taste-bud. Maybe because udon was never in my mind every time I went to a restaurant. Ramen was the first choice, but too bad, that day the ramen wasn’t in a good shape hahaha.. Are we talking about noodle or what? Hahaha.. Yeah, the ramen wasn’t in a good condition, so they didn’t sell the ramen that day.



Shoyu Butter Chicken 39k

Grilled chicken with shoyu butter sauce and house special salad

They told me that this is one of the most popular dish. I tried only a bite, because this wasn’t for me. One of the owner ate this, and asked me to try. The chicken was a little bit too moist for me, but that’s only because I prefer the crunch crunch chicken hihihi.. But it tasted so delish.


Chicken Katsu Set 59k

served with rice, salad and miso soup

I like this chicken katsu. It’s a simple menu, but it’s coming with rice *big grin* and miso soup. The rice was cooked perfectly with the right texture. The miso soup was savoury. I was very hungry *OMG, still hungry after those food above? LOL* so the chicken katsu set finished in a jiffy. Even the salad was fresh and tasteful.



Grilled Salmon Head 39k

served with salad and ponzu sauce

This grilled salmon head was their recommendation. It’s one of the favourite here. It’s really delicious. Very well-seasoned. I ate this salmon head with joy and happiness. Hahaha.. No no no.. I ate this salmon head with one of the owners and her friend. *hi Rara hi Jeff* *waving my hands*

IMG_6130 IMG_6132

Saikoro Steak (US Prime) 79k

with Kinoko mushroom sauce

I ate this one at the soft opening. And what I respect about this dish was its consistency. I ate the second time, and it’s still with the same texture, same flavour and more delicious. LOL. So, it’s juicy, tender, and soft. And it’s addictive!!! I wanna fly to 3 Wise Monkeys now to eat this saikoro steak -.-

IMG_6124 IMG_6120 IMG_6122

Ocha 15k



Sake Sangria 125k

Sake sangria with fruity red wine taste and aromatic peach flavour

Their best cocktail! The combination was sweet and fragrant. And the presentation was very beautiful. Actually I fell in love at the first sight. *romantic feeling*


Young Yakuza 125k

Monkey shoulder Whiskey and Dry sake with sweet vermouth

It’s a really great combination. The subtle taste from the whiskey mixed with dry sake and sweet vermouth were leaving a very nice aftertaste. Light but strong. Amazing right?


Diamond Glory 125k

Perfect cocktail with sake, blue curaçao liqueur, elderflower liqueur with red molecular

Love it. The colour was romantic. Sweet flavour and cute bubble. It’s a molecular cocktail. The sake was inside the bubble. So, pop the bubble, and enjoy the cocktail.


Espresso Saketini 100k

Sake, Kahlua, vodka and espresso coffee

If you like sake and you wanna drink coffee, order this one. You’ll get everything you want. Delicious and very strong. I drank only a sip, because I avoided the espresso. But, I could feel the strong taste by the sip. Hmmmm..

IMG_5402 IMG_5400a


Kiwi Mocktail 45k

Fresh kiwi muddled with lemon juice, monin kiwi shaken hard and charge with sprite

Don’t wanna drink cocktail? Don’t worry. They had this kiwi mocktail. Very fresh and thirst-quenching.


Thanks to 3 Wise Monkeys for your hospitality and all your good food *pat my tummy happily* Definitely will come back soon. And thanks for the goodie bag. Love it!!!


3 Wise Monkeys
Jl. Suryo No. 26, Senopati
Jakarta 12180
Phone: 021-29126528
FB Fan Page: 3 Wise Monkeys

Aranzi Aronzo Cafe Central Park Jakarta

October 25th, 2014. I went to Central Park to have lunch with my family. 1 hour before the lunch, I asked my hubby to accompany me to a cute cafe that I saw everywhere in every IG account of my friends. Since CP is far from my place, I never had a chance to go there by myself. So when my family arranged lunch birthday party there, I was so excited. “Hubby!!! Come earlier. Take me to that cafe!! Please! Please! Please!” And he just smiled. And nodded. Yaaay! Yaaay!


Finally! Aranzi Aronzo Cafe. I thought it was a store. But turns out it’s like pop-up cafe. Located on level 1, in the middle of the floor, between The Duck King and Hongkong Cafe. Quite eye-catching because of their cuteness. OMG. They are so cute!!! I cannot stop looking at the characters. And they are so nice, they allowed me to take pictures. So, I did that. 😀

IMG_4854 IMG_4858 IMG_4866 IMG_4868 IMG_4869 IMG_4886 IMG_4863 IMG_4862 IMG_4861

I love the characters that were playing around the place. They were so cute and adorable. I went around the place to take pictures of them. What a lovely place they have. I sat there, and I just didn’t wanna move from there. I really enjoyed the cute environment.

IMG_4883 IMG_4855 IMG_4856 IMG_4857 IMG_4860 IMG_4867

Ok, it’s time for me to show you what I ordered that day. I didn’t order much, just drinks and cake. Sharing, of course, because I should prepare my tummy for the lunch after this dessert. Hahaha.. So, yeah, we ate dessert before lunch. LOL.

IMG_4880 IMG_4873 IMG_4882

Iced Tea with Lemon 28k

It’s a common iced lemon tea with a generous lemon in it. How about the taste? Like any other ice lemon tea 🙂


Kuro Usa’s Strawberry Ice Soda 43k

The name is so cute. And that’s the only reason I ordered this one. Hahaha. Fresh and tasty from the strawberry and soda, I expected more, actually. But, if you go there in the middle of the hot day, it’s a must to order this one, it’s a very thirst-quenching drink.


Warumono’s Heavy Chocolate Cake 55k

Why I ordered this scary face? Hahaha.. Not scary to me. Warumono looked so kawaii. But, behind the cute face, I couldn’t taste anything special from the chocolate cake. Sorry to say, I think I only paid 55k for the looks of the cake. The texture of the cake is also too dense. Please. You’ve already caught my heart by the looks. You can do better with the taste. Maybe for some person, this is delicious enough, but for me, well, maybe I have higher standard for dessert.. Hahahaha.. Come on, Yenny. You’re too d*mn cocky!!!

IMG_4872 IMG_4871

Anyway, it’s always a pleasure to try new dessert. Hope I can go there again to try different cakes. Thanks Aranzi Aronzo for making my day by looking at Warumono’s kawaii face.

Aranzi Aronzo Cafe
Central Park 1st Floor
Jl. LetJen S. Parman Kav. 28
Jakarta 11470
Phone: 021-29200489
FB Fan Page: Aranzi Aronzo

FJ on 7 Rooftop Kemang Jakarta

November 17th, 2014. It’s raining. We have to find another place to waste our money. LOL. So, we go to Colony, after we decided to try FJ on 7, a rooftop dining place. I heard about this place several times. I thought it will be a best place to hang out to end our culinary journey today. But, unfortunately, we had a not really nice experience there. Huft.. I will tell you along the way yaaaaa..


I have no chance to take many pictures, because it’s getting dark and I am hungry as hell. So, I just take 2 pictures from our table, and get ready to look at the menu. I am starving!!!

IMG_6030 IMG_6031

Nasi Goreng Kampung 115k

with chicken drumstick, mixed skewer and fried egg

When I ask, whether I should order Nasi Goreng Kampung or Hainan Chicken Rice, the server recommends Nasi Goreng Kampung to me. Ok, I tell him that I want the egg half cooked sunny side-up. I tell him that I will return the egg if it’s not sunny side-up. True, the egg comes as sunny side-up, but not half cooked. Huft. I’m starving, so I think I forgive him for that. Well, actually I expect more from the Nasi Goreng Kampung. It’s 115k. Not cheap, right? But, sorry, there’s nothing special about it.  What a big disappointment. 😦

IMG_6048 IMG_6050

Lontong Cap Gomeh 100k

Traditional Indonesian dish served with classic Indonesian condiments

When the dish came, we thought, “Wow, nice! Big portion!” It’s so big, indeed. But, when we try it, another big disappointment. The lontong is very mushy. The soup is so bland. I prefer the rich one. The tasty one. Not only a bland soup with mushy lontong. What we need is a delicious dish, not just a big portion. For 100k, too pricey!!!


Kwee-Tiauw 97k

There’s nothing special about this kwee-tiauw too. The good thing about the kwee-tiauw that the seafood is a little bit generous. How about the taste? Just so-so.. Even the prawn is not fresh, too mushy. For 97k, it’s.. yes.. another big disappointment, again. Sorry, but I expect more from 97k dish. Not just a generous seafood with a so-so quality. -.-


Hot Tea French Breakfast 56k (Tea Pot)

I always order hot tea for my drink, because they used to give a free refill hot water. Before I order my drink, I asked the server, whether I could refill my hot tea with hot water for free, and he said yes. So, I prefer the free refill drink, right? After I finished my tea, I asked them to refill hot water for me, and they said, “Oo, we cannot refill the tea.” We are not happy, of course. Why? Because we asked first. If I cannot refill my hot tea, I will order something else. Come on. 56k for not-free-refill-hot-tea? You must be joking! Btw, they told me that they didn’t have English Breakfast (my usual tea), instead they recommend French Breakfast. But surprisingly, I cannot find a tea bag in the tea pot. So, is it really French Breakfast? It’s still a mystery.


Well, I write this review based on my own experience. Sorry, but it’s really not a good experience. They should improve their service and quality of their food. Because I don’t feel the food worth the price.

FJ on 7 Rooftop
Colony 6, Rooftop
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 6A
Kemang, Jakarta
Phone: 021-29529912

Crematology Coffee Roasters Senopati Jakarta

November 1st, 2014. I went to Crematology Coffee Roasters for the first time. Yup, a little too late, I know. Everybody had already been there. Actually, I heard a couple of good recommendations from my fellow foodies, that’s why when my buddies mentioned this place, I was so excited. I must go there! I must go there! The place used to be a furniture showroom, but they renovated the place to become a coffee shop. A cozy and comfy coffee shop. When I came in to Crematology, I knew from that moment that this will be another one of my favourite place to hang out or just doing my job, which is blogging and having fun. 😀

IMG_5336 IMG_5260

They divided the place into non-smoking and smoking area. The smoking area is much smaller than the non-smoking area. I really like the place. It was like a big showroom where everybody can sit wherever they want. The ambiance was very romantic, with poetic atmosphere.

IMG_5258 IMG_5257 IMG_5222 IMG_5223 IMG_5225 IMG_5205


Frappe Nutella 44k (R) 49k (L)

First time I went to this place, this drink already caught my eyes. But I wasn’t in a good mood to drink frappe. So, I ordered this one on my second visit. It was very sweet *not a problem for me because I love sweet drinks* I ordered this on my third visit too. And I think it’s my favourite drink here. Best Nutella Frappe ever!!


Ice Lychee Tea 40k

What can I say about lychee tea? Nothing. Ice lychee tea never fails to disappoint!


Hot Tea (Green Tea) 28k

For hot tea, I always ordered English Breakfast, but at Crematology I had to order Green Tea because the English Breakfast was sold out. I like their Green Tea, not too strong for my taste.



Fudge Brownie 24k

with whipped cream

The texture was fudgy and chewy. The taste of the chocolate was fabulous. Served with whipped cream. Surprisingly, I love the whipped cream. Very light and not too sweet. Sometimes, the whipped cream was too dense, and it made me only ate a little bit. But this whipped cream, I could eat them all 🙂



Cheese Bitterballen 32k

I love cheese. Kyaaaaa.. this cheese bitterballen was very soft and moist. Can you imagine those 4 balls only for me? I was so happy. I didn’t have to share with anybody, because I ate there alone. I was waiting for my friend to pick me up. So yeah, they were all for me!! Yaaaay.. The cheese was so generous. It was salty of course, but that’s what I like about cheese. The saltiness was addictive. Recommended for snack.

IMG_5466 IMG_5465


With Oreo Cheesecake and Vanilla Ice Cream 48k

Best waffle I’ve ever tried. So true!! Best waffle ever!!! I kept coming back to this place for the waffle. The texture was crispy but with perfect tenderness. Can you imagine? Cannot? Hmmm.. Ok, it’s so simple. Just go to Crematology and order any kind of waffles. All of them were awesome. Trust me!


With Maple Syrup and Fresh Fruits 48k

Need another word? I don’t think so. This was my favourite. The maple syrup was beyond compare. And you know what? If you know me, you should know that I never liked apple. But, those apples were surprisingly delicious. They were also so thin that I could eat them with joy. What can I say. This one? My favourite!!!



Zesty Mac N’ Cheese 54k

Cheddar, Parmesan and Mozzarella with a hint of Chilli

Lovely one. Actually I’m curious about the lasagna. But I never got a chance to try it. Not yet. I won’t quit. So, replacing the lasagna, I tried this mac and cheese. And it was very well-seasoned!!! I love the overlay of the mac n’ cheese. It was crispy and very tasty. I had to fight for it with my buddy LOL. We both liked it very much 😀


Alfredo Pasta 84k

Fresh Cream Sauce with Parmesan, Mushroom and Smoked Beef

Kyaaaaaaaaa.. best alfredo pasta ever!!! I was hypnotized by their pasta. The cream sauce was so tasty I could die!!! Believe me. This super creamy pasta was really to-die-for. The cheese was amaaaaaahziiiiing!! The smoked beef were generous. Aaaaak, I am drooling while writing about this. I should go there as soon as possible..

IMG_5241 IMG_5235

Carbonara Pasta 80k

Cheese, Smoked Beef and Egg Yolk

Love the presentation of this pasta. Egg Yolk!! My favourite. This pasta wasn’t as creamy as the alfredo pasta, but it’s very unique with the egg yolk on top of the pasta. Sprinkled with parmesan, it was soooo mouthwatering, right? Wait until you see after I broke the egg yolk!! Oh wait, I forgot to capture it. Sorry, I was too excited. Cannot wait to eat the pasta, actually hahaha..


Say no more. Thanks to Mr. Elliot Davernas and Ms. Alexis Purnama who brought us this lovely place. This place is definitely become one of my favourite places to blogging or just hanging out with my friends. Love it so much. And not to mention that their servers are all friendly and very helpful. And those delicious food.. OMG! I wanna be there every single day if I can. LOL. Crematology, wait for me!!!

Crematology Coffee Roasters
Jl. Suryo No. 25, Senopati
Jakarta Selatan 12180
Phone: 021-72780012
FB Fan Page: Crematology
twitter: @crematology

Ippudo Ramen Pacific Place SCBD Jakarta

September 27th, 2014. I happened to be at Pacific Place, as usual, blogging alone. Then, my sister and her kids came. We planned to have dinner here, so why didn’t we try something new. Yup, finally, the famous ramen from Singapore, IPPUDO, landed in Jakarta. Actually, I didn’t really like the ramen when I ate in Singapore. But, a ramen is a ramen, I should try it.

IMG_3570 IMG_3572

And.. the queue was long. Hahaha. Yeah, it’s a habit in Jakarta. Once a new place opens, everybody should go there. Everybody should be the first one going there. Everybody should be the first that post the food on social media. It’s really funny, actually. Everybody needs attention, I think. 🙂


After queueing for almost 1 hour, we got our table. Yaaaay.. We were so happy. Finally!!! We looked at the queue with snob face.. Yeah, we got in! we got in! *victory dance* LOL. Actually, the place isn’t so big. But, I learned that some ramen place is quite small. Just enough for some people to eat, the rest of them can queue hahaha..

IMG_3585 IMG_3584

Shiromaru Motoaji Special Combination 90k

IPPUDO’s original tonkotsu broth served with ultra thin noodles, pork loin, bean sprouts, kikurage and spring onions. Classic Hakata-style ramen. The special combination is Shiromaru with salted soft-boiled egg, pork loin, pork belly and seaweed.

I ordered the complete one, means I got salted soft-boiled egg, pork loin, pork belly and seaweed. The pork loin and pork belly were very delicious. But, still, I didn’t really like the broth. Only salty, with no surprise. I chose the soft one, for the ramen. It’s ok. No complaint for the ramen. I just didn’t really have a connection with the broth. Good thing the tamago was delicious too. Love the texture of the softness. Surprisingly, the one that I enjoyed at IPPUDO Singapore was better. But, it’s all about taste. For me, it’s not that good. But for others, I think some people will like it. Trust me. It’s not that bad, but it’s not good for me. For me.


IPPUDO Pork Bun 28k

Juicy braised pork belly served with IPPUDO’s special sauce. Our best seller around the world! (All time favourite!)

I was told by a friend of mine, to try this, because it was so good. Ok, I tried. But for me, it was not that good. The bun was soft, the pork belly was juicy, but it was too small. *sobbing* To enjoy a pork bun, I need bigger pork belly. Please gimme bigger one. Please. Pretty please. *still sobbing* But, don’t worry, everybody has different capacity of tummy hahahaha


IPPUDO Hakata-Style Gyoza 37k

Classic IPPUDO pan fried pork dumplings, simply the best!

Another disappointment. I had to search the pork inside the dumpling. *sigh* And the skin of the dumpling was too dry for me. And too small. Why oh why.. They should make it bigger. My tummy needed a bigger dumpling!! LOL


Seared Salmon Roll with Mentaiko 78k

Lightly seared fresh salmon roll seasoned with delicious mentaiko and topped with cod roe.

Whoever made this roll.. God bless you!!! Best roll I’ve ever tried in my whole life. It’s small, true. But, tasted marvellous. It melted in your mouth. It’s like cotton candy in a salmon roll form. You must try this. Recommended!!! Believe me, you will come to IPPUDO only for this, again and again and again.

IMG_3599 IMG_3596

Strawberry Cruzz 30k

Refreshing strawberry in cool soda with a touch of mint

It’s literally a refreshing strawberry in a cool soda with a touch of mint. Hahaha. Drink this, you’re gonna cruzz!!


Chocolate Milkshake 40k

Creamy and delicious premium chocolate milkshake

We fought for this drink. I only ordered one. So, yeah, fighting!!! This chocolate milkshake was delicious. It was creamy and delicious, indeed. Not too sweet, but sweet enough for my nephews to fight each other for this milkshake. Yup, they’re fighting with me too hahahha..


Overall, I will come back to this place. Definitely. I miss the salmon roll.

Pacific Place 5th floor, unit 5.37
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta 12190
FB Fan Page: IPPUDO Indonesia
twitter: @ippudoIDN