Botany Restaurant Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran

February 21st, 2016. Kemayoran was not my playground area.  I just knew that they have Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo), a convention and exhibition center where some of Jakarta’s largest events are held annually, including the Java Jazz Festival. And I never went there too hahaha. So, when Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran asked me to comeContinue reading “Botany Restaurant Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran”

[BALI] BŪRO Concept Store and Coffee Kerobokan Bali

January 17th, 2016. After a couple of place, we stranded ourselves at BŪRO. An open space, both concept store and coffee bar, dedicated to the creativity of designers from Indonesia, together with a passion for specialty coffee. We bring numerous of products varying from clothing, accessories, shoes, books, magazines and music to home ware, furnitureContinue reading “[BALI] BŪRO Concept Store and Coffee Kerobokan Bali”

[BALI] Sisterfields Cafe Seminyak Bali

January 17th, 2016. Let’s start our BALI culinary journey. First destination. Sisterfields. Sisterfields represents the iconic café culture of Australia, bringing a love of good food and great coffee to the heart of Seminyak, Bali. A favourite catch up spot for the island’s in-crowds and travelling foodies, Sisterfields serves an all-day breakfast, brunch and lunchContinue reading “[BALI] Sisterfields Cafe Seminyak Bali”

[HOTEL] Kosenda Hotel Wahid Hasyim Jakarta – Petita Room

February 6th, 2016. I got a chance to experience a nice staycation at Kosenda Hotel. I heard about the hotel long time ago but never went there. So, when my friends asked me to join them, I said, “Definitely!” Located in Wahid Hasyim street near Thamrin area, I ordered Uber to take me there. It’sContinue reading “[HOTEL] Kosenda Hotel Wahid Hasyim Jakarta – Petita Room”

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Somerset Grand Citra Jakarta

February 13th, 2016. I went to Somerset Grand Citra to attending Ruth’s Chris Steak House pre-opening VIP lunch with fellow foodies. It was very easy to find the place because the night before the invitation came, I accidentally saw the sign “Ruth’s Chris Steak House” in front of Somerset, and I wondered, “Hmm.. new place.. hmm..”Continue reading “Ruth’s Chris Steak House Somerset Grand Citra Jakarta”

[HOTEL] Mercure Bandung Setiabudi – Superior Room

January 8th, 2016. After cafe hopping since morning, I turned my destination to Mercure Bandung Setiabudi. Yup, we stayed there for one night. My cousin married there, so my family was on the same thought, “let’s stay there!” 😀 And yes, please enjoy my simple review below. A newly built hotel consisting of 205 modern-designedContinue reading “[HOTEL] Mercure Bandung Setiabudi – Superior Room”

[BANDUNG] Jack Runner Roastery Ciumbuleuit Bandung

January 8th, 2016. Continuing my journey in Bandung. I landed happily at Jack Runner Roastery in Ciumbuleuit area. A cute coffee shop on the road side. It’s not hard to find the place. Just go straight to Ciumbuleuit street and look at the right side. Voila! Jack Runner! I was in love with the placeContinue reading “[BANDUNG] Jack Runner Roastery Ciumbuleuit Bandung”

Asia Restaurant Ritz Carlton Hotel Mega Kuningan Jakarta

January 23rd, 2016. Finally, I finished editing my photos. So busy this week for Chinese New Year, I need more time to do my homework. And yeah, right now I wanna tell you about Asia Restaurant. Well, it’s my first time there, so please be nice hahaha. I was there for Saturday brunch with my fellowContinue reading “Asia Restaurant Ritz Carlton Hotel Mega Kuningan Jakarta”

[BANDUNG] Noah’s Barn Coffeenery Dayang Sumbi Bandung

January 8th, 2016. I heard about Noah’s Barn Coffeenery last year, I think. Some people said it was good. Beautiful place with gorgeous view. I was curious. I asked my hubby to go there. So, there we were. At the second outlet of Noah’s Barn Coffeenery. Noah’s Barn was founded in July 2012 in Bandung,Continue reading “[BANDUNG] Noah’s Barn Coffeenery Dayang Sumbi Bandung”

[BANDUNG] Blue Doors Gandapura Bandung

January 8th, 2016. Finally I went to Blue Doors at Gandapura street. It’s easy if you pay attention to the number. 61. But if you try to find the name Blue Doors, good luck!! So, when you go to Gandapura street, find the big number 61, and voila you will find Blue Doors beside it. I forgotContinue reading “[BANDUNG] Blue Doors Gandapura Bandung”

ST. ALi Coffee Shop Setiabudi 2 Building Jakarta

February 1st, 2016. I knew that ST. ALi will open in Setiabudi 2, but I didn’t know when. So, this morning, when my sister wanted to go there, I was like talking to myself, “I should go there! I should go there!” And around 2pm, Hans texted me. “I want to go to ST. ALi,Continue reading “ST. ALi Coffee Shop Setiabudi 2 Building Jakarta”

[BANDUNG] CUPS {Coffee & Kitchen} Trunojoyo Bandung

January 8th, 2016. Yaaay Bandung, here we come!! Finally I could review my cafe hopping in Bandung. It’s almost a month yaaaa. Huft. So busy with food and hotel reviews lately. First destination. CUPS {Coffee&Kitchen} at Trunojoyo street. It’s a really nice place. It’s easy to find, just use your google maps. Very very easy. CUPS is quite bigContinue reading “[BANDUNG] CUPS {Coffee & Kitchen} Trunojoyo Bandung”