Unacho Plaza Senayan Jakarta

January 30th, 2015. I heard about this place last week. So late, because actually they opened since October 2014 hihihi. Unacho. Opened in Plaza Senayan. Mostly served unagi. Since I’m a big fan of unagi, I think I should try this place. I had a date with my besties after office hour in Senayan City,Continue reading “Unacho Plaza Senayan Jakarta”

Twin House Cipete Raya Jakarta

November 22nd, 2014. I stepped my foot into this lovely place, Twin House Noodle and Beyond. Yup, the place was so lovely. Dominated with white colour, looked very chick. Located in Cipete area. You should go through an alley before getting into the place. There were many places in there, but you will find TwinContinue reading “Twin House Cipete Raya Jakarta”

Jakarta Coffee House Cipete Raya Jakarta

November 22nd, 2014. I went to Cipete Area. Yaaaaay. It’s been a long time ago since I went there. I guess, Cipete is a nice place to spend the day with your bestest buddies. Our first place was Jakarta Coffee House. I remembered this place. Never been there, but I knew this place. Heard somewhere.Continue reading “Jakarta Coffee House Cipete Raya Jakarta”

Bumbu Moyang Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

November 7th, 2014. I went to Bumbu Moyang for the first time. Located at Pantai Indah Kapuk, it’s also the first time I knew a place named Bumbu Moyang LOL. And I dare to claim myself as a foodie?? Dang!!! The place was very vintage with oldies pictures and traditional displays. I felt like in anContinue reading “Bumbu Moyang Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta”

Chung Gi Wa Korean BBQ Kota Kasablanka Jakarta

December 16th, 2014. December 21st, 2014. December 31st, 2014. I went to Chung Gi Wa three times last year at the same month, December. LOL. Why? Because CGW just opened at Kota Kasablanka. I heard about this place a long time ago. But, nobody asked me to go there. So, it’s just only a rumourContinue reading “Chung Gi Wa Korean BBQ Kota Kasablanka Jakarta”

PAUL French Bakery Restaurant Pacific Place SCBD Jakarta

December 27th, 2013. July 29th, 2014. November 21st, 2014. I went to PAUL three times. LOL. Yup, 3 times with 3 different companies. Happy moments, indeed. Months before I went there, I’ve already seen the sign “PAUL” there. I thought, I should go there some time. And, there I was. Ok, first, let me tellContinue reading “PAUL French Bakery Restaurant Pacific Place SCBD Jakarta”

Union Deli Grand Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

December 26th, 2014. I went to Grand Indonesia, and suddenly craving for some dessert. I remember there’s a new place opened in Central Department Store. It was Union Deli. It’s Union’s new concept with not-too-big place to eat. And, yes, we had to be on the waiting list. After 2 hours waiting (they couldn’t reachContinue reading “Union Deli Grand Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta”