[NEW LOCATION] KROMA at Panglima Polim Melawai Jakarta

July 31st, 2017. KROMA is derived from the word “chroma,” which means “saturation of a color.” Maybe they wanted to give colours saturation to our life. They opened at Gandaria around end of 2015. Funny thing, I just knew about them last month, when they announced that they will move to another place because the contract is up. KROMA finally moved to their new home.


Well, I saw about the new home from Instagram’s explore. Then I saw it again from my timeline because a friend of mine went there. So, today when I had a project at Cipete, I went there to see their new place. It’s very easy to find the place. Just look at the number 25B. Voila! Actually I thought it was a small place. I love their facade. Lots of plants. When I came inside, it’s getting bigger hahaha.. True, it’s very lovely.

IMG_2345 IMG_2348 IMG_2347 IMG_2350 IMG_2346 IMG_2349 IMG_2366 IMG_2367 IMG_2351 IMG_2352 IMG_2337 IMG_2338 IMG_2339 IMG_2344 IMG_2335 IMG_2336 IMG_2334 IMG_2343 IMG_2332 IMG_2333 IMG_2341 IMG_2342

Es Kopi Susu Rumah 22k

I loved it. I think it’s just perfect for my taste bud. The light and not-too-creamy texture with impeccable flavour. Love it! It’s gonna be my favourite! Fyi, whenever I ordered coffee at coffee shops, I had to say, “Less coffee please. I have stomach problem.” This afternoon I forgot to tell the barista about it. And guess what? I didn’t get the stomach problem at all! Cool!


Butter Croissant 23k

They told me that it’s their signature. Everybody loves it. So, I ordered it. I knew why everybody loves it. Tasted good with buttery flavour and crunchy texture. But still a little bit oily for me. Just a little bit. 🙂 Other than that, it’s spectacular.


Duckling Doughnut 24k

OMG! In love with this donut. Look at the chocolate! It’s just beyond compare! The dough was thick. But the chocolate was generous! Unch unch! Definitely will order this one again soon I go back there. Yup, I plan to go back there again this Wednesday with Cindy. Definitely a keeper.


Congratulations KROMA for the lovely new home. See you again so very soon!

Jl. Panglima Polim V No.25B
Melawai, Jakarta
Phone: +62 822-1189-9288
IG: @kroma.id


Khung Bar & Restaurant at Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

 July 27th, 2017. I saw this place at my IG timeline, then I stalked Plaza Indonesia IG hahaha.. The new place called Khung. Why they named it Khung? Well, I’m still waiting for the answer from them. Since they still haven’t responded my first question about the cuisine, I think I have to wait long *roll my eyes*. When I had invitation at Plaza Indonesia, I took some time to visit this place with Cindy. It’s really a hidden gem since it took a hidden place near west lobby. And to find the place, what an effort hahahaha..


An Asian-authentic restaurant & bar by ALLIN Lifestyle. KHUNG represents the most out of Asian recipes with modern & innovative cooking techniques.

When I came in, I was stunned with the ambiance. It’s beautiful with warm atmosphere. Not too spacious. But the hospitality amazed me. From the greeter, the security guy and the servers. They were all very friendly and helpful with everything. And I love the beautiful murals on the wall.

IMG_2031 IMG_2039 IMG_2032 IMG_2033 IMG_2034 IMG_2035 IMG_2040 IMG_2044 IMG_2049 IMG_2042 IMG_2051 IMG_2050

Blooming Tea 48k

There’re a lot of choices at the menu for drinks. But I was in a mood for tea. So I chose from their premium collection. I asked them first, which one that milder than the others. She said, “blooming tea.” I picked that, then. And I really loved it. It’s light, had a very soft texture and long-lasting aromatic finish. And the most important thing, it’s beautiful, with flowers that literally bloom as they steep.

IMG_2045 IMG_2046 IMG_2048

Moccachino 55k

It’s Cindy’s order. And I recommended her to try the ice coffee since she was just taking a long way from her home. I tried a sip and it’s delicious. Such a thirst-quenching too.

IMG_2052 IMG_2053

Crispy Pork Belly Bites 88k

served with tamarind sauce, beansprout, scallion

This was a quite funny moment. When the crispy pork belly bites came to our table, I said to Cindy, “Is that a right menu? It’s big portion!” Well, because there’s a main course menu with a similar name, Khung Crispy Pork Belly, I think. Cindy said, “Well, wait for the bill, then.” Hahahaha.. So we enjoyed the pork belly very much. Well-seasoned, with great texture. I really loved it. Cindy loved the beansprout! Hahahaha.. kidding. LOL. The tamarind sauce was also good. Enhanced the flavour of the pork belly. And yes, it’s the right menu. Wow, it’s a very generous portion!

IMG_2056 IMG_2061 IMG_2057

Yang Chou Cau Fen 116k

Chinese fried rice with pork char siew

Cindy chose this menu since she wanted to try the pork char siew. But she was a little bit disappointed with the size of the pork char siew. “What?! It’s too small!!” LOL. But the fried rice was really delightful. Great texture with flavourful taste. We’re digging the fried rice continuously without a break hahaha.. Its aroma made us wanna eat it right away. Hmm..

IMG_2054 IMG_2055

Green Tea Brulle 72k

Greentea, cream, egg, vanilla ice cream

Yes, I know, all the foodies ordered their famous Orange Molten Lava Cake. But, it’s too mainstream for us. So we ordered this green tea brulle. OMG! De-li-ci-ous! The green tea aroma was very strong. Rich flavour with amazing texture. Btw, I think they should use the vanilla ice cream as I saw in the menu. But when we tried it, it was rum and raisin ice cream. We had no idea why they didn’t use the vanilla ice cream, but we’re very happy with the rum and raisin ice cream. Hooraaay.

IMG_2062 IMG_2063 IMG_2064 IMG_2065

I will be back and ask my hubby to join me for the crispy pork belly. LOL. Yes, it is that good. Congratulations Khung.

Khung Bar & Restaurant
Plaza Indonesia
Level I West Lobby
Jl. M.H. Thamrin, Menteng
Phone: +62 21 29921912
IG: @khung_allin

[NEW LOCATION] Seven Speed Coffee at Kemang Jakarta

July 28th, 2017. I went to Kemang area for some project. Then, someone told me that Seven Speed Coffee relocated nearby. What?!!??!! OK, I cancelled all my plans, and went there directly.


It’s very easy to find the place *remember how hard to find the previous one? LOL* since it’s in Mirasari complex. Everyone should know the place. When I came inside, I was very familar with the ambiance. It’s like they lifted the coffee bar concept at Cipete and moved to Kemang. Very similar. The big difference was the back area. It’s bigger than the previous 7Speed. And brighter! OMG! Love Love Love. I only had one complaint: their lack of electric plugs. Hahahaha.. *patpat my macbook*

IMG_2132 IMG_2133 IMG_2135 IMG_2137 IMG_2136 IMG_2138 IMG_2139 IMG_2142 IMG_2143 IMG_2144 IMG_2130 IMG_2127 IMG_2131 IMG_2141 IMG_2140 IMG_2129

White Fuel 19k

It’s another “kopi susu.” Yaaaaay. It’s not too coffee, it’s milky, not too sweet. Just perfect for me. When Natasha and Sari *yes, I came twice there.. keep them company..* tasted it, they said the texture of the coffee was too light. See! Perfect for me hahaha..

IMG_2146 IMG_2147 IMG_2151

Tampa Cheese Burger 55k

mimolette cheese, brioche bun, scrambled egg, roasted sesame mayo

I hope I heard the name right. It’s one of the best cheese burger ever! CMIIW. I think the filling were only cheese and egg. OMG! I am still craving for it. The brioche bun was fluffy, the egg was perfectly scrambled and the cheese was beautifully melted. *need it right now* Actually, I can smell the aroma of the melted cheese and scrambled egg and the roasted sesame mayo huhuhuhu..

Mimolette is a cheese traditionally produced around the city of Lille, France. In France, it is also known as Boule de Lille after its city of origin, or vieux Hollande for being made after the tradition of Edam cheese. In some areas of Belgium and the Netherlands,[1] such as Flanders, it is also known as commissiekaas.

IMG_2148 IMG_2149 IMG_2152

Pot Egg 37k

potato pure, chives, soft boiled omega, sour dough

It’s pot of egg, not pot of gold hahaha.. Well, if I’m Winnie the Pooh, I will find my pot of honey. Ok, back to the pot egg. It’s hot. Literally hot. So be very careful when you order this one. You can eat this one in any way you want. You can dip the sour dough into the pot egg. You can dig the pot egg and put it in the sour dough. You can eat the sour dough, then the pot egg. Any way you want lah. It was really good. For some people, maybe they need more flavour for the potato pure, but for me, it’s just perfect.

IMG_2153 IMG_2154 IMG_2172

Congratulations Seven Speed Coffee for the new location. Will be back again soon!

Seven Speed Coffee
Jl. Kemang Utara A No.33
Mirasari Complex
IG: @7speedcoffee

Henshin at The Westin Rasuna Said Kuningan Jakarta

July 26th, 2017. When I met my cousin and his wife on Monday, they asked me to have dinner with them at Henshin, The Westin Jakarta. Well, since it’s new – opened July 20th – I said yes, tout de suite. So, finally I was in Henshin. Hooray!!


Set to be a game changer for Jakarta dining scene is Henshin, The Westin Jakarta’s standout rooftop restaurant. Perched on the top three floors of the building, the Japanese-Peruvian restaurant features Nikkei Cuisine infused with exotic Peruvian flavors prepared by Chef Hajime Kasuga. Aside from a restaurant overlooking the city lights, Henshin also boasts an alfresco rooftop bar featuring specialty cocktails crafted by expert mixologists. Wherever your day takes you, rest assured that you can end your night on a high note with a picturesque dining experience at Henshin rooftop bar and lounge, where you will be treated with Japanese-Peruvian favorites and eclectic drinks as you take in stunning views of Jakarta.

From GF floor at The Westin Jakarta, we were escorted to an exclusive elevator directly accessed to 67th floor, the bar and lounge. A different kind of atmosphere from the elegance of the hotel to the lively ambiance. You can choose the indoor or the alfresco bar and lounge there. Such a lovely place to relax and loosen up. Then we went to 69th floor, to see 2-private-rooms, for 12 guests and 20 guests. After that, we finally moved to 68th floor, where we wanted to have our dinner tonight.

IMG_1162 IMG_1963IMG_1964 IMG_1965IMG_1966 IMG_1973IMG_1974 IMG_1969IMG_1970 IMG_1976IMG_1975 IMG_1977IMG_1972


really delicious! a very good start to warm up your appetite.



Nikkei 140k

salmon, tiger’s milk, chili panca sauce, wasabi cream

love the salmon. the combination of tiger’s milk, chili panca sauce and wasabi cream were overwhelming. tiger’s milk is the Peruvian term for the citrus-based marinade that cures the seafood in a ceviche. it was really appetizing. i think it’s the best ceviche i’ve ever had.



Aji Amarillo 150k

sea bass, tiger’s milk, yellow chili pepper

it was delicious but i prefer the sea bass was more delicate. but it’s sea bass. it’s firm, flaky and moist at the same time. it’s a little bit spicy, so it’s not really my favourite. but i can tell you, the presentation was very lovely. the server pour the yellow sauce on top of the sea bass. beautiful appearance.

Tiradito is a Peruvian dish of raw fish, cut in the shape of sashimi, and of aspect similar to crudo, and carpaccio, in a spicy sauce



Portion – 2 pieces

Salmon Picante 120k

torched salmon belly, crunchy salmon skin, red chilli aioli

omg. love the salmon picante. it’s 2 pieces of torched salmon belly with crunchy salmon skin on top. the salmon belly was melt in my mouth. it was super delicious! they said that they used premium salmon. of course! it was one of the best salmon i’ve ever had.



Chino 130k

salmon, fried shrimp, lump crab meat, asparagus, spicy sweet and sour sauce

again, the salmon amazed me. the rice was good, a little bit crumbled. but tasted so good. love the crisp texture on top of the sushi roll. spicy sweet and sour sauce enhanced the flavour of it. my cousin and my hubby loved it so much, they ordered a second portion hahahaha..



Pulpo Henshin 320k

low temperature cooked octopus, potato, panca sauce

funny thing, i was terrified by the presentation of this dish. hahahaha. it’s like a lizard! LOL. So after I took photos, my cousin asked the server to cut it into small pieces hahaha.. thanks bro! Well, the octopus meat was tender. still chewy but more delicate than the usual octopus i’ve tried before. the panca sauce was well-seasoned. it’s a peruvian red pepper. definitely delish.


Chochinillo 320k

pork confit, pumpkin & orange puree

omg the pork confit was super tender, super delicate and super moist. it’s juicy but not too much fat. pork confit is actually a dish of seasoned pork that’s cooked in its own fat. so it mixed perfectly. the pumpkin and orange puree enhanced the texture and flavour of the chochinillo.


Salmon A La Brasa 290k

miso, quinoa, compressed watermelon & honeydew

the salmon was melt in my mouth. i could taste the juicy of the salmon. the opposite texture was the quinoa. it’s crunchy and crispy. definitely a keeper. the compressed watermelon and honeydew were delightful with the flavour and texture. it’s like eating the real fruits.



De Pescado 130k

grilled fish, sesame oil

scrumptious fried rice with tender meat and grilled fish. a small portion but it’s still lovely to share it with your loved one. great texture of the rice, delicious flavour, made us wanna order the second bowl. Hahaha..



Picarones 80k

sweet potato, peruvian honey, honeydew, blue cheese ice cream

the sweet potato was crunchy delicious, combined it with blue cheese ice cream, became funtastic! the presentation was fun also. we thought there’s still something to eat below. turned out, it’s just the art of the bowl. LOL.


TurrĂłn De La Pepa 80k

anise biscuit, peanut foam, popcorn ice cream

i cracked the anise biscuit and voila! popcorn ice cream! yes! the peanut foam was lusciously sweet. super recommended!


Complimentary Greentea Chocolate Truffle

love it! we were so in love with the truffle, we asked for a refill for each of us. definitely a must-try!


Birthday Surprise

thank you so much The Westin Jakarta, Henshin, Desiree and team. love you guys so much.


Congratulations Henshin for the opening. Definitely will be back soon.

The Westin Jakarta
Jl. H.R Rasuna Said Kav C-22A
Kuningan, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 27887 788
IG: @henshinjakarta

Sunday Brunch at Pacific Restaurant & Lounge The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place

June 18th, 2017. Finally, I visited Pacific Restaurant & Lounge at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place. It’s literally my first time. I went there with Michael, Aline, Fachmi, Alesha, Cindy and Alex. And we’re having so much fun at the Sunday Brunch.


Pacific Restaurant & Lounge, located on the sixth floor, offers a daily buffet selection with Asian and local specialties; the buffet offers hand-crafted creations in grazing portions with an array of appetizers and signature items, like Wagyu beef, lobster and oysters, roast meats, international and pan-Asian dishes will compete for your attention. Our offering strives to source ingredients mostly from Indonesia to maximize freshness, support local farmers and growers. A la carte service is also available; the menu is inspired by the Indonesian cuisine with a modern twist. The menu celebrates the farmers and food artisans of Indonesia and is available during lunch and dinner.

The place was very humble. It’s friendly with great hospitality. I think everybody wanted to help us with everything. Even the boss greeted us modestly. The food looked not-so-much variants, but when we started to eat, it’s like, “omg! i haven’t eat that. i haven’t eat this! i haven’t try that. i haven’t try this!” So many variants!

IMG_0074 IMG_0077 IMG_0078 IMG_0093 IMG_0094 IMG_0095 IMG_0079 IMG_0080 IMG_0082 IMG_0083 IMG_0084 IMG_0086 IMG_0087 IMG_0089 IMG_0090 IMG_0092 IMG_0096 IMG_0097 IMG_0098 IMG_0099 IMG_0088 IMG_0081 IMG_0085 IMG_0091


No need to say more, they’re all delicious. You just took those food on the buffet and enjoyed all of them. My favourite were everything!

IMG_0075 IMG_0100 IMG_0101 IMG_0102 IMG_0104 IMG_0105 IMG_0107 IMG_0108 IMG_0109 IMG_0110 IMG_0111 IMG_0144 IMG_0145 IMG_0146 IMG_0149 IMG_0150

Dessert Art: Tim Tam Bomber

It’s actually a show they put for us. It’s really lovely and pretty. You just ask them to do this kind of show-dessert. Cute!

IMG_0183 IMG_0186 IMG_0189 IMG_0190

Thank you Pacific Restaurant and The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place for the Sunday Brunch. Definitely will be back again soon!

Pacific Restaurant & Lounge
The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place
Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD)
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta, 12190 Indonesia
Phone: +62 21 2550 1888
IG: @pacific_restaurant

Djournal Coffee at Gandaria City Mall Jakarta

June 20th, 2017. 2 weeks ago I saw Djournal Coffee at Gandaria City, but hasn’t opened yet. When I had another event at Gancit, I saw that Djournal finally opened. Lucky me, Shalita asked me to meet up there, yaaaaay.


DJOURNAL COFFEE is Djakarta-based coffee purveyor committed to brewing the best coffees available. At Djournal, Coffee is king—but it’s still the relationships with their loyal customers (aka ‘Djournalists’) and their passion for coffee that really keeps them going. Djournal Coffee aspires that for all ‘Djournalists’, if their house was their first home and their work was their second home, all Djournal establishments would be known to be their ‘third home’ where they can collect a smile and daily memorable experiences. These memorable experiences are an accumulation from the coffee, barista, and the whole ambience. At Djournal, customers can enjoy various coffees with different brewing methods; cakes and pastries; and also choices of main course. Djournal Coffee’s interior is designed to create a homey and down-to-earth ambiance; a reminder that coffee is a product from earth that is always grounded and humble.

I don’t have to write anything about Djournal Coffee. People always put a good words upon Djournal. This outlet wasn’t as spacious as the others, but it’s pretty comfy. Let me show you around through my photos.

IMG_0210 IMG_0217 IMG_0224 IMG_0214 IMG_0211 IMG_0212 IMG_0213 IMG_0221 IMG_0218 IMG_0219 IMG_0222 IMG_0227 IMG_0228 IMG_0220 IMG_0215 IMG_0216

Honey Lemongrass Fizz

It’s a thirst-quenching drink. Not too sweet, even tend to be sour. It’s for Ramadan month.


Ovo Milo Cake

Actually I didn’t remember the name. So sorry, it’s been a month. Too many places to be reviewed. Forgive me! I will speed up my work. Anyway, this cake is very delicious. There’s crunchy in it that make it so good. Sweet and delightful.

IMG_0229 IMG_0231

Congratulations Djournal Coffee for the opening. Keep up the good work.

Djournal Coffee
Gandaria City Ground Floor
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Gandaria, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 27081866
IG: @djournalcoffee