[EVENT] Roasters Eating Day (RED) @ Kenny Rogers Roasters

Another event from Kenny Rogers Roasters (KRR). Yaaaaaaaaaaaay. Always love their events. They were launching their 1st annual event called ROASTERS Eating Day (RED). It’s a one day event at KRR Indonesia. It’s the first time KRR held this event in Indonesia. They planned to do it every year on the first week of that year.Continue reading “[EVENT] Roasters Eating Day (RED) @ Kenny Rogers Roasters”

Dapour Century Park Hotel Senayan Jakarta

January 16th, 2014. It was the first time for me to try the one and only restaurant at Century Park Hotel. It was called Dapour. They told me that Dapour had been renovated. To tell you the truth, I have never been to Century Park. It used to be called Atlet Century Park Hotel. AtletContinue reading “Dapour Century Park Hotel Senayan Jakarta”

[HOTEL] Holiday Inn Express Thamrin Jakarta

Whoaaaaaaaaaaa.. I can’t describe my feelings. Hmmm.. How how how? Ok, first of all I wanna show off to all of you. Tadaaaaaaaaa.. Yes!! Correct!! This was my first invitation for a complimentary stay in Jakarta hotel.. Yaaaaay.. I screamed out loud! Yup, out loud, luckily I was all alone that day hahahaha.. That’s whyContinue reading “[HOTEL] Holiday Inn Express Thamrin Jakarta”

Huize van Wely the Papilion Kemang Jakarta

Every time I passed by Kemang area, I was always startled by a building there. There was a butterfly with the name the Papilion. The building was made from glasses. I loved it but never knew what it was. “Is it a fine dining restaurant? Or a hotel? Hmm, I wonder.” But I always forgotContinue reading “Huize van Wely the Papilion Kemang Jakarta”

[EVENT] Chinese New Year Gala Dinner Tien Chao Gran Melia Jakarta

January 9th, 2014. I was invited to Tien Chao, Gran Melia Jakarta Hotel. I went there with Octa, then met Aline and Hans. This was my first time there. The place was not very spacious but not small either. They had private rooms too. But I love how they decorate the table and the ambiance.Continue reading “[EVENT] Chinese New Year Gala Dinner Tien Chao Gran Melia Jakarta”

Kecapi Cafe and Bistro Avissa Suites Karet Pedurenan Jakarta

December 8th, 2013. I was invited to Kecapi Cafe and Bistro which located in Avissa Suites. They had this foodtasting for my family 🙂 So it’s like a small reunion with my cousins. They served so many food. We had so much fun there. The place is not very spacious, but quite cozy. They haveContinue reading “Kecapi Cafe and Bistro Avissa Suites Karet Pedurenan Jakarta”

[EVENT] Christmas Tree Lighting and Gingerbread House Ceremony Pullman CP Jakarta

December 5th, 2013. I was invited to Pullman Jakarta Central Park. They had an event called Christmas Tree Lighting and Gingerbread House Ceremony, featuring Christmas Choir by Yayasan Elsafan. I was happy that I can be part of it. It’s an honor for me 🙂 Thanks Pullman for always including me. The event started withContinue reading “[EVENT] Christmas Tree Lighting and Gingerbread House Ceremony Pullman CP Jakarta”