Me, Myself and I


Welcome to my diary 🙂 Yes, this is my journal, where I can write anything I like. So this is just an ordinary blog from an ordinary girl with an extraordinary life. I love to eat, enjoy traveling or just staying at hotel rooms, watching all kind of movies except horror movies (watch with my eyes closed), read novels, collecting Starbucks tumblers, singing every kind of songs, love to share my stories about everything, etc etc 🙂

I have a husband that support my hobbies. He is such a great husband. He will do everything for me. Everything! Since I knew him (19th December 2001 through mailing list in internet) to our wedding day (6th September 2003) and until now (and will be until forever), he is the only one that make me very happy. Well, his motto in life is: “must make my wife always happy.” And he’s been doing it ever since 🙂 I love him very much. Thanks honey, for being my bestfriend, my brother, my pal, my buddy, my partner, my hubby, my everything.

So, welcome to my world. My extraordinary world. and, thank you for your time.

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