[SINGAPORE] Fook Kin at Kiliney Road Orchard Singapore

September 24th, 2019. It’s my first time to accept invitation from outside Indonesia. Located in Singapore, Fook Kin, out of the blue, sent me private message through my Instagram account. They asked me if I was willing to try their food. When I saw their IG account, I was so excited. Definitely a yes! But,Continue reading “[SINGAPORE] Fook Kin at Kiliney Road Orchard Singapore”

[SINGAPORE] Baristart Coffee at Tras Street Singapore

July 23rd, 2019. Udah cukup lama tau ada Baristart Coffee buka di Singapore, tapi sayang sekali di trip sebelum2 ini gw gak sempet mampir. Makanya pas kemaren itu ke sana bareng hubby dan doi kerja seharian di kantor, gw jalan sendiri deh. Mayan kan bisa mampir2 mana2. Kadang kalo ada hubby malah ribet, gak bisaContinue reading “[SINGAPORE] Baristart Coffee at Tras Street Singapore”

[SINGAPORE] Apartment Coffee at Lavender Street Singapore

July 23rd, 2019. Dikasi tau sama adek gw ada coffee shop cakep di Singapore namanya Apartment Coffee. Lokasinya ternyata bisa gw capai dngan jalan kaki dari tempat sebelumnya. Jauh juga sih, tapi emang susah kalo naek bus atau MRT, makanya pilih jalan kaki deh, seinget gw masi di bawah 1 km. Pas udah deket, agakContinue reading “[SINGAPORE] Apartment Coffee at Lavender Street Singapore”

[SINGAPORE] %Arabica Singapore at Arab Street Singapore

July 23rd, 2019. Semangat banget pas tau %Arabica akhirnya buka di Singapore. Nunggu2 yang di Jakarta, lama banget kaga buka2, akhirnya gw samperin deh yang di SG. Sombong sekali gw ya. Gak dapet di Jakarta nyari ke Singapore hahahaha. Gak deh, ini juga gara-gara nyamperin hubby yang kerja lebih dari sehari di sana hahaha. SelaluContinue reading “[SINGAPORE] %Arabica Singapore at Arab Street Singapore”

[SINGAPORE] Trip to Singapore in March 2019

March 20th, 2019 – March 24th, 2019 Buat ngerayain ultah hubby yang ke 45 *pffffft* gw ajakin ke Singapore karena emang demen ke sana hahaha. Trus iseng nyari hotel donk. Adek gw bilang tinggal di area Bencoolen tuh enak. Deket ke mana2, trus transport juga gampang. Akhirnya gw searching donk berhari2 tuh. Terpilihlah Hotel Mi.Continue reading “[SINGAPORE] Trip to Singapore in March 2019”

[SINGAPORE] Say Chiizu at 313@Somerset Orchard Rd Singapore

July 20th, 2018. So happy to see Say Chiizu in 313@Somerset. It’s very near to the hotel that I stayed. I just went to B3 and searched for a delicious outlet. LOL. Yes, B3 are like food court in 313@Somerset. So there are lot of tenants. To find Say Chiizu, you had to walk aroundContinue reading “[SINGAPORE] Say Chiizu at 313@Somerset Orchard Rd Singapore”

[SINGAPORE] Haritts Donuts & Coffee at Havelock Rd Singapore

July 20th, 2018. On our way back to hotel, I asked hubby to keep me company to Haritts Donut & Coffee. It’s very near our previous cafe. So, we walked and tried to find the place hahaha. We were kinda lost for some times hahaha. But, finally found it. It’s not a big place. JustContinue reading “[SINGAPORE] Haritts Donuts & Coffee at Havelock Rd Singapore”

[SINGAPORE] Central Perk Cafe at Central Mall Singapore

July 20th, 2018. Since Central Perk Cafe opened in Singapore a couple years ago, I was very curious. But I didn’t have time to visit the place on my previous trip to Singapore. This time, I had to go there. LOL. If you are familiar with the popular TV sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you must know thatContinue reading “[SINGAPORE] Central Perk Cafe at Central Mall Singapore”

[SINGAPORE] My Melody Cafe at Suntec City Mall Singapore

July 20th, 2018. My Melody Cafe opened at Suntec City Mall, Singapore since June 2018. Yeah, right on time. So, that lovely morning, I visited the place with hubby. Actually, My Melody Cafe has been brought into Singapore by the same people behind Singapore’s Gudetama Cafe. They are next to each other in Suntec CityContinue reading “[SINGAPORE] My Melody Cafe at Suntec City Mall Singapore”

[SINGAPORE] Kumoya X Mr Men & Little Miss

July 19th, 2018. Actually, I wanted to visit another place before Kumoya Singapore, but we got lost LOL. So yeah we visited this one instead the other place. Kumoya is a cafe that specialize in welcoming different characters to come for a visit, and now it’s time to welcome Mr Men and Little Miss. ItContinue reading “[SINGAPORE] Kumoya X Mr Men & Little Miss”

[SINGAPORE] Earlybird at Jalan Pinang Singapore

July 19th, 2018. When I saw the location of this Earlybird on the map before headed to the place, I remember that I once visited a coffee shop near that area. So I walked with confidence and told hubby, “Don’t worry, I knew the area. Used to go there for another coffee shop.” Turned out,Continue reading “[SINGAPORE] Earlybird at Jalan Pinang Singapore”

[SINGAPORE] Toby’s Estate at Rodyk St. Singapore

July 19th, 2018. After one coffee shop, we went to another. We visited Toby’s Estate. Yaaay. In Jakarta we’ve already had several outlets of Toby’s Estate, but I’ve never been to Toby’s Estate in Singapore. So, yeah, on this trip, I put Toby’s Estate on my coffee shop list. A little bit hard to findContinue reading “[SINGAPORE] Toby’s Estate at Rodyk St. Singapore”