Publik Markette Grand Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

Feb 12th, 2015. March 17th, 2015. April 3rd, 2015. April 27th, 2015. Yup, I went to Publik Markette 4 times. 🙂 And every single visit, I always ate their signature pork belly hahaha.. That’s the best meal there for me hehehe.. Btw, Publik Markette is one of Ismaya Group restaurants. No wonder, right? 😀 LocatedContinue reading “Publik Markette Grand Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta”

GODIVA Chocolatier Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

May 18th, 2015. I went to GODIVA Chocolatier, after a very nice lunch. It’s time for another desserts! LOL. I should meet the brand manager but too bad she stucked in some meeting. So the people there helped me to taste the latest chocolixir. 🙂 The interior of the place didn’t change at all. Ugh, it’sContinue reading “GODIVA Chocolatier Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta”

C’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant Grand Hyatt Jakarta

May 18th, 2015. C’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant Grand Hyatt Jakarta invited me to experience Argentina. I was so excited. A friend of mine told me that Argentina cuisine must be good. I came early. 12 o’clock. Took the time to take pictures, while waiting for others to come. And when I saw Ellyna andContinue reading “C’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant Grand Hyatt Jakarta”

[HOTEL] Ara Hotel Gading Serpong Tangerang – Superior Room

May 9th, 2015. Another weekend getaway. Ara Hotel Gading Serpong invited 5 bloggers (Aline, Icha, Sharon, Soya, Yenny) to attend their Blogger Familiarization Trip. They gave us staycation for 2 days 1 night at Ara Hotel, to experience their rooms and facilities, and also their lunch, dinner and breakfast. The Ara Hotel Gading Serpong is anContinue reading “[HOTEL] Ara Hotel Gading Serpong Tangerang – Superior Room”

[BANDUNG] Saka Bistro & Bar Sukajadi Bandung

March 28th, 2015. Actually I wanted to blog about this place last month. But too many distractions. LOL. So, here we go. I went to Saka Bistro because I saw it at my friends’ IG. The place looked awesome. That’s why when I went to Bandung, I told my hubby to take me there.  It’s easy toContinue reading “[BANDUNG] Saka Bistro & Bar Sukajadi Bandung”

Orenchi Ramen Mangga Besar Jakarta

April 20th, 2015. I went to Orenchi Ramen with a friend. Actually my friend, Tim, he texted me a couple days before, told me about this place. He said the ramen was delicious, authentic, and I should try. So, when he offered to pick me up, I was agree right away. Well, it’s Mangga Besar, definitelyContinue reading “Orenchi Ramen Mangga Besar Jakarta”

Koiki Eatery Senopati Suites Jakarta

February 22nd, 2015. I went to Koiki Eatery with hubby for lunch date. I won 250k voucher from IG competition.. yaaaaay. *dancing all around the place* Ok, back to Koiki. Located in Senopati Suites Apartment, the 2-storey-place wasn’t too spacious, but enough for a nice brunch, lunch or dinner. First, I was worried that it willContinue reading “Koiki Eatery Senopati Suites Jakarta”