Kopi Manyar Bintaro Jakarta

December 29th, 2015. Finally, I went to Kopi Manyar. Well, actually I planned to go there with my fellow foodies, but turned out they went without me. At that time, I had to drive my mom-in-law to airport. So, I missed the moment. A couple days ago, my friend asked me to go accompanying her to Serpong. Out of nowhere, I thought about Kopi Manyar. And I said to her, “Do you wanna go to Bintaro? There’s new coffeeshop there.” And she said, “Yes! Let’s go!” So, voila, Kopi Manyar. And yes, they close every Monday.


Located in a residential area, Kopi Manyar wasn’t very easy to find. There’s no signage in their facade. So you should be very creative. When you are in Bintaro Tengah street, just find a number 14 house. The words Kopi Manyar is only in front of their place like my photo above. So, please be creative. LOL. When we came in to the place, I was stunned with their moody ambiance. I always love moody ambiance. I chose the inside room because I could turn off the light LOL. Btw, their place surrounded with arts. Lovely.

IMG_0777 IMG_0781 IMG_0783 IMG_0784

And now I will show you a little bit about their environment. As you can see, there’s the famous steps that you can see in everybody’s Instagram account. LOL.

IMG_0774 IMG_0778 IMG_0779 IMG_0780 IMG_0786 IMG_0788 IMG_0790

The Menu


Cappucino 30k

My friend said that it wasn’t as rich as she expected. So yeah I guess they better make it rich next time. 😀


Hot Chocolate 30k

I love their hot chocolate. The rich hot chocolate tasted very bitter. Love it. Such a nice combination with the rainy season. When I saw the cup, I thought, “It must be good.” And it was. Perfect for my taste bud.


Kentang Goreng (French Fries) 22k

I was so hard to please when we talk about french fries. But for me, this was one perfect french fries. Too bad, my friend’s daughter had a mission that she finished it herself. LOL. So yeah, I only ate 2 or 3 strips. 🙂


Go.Pis.Man 22k

pisang kepok kuning goreng tepung dengan keju parut dan saus cokelat

My friend said that the fried banana was too mushy. Fortunately, I love mushy fried banana, as long as they were sweet. Sometimes fried banana wasn’t as sweet as I expected. But this one was perfect for my palate.


Nasi Pi.nyar 30k

nasi mentega dengan sayur cincang dan ayam jamur bumbu serai

I haven’t eaten my breakfast, so I ordered rice dish. And it was quite nice. I love the texture of the butter rice. And also the minced chicken. And the sunny side up definitely my favourite. Mixed them all and I got one perfect rice for my hungry tummy.


Too bad it was too far from my place. But it’s really nice to know that somewhere there’s a place called Kopi Manyar with beautiful ambiance and delicious hot chocolate. Bravo Kopi Manyar!

Kopi Manyar
Jl. Bintaro Tengah Raya No. 14
Phone: 021-7353932
IG: @kopimanyar


Seruput express Summarecon Mall Serpong Tangerang

December 20th, 2015. My hubby drove his mom to the airport. And from the airport, I went to Serpong to meet my friends. #DailyFoodSeeker had a project there and they asked me to join them. I got to the Summarecon Mall Serpong and headed straight to Seruput express. Located at Downtown Walk Summarecon Mall Serpong, Seruput express had non smoking and smoking area. Quite big for an express outlet. 🙂

IMG_0403 IMG_0407

The Ambiance

When you walked in, you will find a little bit dark place. Then you just go straight to the back of the place, and you will find a nicer area with big windows to see outside. It’s not outside, but it feels outside. A better place to eat with family or to hang out with your best buddies.

IMG_0408 IMG_0400 IMG_0405 IMG_0406 IMG_0404 IMG_0401 IMG_0410

The Menu


Pindang Patin Wong Kito 47k

Pindang means preserve fish with salt by boiling it and without drying. I always love pindang patin (shark catfish). It was delicious with rich flavour and mild texture. But, this pindang patin from seruput express was a little too sweet for me. 😦


Bakso Dengkul Seruput 32k

It’s one of my favourites there. I always love the concept to mix meatball with fried tofu and fried dumplings. It’s like a music concert in your mouth. Eat it one by one, and feel good about it. Eat it altogether, and feel awe-struck! Their texture was perfect. And the broth was awesomely delicious. It will make you wanna come back to seruput only for this dish. Recommended.


Soto Betawi Bang Haji 42k

Another favourite. The broth was well-seasoned. The savoury of soto betawi always made me add my rice repeatedly. It’s like I’ve never felt satiate. Can you imagine pieces of meat, intestines, tripe and lungs combined with a savoury coconut milk in one bowl, with warm rice? OMG! Best lunch, right? LOL.


Garang Asem Ayam 36k

Somehow garang asem reminds me of tom yam soup. But too bad this garang asem ayam from Seruput wasn’t as rich as I expected. Should be more sour. Somehow people use fish for this kind of dish, but with chicken turns out to be just fine. It was new for me and I love it. Just needed more sour taste.


Sate Maranggi Seruput 62k

Sate Maranggi is a famous satay from Purwakarta. I think I only ate this satay once. So this was my second time. And I love it. The sweetness, the texture, the juicy of the meat. They mixed the deliciousness into one stick. Recommended!


Nasi Goreng Ayam Kampungan 38k

Definitely a keeper. I ate a portion and then I ordered another portion. Ate it with those crazy foodies LOL. The texture of the rice was perfect. Tasted luscious. Flavoured wise. Most favourite for me. One of the best fried rice I’ve ever tried. Super recommended.


Mie Goreng Seafood 29k

It’s fried noodle with seafood on top of it. Well, even though my friend said that it’s only okay, I found it very delicious. It was sweet and savoury at the same time. I mean, you will find it sweet and also savoury and it was like a soulmate in one chopstick. The texture wasn’t so hard to chew, but not too soft. Perfecto.


Tempe Mendoan 12k

Perfect snack to enjoy while you watching movies, or hang out with buddies, or to accompany your steamed white rice. Oh my oh my, I’m drooling right now while imagine those things to do there. LOL.


Roti Bakar Ovomaltine 25k

Never reject an ovomaltine, especially ovomaltine toast. Well, for some people, it’s too sweet. But for me, hmmm.. perfectly sweet. Finger-licking good! I definitely will order it over and over again to fulfil my madness of ovomaltine.


Kue Cubit-Cubitan 18k

This was my favourite snack when I was a kid. Yup, I was once a kid. Hahahaha. I love the texture of this snack. Nowadays everybody sell kue cubit, half baked. It’s still runny on top. OMG. So delish. Delicate and delightful.


Fire Cracking Latte 57k and Lady in Red 48k


Vanilla Doubleshot 49k


Syphon 26k


Ice Durian Coffee 39k

It looked so mellow but tasted so good. Durian and coffee. What a wacky combination. The world’s favourite drink with the most delicious fruit. Ah-mah-zing!!!


Avocado Ice Blend 54k


Somehow I miss our moments there. Taking pictures, eating delicious food, drinking refreshing beverages, laughing out loud with a bunch of crazy buddies, in a really nice place. Definitely a dainty moment. And of course, I miss the nasi goreng ayam kampungan. Till we meet again, then.

Seruput express
Summarecon Mall Serpong
The Downtown Walk
Ground Floor DGF – 18B
Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong
Sentra Gading Serpong
Tangerang 15810
Phone: 021-54204758
IG: @seruputexpress

Native Coffee Tribe Pantai Indah Kapuk PIK Jakarta

December 24th, 2015. I went to PIK to visit a new coffee shop. It was called Native Coffee Tribe. Located in Ruko The Metro, it was a simple coffee shop with a nice ambiance. When we came in, they greeted us very nice and friendly. When I asked them to turn off their lights, they just did it, happily. No complaint at all. We were so happy LOL.

IMG_0541 IMG_0540

I love the way they decorated the place. Humble and homey. And we got so many friendly gesture from the people. I love the cozy atmosphere there. By the way, they have outside and inside tables. But we chose the inside tables. Pretty hot outside. Luckily, it’s only us there. So, we dominated the place. LOL. Below, I presented the decorations and the seats. Please enjoy my photos.

IMG_0551 IMG_0546 IMG_0543 IMG_0548 IMG_0549 IMG_0554 IMG_0552 IMG_0553 IMG_0544 IMG_0547 IMG_0542

Cappucinno 36k

A mixture of espresso base with milk and foam

They said it’s really good. I didn’t try it of course. LOL. But, I love their latte art. Simple, but beautiful. 🙂


Affogato 48k

A unique taste that created by combination of ice cream and espresso

Love the presentation. It’s really a layer of flavour. Ice cream and espresso. A gorgeous combination in a glass. An affogato is a traditional Italian espresso-based treat. Affogato means drowned. So yeah, it’s an ice cream drowned in espresso. Psst, it’s a complimentary. LOL.


Green Tea latte 35k

Green tea mixed with milk

Tried a slurp and I thought, “It’s delightfully tasty.” And the colour was gorgeous too. How’s the taste? Addicting. I love this green tea latte. A decent one. I will order it next time I come to Native. Recommended.


Hot Chocolate 35k

It’s hot chocolate, nuff said.

Agree! Nuff said. There’s nothing happier than wrapping your hands around a glass of hot chocolate. I really love it because it tasted bitter with the rich and creamy texture. In this rainy season, you will feel warm after a glass of hot choco. Super recommended!


Ham and Cheese 45k

Complimentary from Native Coffee Tribe. This Ham and Cheese sandwich was delicious. Please disregard the presentation. It was just like any ordinary sandwich. But when you bite it, the bread came out with the perfect crispy exquisiteness. This is really great way to add a twist to a regular ham and cheese sandwich. I personally liked this sandwich a lot. Overall, it’s really good.


Carrot Cake

Another complimentary. And it’s also delicious. A simple, moist and scrumptious carrot cake for morning snack and afternoon tea and late night dessert. LOL. Actually it was fit for every moment. As long as you eat it with your beloved ones. I love it, you will love it too.


I really love this place. Comfortable place, delicious food, gorgeous drinks, and friendly people. Don’t forget that guy over there with a cute smile. LOL. Definitely a keeper!

Native Coffee Tribe
Ruko The Metro – PIK
Jl. Mandara Permai 7
Pantai Indah Kapuk
IG: @nativecoffeetribe

Bari-Uma Ramen Setiabudi One Jakarta

December 19th, 2015. It’s 5pm and we’re very hungry. I asked my hubby, “Do you wanna eat?” He said, “Yup, I’m very hungry. Let’s go to Setiabudi One.” I said, “We should try Bariuma Ramen. It’s new.” So, we went to Setiabudi One and ate Bariuma Ramen. They’ve been opened for 3 or 4 days, I guess.


Actually I’ve been to Bariuma Ramen at their Citywalk outlet. You can read my review about this place here. This is one of the most delicious ramen I’ve ever tried.

Bariuma means Bari (Super) Uma (Tasty). Bariuma Ramen has been successfully developed in Hiroshima Japan and it is one of the most successful business models ever developed among Japanese restaurants in the world. The founder of Bariuma Ramen believes that a tasty bowl of ramen has to have super rich and thick soup suit to the modern style. We found out the solution for this, and developed the Rich Tonkotsu soy sauce based with the fines soya sauce and cooked with authentic Tonkotsu Flavour. Now, after opening more than 50 outlets in Japan, Bariuma Ramen is ready to be offered and expanded to other countries including Indonesia. We aim to deliver joyous experience through the authentic taste of our Tonkotsu Super tasty Ramen directly from Japan. Bariuma Ramen shall strive our best to serve all our customers the best ultimate ramen every single day. We put our heart in every bowl of Ramen we serve.

IMG_0395 IMG_0386 IMG_0398 IMG_0389 IMG_0399 IMG_0388 IMG_0385 IMG_0387 IMG_0384

The Menu


Set Menu B 79k

Bariuma/Toriuma Ramen + Kara-age 3 pcs + Ocha

Below I will explain one by one. 🙂

Bariuma Ramen 58k

Pork flavored shoyu soup, with grilled thick-cut chashu.

This was my hubby’s order. He prefer this one because it’s the signature, I guess. Still, I love their chashu. It was so good. But, I hope they will sell kakuni. I really love kakuni. Pray for kakuni. LOL.


Kara-age 35k (4 pcs) 68k (8 pcs)

First try to order kara-age. I was shocked. It was ruined. Tasted so bad, I ask the server to take it to the kitchen. And they replaced it with a new one. And it was very delicious. Perfect balance between flavour, texture and richness. Actually, I really love kara-age because it boneless and very easy to eat. Classic, crispy Japanese-style fried chicken. Recommended!


Aburi-Chashu 59k

Grilled thick-cut chashu

Love this aburi-chashu. Thick, fatty, juicy, tender, melt in my mouth. Perfect, right? I love pork. The fatter the better hahaha.. Who’s with me?? Yeaaaah, I see a lot of people agree LOL. I didn’t eat ramen, so I ordered this one to fulfil my appetite. And it was, indeed. Very recommended.


Ishiyaki-Chaofan Chashu 45k

The guy that served this chahan offered to mix the dish but I said to him, “Hold on, I have to take picture of it first.” He politely waited beside me. After I took one photo, he came to me and mixed the dish in front of me. Then, it’s ready. To be eaten by me. Graaaawwwl. Me so hungry. LOL. And it’s so delicious. So flavourful and fragrant.

IMG_0378 IMG_0379

Congratulations for your 3rd outlet in Jakarta. I’m very glad that you open near me. Yaaaay. Definitely will be back soon.

Bariuma Ramen
Setiabudi One 1st Floor
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said No.63
IG: @bariumaramenid

Togo Gourmet Coffee WTC 2 Sudirman Jakarta

May 19th, 2015. I went to Togo Gourmet Coffee at World Trade Center 2. My favourite niece was working as internships there. So I visited her one day and had a lovely lunch with her. Located on ground floor, Togo was a cute place to have some lunch on weekdays.


The cute thing about this place was the giant board on wall, like a giant menu hahaha. As you can see below, I will show you the pictures about the place and the giant board also. It’s so eye-catching.

IMG_4376 IMG_4372 IMG_4373 IMG_4375 IMG_4386 IMG_4371

The Menu


Strawberry Lemonade 22k

Want something refreshing after a busy day at office? Yup, you should order this beverage. It’s a thirst-quenching mix between strawberry, lemon and soda water. It’s super pretty and eye-catching with the red colour and a hint of yellow from slices of lemon. What a great drink to finish your lunch.


Grilled Toast “Roti Bakar” Style: Banana and Chocolate 23k

I needed it crunchier and crispier. And the filling wasn’t as I expected. But, yeah, it’s okay for hungry tummy. A little help from a grilled toast extremely made me happy.


Croque Madame 53k

She shares the same genes as the Monsieur (Smoked beef and melted cheese in country bread and grilled till golden and yummy), just add topped with sunny side egg.

 I loved how they made the sunny side egg perfectly. Mouthwatering, right? The bread looked so ordinary, but tasted delicious. This was one decadent sandwich, perfect for a brunch with your loved ones.

The grilled ham-and-cheese sandwich with béchamel sauce, known as a croque monsieur, is a perennial favorite at French brasseries and bistros. When crowned with a fried egg, as in this recipe, the sandwich is called a croque madame. The dish takes its name from the French word croquer,which can mean either “to crackle and crunch” or “to munch.”


Tandoori Chicken Wrap 47k

Grilled marinated chicken rolled in naan bread with yoghurt, fresh pickles and fragrant rice.

This was my sister’s order. Yes, my sis went after us and joined the lunch. I didn’t try this one. So, yeah, cannot tell you anything about it. Sorry.


Duck n’ Penne 59k

Slow cooked duck with mushroom thyme cream sauce.

It’s so creamy I wanna cry. The sauce was so delicate with exploding flavour. Too bad, it’s spicy. So, I just tried a little and let my niece finished it. But I love how the penne was cooked perfectly. And the duck was tender and juicy. Love the combination of this duck and penne. Recommended.


I guess, it’s one of the recommended place to hang out or just having lunch with office mates. When you around Metropolitan Complex, try this place and be amazed by their friendly services. It’s always good to come to a nice place.

ToGo Cafe Gourmet
World Trade Center II
Metropolitan Complex, LG
Jl. Jend.Sudirman Kav 29-31
Jakarta 12920
Phone: 021-29522515
IG: @togocafe

Caribou Coffee Senopati Jakarta

December 14th, 2015. I went to Caribou Coffee at Senopati street. I heard about this new place from Instagram. They had this cute promotion on Instagram about #StayAwakeFor quote. I took part of the promotion and got free coffee. Yaaaay. But since I’m not drinking coffee anymore, I gave the free coffee to my sister’s friend. Hihihi.. So yeah, yesterday I went to the place with SHDS from eatandtreats, and we’re having real fun there.


“Life is short. Stay awake for It.” is our philosophy. We believe that life is too short to be spent doing anything other than what you love. As one of America’s biggest coffee chains, we stay awake to serve great coffee and inspire you to seize your day.

Caribou Coffee opened their first outlet in Jakarta. Well actually, it’s the first outlet in Southeast Asia. They had 2 levels. And they also had smoking area on level 2. I really love their place. Quite spacious and very cozy to hang out. The tables were far from each other. So, it’s very comfortable to walk around the place. Too bad, they had only several electric plugs. For a good spot, you should try level 2. Much better for blogging time.

IMG_0356 IMG_0358

Level 1

IMG_0346 IMG_0345 IMG_0360 IMG_0364 IMG_0362 IMG_0363

To order, you just go to their showcase and order everything you want. They have delicious food and drinks. And the most important thing: their baristas were friendly and always smile. Find Mr Lucky, and he will greet you with his best smile. 🙂

IMG_0349 IMG_0347 IMG_0348

Level 2

IMG_0361 IMG_0343 IMG_0336 IMG_0326 IMG_0325

Smoking Area Level 2

IMG_0330 IMG_0332 IMG_0333

Iced Turtle Mocha 53k

Premium chocolate – dark, milk or white – and espresso combined with milk and caramel and served over ice.

Hans ordered this one. He said it’s great but too sweet. When I tried myself – yeah he told me to sip it because it’s not too coffee – I agreed with him, too sweet. But tasted so good.


Hot Chocolate 49k

Real chocolate – dark, milk or white – combined with steamed milk and topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips.

I was in love with my hot dark chocolate. Not too sweet with luxurious texture and intense bittersweet chocolate flavour. Tasted so rich, I think I will try their ice chocolate next time. The good thing, their glass was so big even though I ordered medium size. LOL. Love big glass!!


Spicy Tuna Sandwich 40k

Spicy tuna on a sandwich.

What a delicious quick lunch or just for tea time. The sandwich was very crunchy with generous spicy tuna. I never liked hard to chew sandwich. I prefer the crunchy crisp one. And this spicy tuna sandwich was perfect for my tastebud. And it’s big enough for the two of us. Recommended.


Almond Croissant 28k

Almond-filled croissant.

The almond croissant was sweet and delicious. The texture was crispy. I love the nutty and sweet filling. It was supremely delicious. For those who love almond, should try this croissant. I love almond and definitely will order this again.


Congratulations Caribou Coffee for your first outlet here in Jakarta. You guys really did a fantastic job. You have a very cozy place with great food and beverages. Definitely a keeper.

Caribou Coffee
Jl. Senopati No. 52
Jakarta 12190
Phone: 021-27515162
IG: @CaribouCoffeeID