KAHVENIN Coffee & Resto at Ruko Italian Walk MOI Kelapa Gading Jakarta

September 19th, 2017. KAHVENIN is at number one on my list. So, when I had chance to go to Kelapa Gading area, I tucked the time to visit it. Well, before I went to KAHVENIN, I saw Hans posted it on his IG. I became more curious after that. 🙂


Located in Ruko Italian Walk, it’s very easy to find it since it’s not far from Lobby 8 entrance – Mall of Indonesia. They occupied 2 floors. The 1st floor is for the coffee bar and several tables. The 2nd floor divided into 2 areas. The dining area and the smoking area. Well, it’s quite comfortable with cold AC and friendly servers. I will show you around below.


IMG_5399 IMG_5398 IMG_5400

1st Floor

IMG_5396 IMG_5395 IMG_5394 IMG_5402 IMG_5414 IMG_5404 IMG_5393 IMG_5392 IMG_5391 IMG_5390 IMG_5389 IMG_5401 IMG_5405 IMG_5406

2nd Floor

IMG_5387 IMG_5386 IMG_5382 IMG_5381 IMG_5385 IMG_5384 IMG_5377 IMG_5388 IMG_5380 IMG_5378 IMG_5379

Ice Tea 10k


Flat White 35k

Espresso, Steamed Milk, very thin Foam

A little bit disappointed with the flat white. It’s very watery. Just a lil bit hint of the coffee. Super light with less flavour of coffee and milk. Only 2 sips and I gave up. Sorry.


Pork Chap 75k

Caramelized pork belly served on top of rice

The presentation was very scary. Scary here, means that it looked so spicy. Hahaha.. But evidently, it fulls of sweet flavour. No spicy at all. Love the texture of the pork belly. Tender, silky and very rich in flavour. Recommended.

IMG_5411 IMG_5412 IMG_5413

I hope next time I come to KAHVENIN, the coffee will be better. And I am happy to eat their pork belly again. LOL.

KAHVENIN Coffee & Resto
Mall of Indonesia
Ruko Italian Walk Blok I No.6A
JL. Boulevard Barat Raya
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
Phone: +62 878-8880-1678
IG: @kahvenin.id


Saudagar Kopi at Sabang Menteng Jakarta

July 8th, 2017. I heard about Saudagar Kopi a lot, since my sister loves to go there in the morning after dropping her kids to school. It’s not far from the school, actually. So, when I had my staycation nearby, I went there for the first time with Hans.


Located in Sabang street, Saudagar Kopi occupied a small shophouse with smoking area on 2nd level, and non-smoking area on 1st level, but they have outdoor area for smoking in the facade. It’s not a new coffee shop nor a fancy one, but it’s a comfortable place to hang out with friends and family.

IMG_1376 IMG_1279 IMG_1278 IMG_1275 IMG_1265 IMG_1271 IMG_1280 IMG_1281 IMG_1375 IMG_1270 IMG_1268 IMG_1267 IMG_1269 IMG_1272 IMG_1273 IMG_1276 IMG_1282

Hot Cappuccino 36k


Iced Kopi Tarik 42k


Iced Nutty Joe Latte 48k


Iced Caramel Macchiato 49k

This is my favourite. I only ordered this everytime I went to Saudagar Kopi. Well, yeah after that first time with Hans, I went there again several times with sisters and brother and last time with Aline. We love the place. I think it will always be our favourite place in Sabang hahaha..


Kue Cubit Original 22k

I ordered it half-baked kue cubit. So delicious, I always ordered again and again after that. LOL. Fluffy texture with delicious chocolate flavour. It’s very addicting! Trust me!


Roti Bakar Baheula 20k

It’s actually a butter sugar toast. It’s sweet and buttery and very delicious. I love it. The toast was silky and definitely not hard to eat. It reminded me of my childhood. Mom used to make this kind of toast. Ugh, miss you so much Mom.


Roti Bakar Pindakaas Choco 22k

Pindakaas means peanut butter. So it’s peanut butter chocolate toast. It’s also delicious. I really love their toast. The nutty flavour and chocolate flavour mixed perfectly inside the toast. And now I’m craving for this toast. Hmm…


Nasi Soto Betawi 37k

I remember that night I was hungry. So I ordered soto betawi. It was really good! Well, the next visit with Aline, I also ordered this nasi soto betawi hahaha.. Yes, it was THAT good. The delicious flavour from the broth was very addicting. And I loved when I saw perkedel as the side dish. OMG. Super recommended!


Thank you Saudagar Kopi for always made me happy. See you again super soon!

Saudagar Kopi
Jl. Haji Agus Salim No.26F
Sabang, Menteng
Phone: +62 21 3143270
IG: @saudagarkopi

Coffee Right at Courts Megastore BSD Bumi Serpong Damai Tangerang

September 2nd, 2017. It’s always happy to visit a new coffee shop. So when I went to Coffee Right, I was very excited. It’s actually not really new, since they had their first outlet in Ruko Citra Gran Cibubur. But this second outlet was just opened a couple months ago.


The owner asked me how I found out about them. Well, a chef never told anybody about his secret recipe, right? LOL. So I just smiled politely hahahaha.. Actually, I don’t really remember how I found out about this place. *wink wink* The place was very humble with not too many tables in front of the facade. It’s really a hidden gem in the gigantic area of Q-Big Mal.

IMG_4258 IMG_4259 IMG_4261 IMG_4260 IMG_4271 IMG_4265 IMG_4264 IMG_4266 IMG_4262 IMG_4263

Ice Koffie Jadoel 20k

When I saw their menu, my eyes stopped at the words Koffie Jadoel. Then I said, “That one! Yes that one. I want that one.” LOL. So possessive. Hahaha. I wanted to order cake too, but I was too full. I don’t think my tummy would be ready for something heavier than coffee. Well, the coffee was good, but definitely too strong for me. I sipped a bit, and I could feel that it’s strong. And when I drank it home, it was definitely strong. I forgot to eat before, then I drank a full glass of it. I was trembling hahahaha.. But it tasted very addictive. Super cool koffie jadoel.

IMG_4272 IMG_4273 IMG_4274

Coffee Right
Courts Megastore BSD
Q-Big Mal Blok G-03
Jl BSD Raya Utama
BSD, Tangerang
Phone: +62 896 1132 6847
IG: @coffee.right

Native Coffee Tribe at Sautama Apartment Alam Sutera Tangerang

September 1st, 2017. Yaaaaay. Finally I could visit the second branch of Native Coffee Tribe at Alam Sutera. I heard the news about this one far before they opened for public. But, you know, it’s really far from my home. So, I need a little bit effort to visit Native.


Located in Saumata Apartment, it’s really a lovely one. Much bigger than the previous outlet in Pantai Indah Kapuk PIK. Still with those dreamcatchers hanging all around the place. Divided into 2 areas, smoking and non-smoking area. I gave my most love to the mural of a native girl on the wall at the back.

IMG_4064 IMG_4062 IMG_4063 IMG_4061 IMG_4060 IMG_4066IMG_4055IMG_4054IMG_4051IMG_4050IMG_4052IMG_4053IMG_4059IMG_4058IMG_4057IMG_4056

Lemon Iced Tea 35k

What a fresh lemon iced tea. It’s hubby’s order. He loved it so very much. Refreshing with a perfect sour taste.

IMG_4072 IMG_4073

Ice Latte 45k

I love the presentation. A beautiful glass. I wanna bring it home hahahaha.. I didn’t add sugar to this ice latte. The milk was already sweet with its own texture and flavour. So very refreshing to the hot day in Alam Sutera.

IMG_4070 IMG_4071

Cheesess Cheesecake Kyoto White 35k

Let the cherry blossom petals drape over the green moss and the cool breeze twirl. The Kyoto I know is traditional, tranquil and crisp in very subtle ways. The paper umbrella swirls as the geisha tiptoes on her cobblestone path. Our Kyoto Cheesecake reflects this city with its subtleness and the softness for that extra souffled texture.

I really loved the appearance of the cheesecake. Very beautiful with those mouthwatering berries. A slice of happiness. The texture was overwhelming. Well, it’s Cheesess. Of course, it’s one perfect cheesecake.

IMG_4067 IMG_4068

Great job Native. Definitely a keeper.

Native Coffee Tribe
Saumata Apartment
Jl. Alam Utama Kav. 12-16
Alam Sutera, Tangerang
IG: @nativecoffeetribe

Coarse & Fine Coffee at Ruko Renata Alam Sutera Tangerang

September 1st, 2017. I knew Coarse & Fine from a year ago. At that time they opened only 1 floor. The 2nd floor still under renovation. A friend of mine took me there. We had fun. And I still appreciate his good gesture until now. Well, it’s been a long time since I went to Serpong with friends. Nowadays, I go to Serpong with hubby. Thanks to him, I could still review coffee shop around Serpong even though it’s very far away from my home.


Everybody already enjoyed and took photos of the *new* 2nd floor, but I didn’t have the chance to visit the place, until last week. And I was very happy. The 2nd floor is very gorgeous. It’s like a spacious living room. We loved it so much. And at that moment, the floor was just for us hahaha.. Well, I’ll let the photos do the talk.

IMG_4026 IMG_4027 IMG_4028 IMG_4029 IMG_4031 IMG_4032 IMG_4033 IMG_4030 IMG_4034 IMG_4036 IMG_4037 IMG_4038 IMG_4039 IMG_4040 IMG_4045

Tamarind Soda 35k

It’s hubby’s order, but turned out I was the one who finish it hahahaha.. Too sour for hubby, I guess. I think he prefer the lemon drink 😀 Well maybe next visit. Yes, definitely have to visit the place every time I go to Alam Sutera.

IMG_4042 IMG_4047

Flat White 40k

Love the coffee. Light and had a very nice after taste. Well, I’m not a coffee expert. I just tasted my coffee like I captured my photos. With feelings. No intelligent theory hahaha.. If it made me feel good, it’s really good. Period.


Crispy Pork Belly Sambal Matah 68k

Fried tender pork belly served on rice with Balinese sambal matah.

When it came to my table, I looked at the crispy pork belly and thought, “Errr.. it looks very dry. Must be hard to chew. D*mn! It’s with sambal matah, I cannot give it to hubby. Aaaaaargh!!” Then, I tried one piece, and my heart melted. It’s crunchy and juicy and tender. Well, yes, it’s still spicy, but I couldn’t stop eat it hahaha. When one of the barista came to upstairs *yes, I was in level 2* he asked me if I wanted to drink some ice water, and I said yes right away. LOL. My hubby looked at me with sad face, “Please don’t force yourself to eat that spicy food.” I replied, “But it’s really GOOD!” He continued his blogging things and didn’t care about me anymore hahahahahaha. Super recommended.

IMG_4043 IMG_4044

Great job Coarse & Fine. See you soon.

Coarse & Fine Coffee
Ruko Renata Complex
Jl. Jalur Sutera Timur Blok 1B No. 15
Alam Sutera, Tangerang
Phone: +62 21 29779232
IG: @coarseandfine

Nove Coffee at Pluit Jakarta

August 31st, 2017. After visiting one coffee shop at Pluit area, I moved to another one. Nove Coffee. A petite one in front of CloudNation vape store.


I walked around 550 meters to this coffee shop from the previous one. I almost lost before I arrived to Nove hahaha. There’s a car parked in front of the sign, I almost missed it. LOL. They have smoking area in the facade. Then, when I came in, I met a friend of mine hahahahaha.. *waving to Marina* She was meeting her friend there. So I joined them. We had good talk. 🙂

IMG_3962 IMG_3961 IMG_3965 IMG_3963 IMG_3964 IMG_3967 IMG_3969 IMG_3971 IMG_3968 IMG_3970 IMG_3966 IMG_3972 IMG_3974 IMG_3975

Red Velvet Latte 35k

When I asked what should I order between red velvet latte or matcha latte, they told me to go for red velvet latte. So I ordered red velvet latte. Too bad, it’s not as delightful as I hoped. It’s too sweet and too watery. I think the barista was new. He said to me that it’s hard to make red velvet latte LOL.


Cold Brew 40k


Salted Eggyolk Croissant 27k

I hoped the salted eggyolk was melted. Good thing it tasted so nice. The texture of the croissant was crunchy and crumbly. But I had a foodtasting after this one, so I didn’t eat much.

IMG_3977 IMG_3979

Nove Coffee
Jl. Pluit Sakti No.16
Pluit, Jakarta
Phone: +62 818-187-500
IG: @novecoffee.id