[BALI] Radisson Bali Legian Camakila – Deluxe Poolside Room

January 18th, 2016. While Leo and I stayed at another hotel, the rest of #DailyFoodSeeker stayed at Radisson Bali Legian Camakila. We went to Radisson together, accompanying those who stayed there. Love their hospitality. The welcome drink was such a thirst-quenching on a hot day like that. I cannot review the room because I didn’t stayContinue reading “[BALI] Radisson Bali Legian Camakila – Deluxe Poolside Room”

[BALI] Padma Resort Legian – Lagoon Access Room – Part Two

January 19th, 2016. DAY TWO We walked down by the pool, heading to S.K.A.I. for breakfast. It was a lovely weather. But we had to hurry because it could change instantly. From lovely to hottie. Literally hottie! LOL. The pool itself was very beautiful. I was sorry that the night before I didn’t take my cameraContinue reading “[BALI] Padma Resort Legian – Lagoon Access Room – Part Two”

[BALI] Padma Resort Legian – Lagoon Access Room – Part One

January 18th, 2016. DAY ONE I stayed at Padma Resort Legian with Leo. When I came in to the hotel, it’s like love at the first sight. The lobby hotel was alluring. And the staffs there, greeted us with friendly gesture. I could say, I was in love at the moment. With the hotel of course. NotContinue reading “[BALI] Padma Resort Legian – Lagoon Access Room – Part One”

[BALI] Inaya Putri Bali Nusa Dua – Deluxe Pool Access Room – Part Two

January 17th, 2016. continuing the first part of our weekend getaway DAY TWO BREAKFAST TIME We’re having breakfast at Gading Restaurant. It’s really a hot day OMG. I wanna spend my day in my room with air conditioner or cold towel. Actually the restaurant is spacious with open air concept. So, yeah, for a hot day,Continue reading “[BALI] Inaya Putri Bali Nusa Dua – Deluxe Pool Access Room – Part Two”

[BALI] Inaya Putri Bali Nusa Dua – Deluxe Pool Access Room – Part One

January 16th, 2016. Months ago #DailyFoodSeeker (Leo, Fiona, Gaby, Darius minus Dandy) was planning to go to Bali. They asked me to join the trip. Well, at first, I was very doubtful, because I have another plan with my family and we haven’t decided when. But after my family vote for January 9th, I was free!!Continue reading “[BALI] Inaya Putri Bali Nusa Dua – Deluxe Pool Access Room – Part One”

MM Juice Cikajang Senopati Jakarta

January 12th, 2016. I went to MM Juice in Cikajang outlet with my niece, Vivi. It’s a nice place with a homey ambiance. I didn’t capture many pictures, sorry. We were too busy eating there LOL. Well, I guess, you need to go there and you will agree with me about homey ambiance. It’s so cozyContinue reading “MM Juice Cikajang Senopati Jakarta”

MeZZa Cafe, Bar & Lounge Aston Rasuna Kuningan Jakarta

January 11th, 2016. I went to MeZZa Cafe, Bar & Lounge. At first I thought I have to coming from the lobby, but my eyes caught something green and blue beside the lobby. It was the facade of MeZZa. Welcome. 🙂 MeZZa Cafe, Bar & Lounge is located just above the lobby and serves International andContinue reading “MeZZa Cafe, Bar & Lounge Aston Rasuna Kuningan Jakarta”

Ruci’s Joint Suryo Senopati Jakarta

January 3rd, 2016. Leo and I spent one lovely Sunday together. We were very tired after having great laughs and great talks. So, we were looking for some place cozy and comfortable. And we stranded at Ruci’s Joint. Located at Suryo street Senopati, Ruci’s Joint offers a place with several tenants. There’re Trim Eats, HealthContinue reading “Ruci’s Joint Suryo Senopati Jakarta”

Samwon House Setiabudi One Jakarta

January 7th, 2016. I went to Setiabudi One with my nephew. I was invited to a food tasting at SamWon House. We were so excited. It’s my first time there. I love Korean food but prefer the non-halal one. Hahahaha.. So that’s why I never went to SamWon House LOL. But, I guess they must beContinue reading “Samwon House Setiabudi One Jakarta”

Harlow Brasserie The H Tower Kuningan Jakarta

January 3rd, 2016. I heard about Harlow Brasserie but never had a chance to try the place. Then, one beautiful morning, I got a chance to try the place with Leo. Located in The H Tower, it turned out to be the place for breakfast for people that stay at Citadines. I love the place.Continue reading “Harlow Brasserie The H Tower Kuningan Jakarta”

Toska Juice & Coffee Ruko Sixth Avenue Citra Garden 6 Cengkareng Jakarta

December 27th, 2015. First destination in Ruko Sixth Avenue Citra Garden 6. Toska Juice & Coffee. Open 10am in the morning. I went there with Erik and Dedy. Leo waited for us around Airport Hub. Then, he showed the way. I was so nervous. It’s my first time. Hahahaha.. I guess everybody will say thatContinue reading “Toska Juice & Coffee Ruko Sixth Avenue Citra Garden 6 Cengkareng Jakarta”