[SINGAPORE] Kurasu Singapore at Odeon Towers Singapore

September 25th, 2017. I went to another coffee shop not far from the previous one. Kurasu. And it’s also recommended by Nicholas. Thank you @stormscape. 🙂 It’s not easy to find the place, but it’s not that hard. I just needed to concentrate with the road. Evidently, it’s inside Odeon Towers. Yaaaay, found it!


Occupied a small area on level 2 inside brand new co-working space DISTRICT6, Kurasu gave a lovely addition to the floor. It’s a petite coffee bar with beautiful lady inside the bar. Fyi, Kurasu means living or lifestyle. Cool name, right? It came from Kyoto to Singapore not long ago. You can find coffee table and several tables with sofas.

IMG_5765 IMG_5769 IMG_5768 IMG_5763 IMG_5767 IMG_5772 IMG_5770 IMG_5771 IMG_5777 IMG_5764 IMG_5773

Flat White $ 5.00

It’s quite heavy for me, but the texture was pretty smooth. I could taste a lil bit of nutty flavour. It’s only my second cup of coffee at the day, so I tried not to finish it instantly. LOL. Enjoyed it sip by sip.


What a nice place you have, Kurasu. Keep up the good coffee.

331 North Bridge Road
Odeon Towers #02-01
Singapore 188720
IG: @kurasusg

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