[EVENT] Brunch in the City SmithiesXOhlala Setiabudi One Jakarta

September 19th, 2015. I went to OH LA LA Cafe at Setiabudi One. It’s their newest outlet, I think. Well, I was invited by a friend of mine. I guess, it’s no big deal because I happened to stay at Setiabudi the night before. So, I agreed when he asked me to join the event.Continue reading “[EVENT] Brunch in the City SmithiesXOhlala Setiabudi One Jakarta”

[PHONE REVIEW] Samsung Galaxy J5: 4G LTE

Hi, it’s me again!!! *waving to you* LOL. So happy to write about my new SAMSUNG GALAXY J5. And yes, I’m still playing with it. As you can see, I was in love with their front flash camera and Super Amoled display. So, this is another feature from Samsung Galaxy J5 that I wanna share with you. It’s 4G LTE.Continue reading “[PHONE REVIEW] Samsung Galaxy J5: 4G LTE”

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh at Central Park Mall Jakarta

July 14th, 2015. July 25th, 2015. I went twice to Song Fa Bak Kut Teh. Different outlets. First, at Central Park Mall. Second, at Pantai Indah Kapuk. So, how should I do the review? Hmm..  Ok, I will show you the outlet at Pantai Indah Kapuk because it’s the first outlet. Then after that, outletContinue reading “Song Fa Bak Kut Teh at Central Park Mall Jakarta”

[PHONE REVIEW] Samsung Galaxy J5: Super Amoled Display

Remember my new  SAMSUNG GALAXY J5 that I got last month? I’m still playing with it. And now, after those lovely selfie that I showed you last week, I wanna share with you another cool thing about my new smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy J5 features a 5-inch Super Amoled display with a HD screen resolution ofContinue reading “[PHONE REVIEW] Samsung Galaxy J5: Super Amoled Display”

Trotoar Dharmawangsa Square Jakarta

May 24th, 2015. I went to a cafe at Dharmawangsa area with my hubby. And he said to me, “Hon, I heard that Dharmawangsa Square is quite nearby?” What? He never went to Dharmawangsa Square? LOL. I myself only went there once hahaha. Ok, I grabbed his hand and went straight to Dharmawangsa Square!! Walking around,Continue reading “Trotoar Dharmawangsa Square Jakarta”

White Elephant Kota Kasablanka Jakarta

February 14th, 2015. Well, it’s our 14th Valentine’s Day since we met December 2001. And we decided to spend a day at Kota Kasablanka, and the Valentine’s Dinner was celebrated at White Elephant which called themselves as Contemporary Thai Cuisine. A celebration of the finest Thai cuisine with a modern twist served in modern andContinue reading “White Elephant Kota Kasablanka Jakarta”

Brooklyn American Cakery by Pancious Group

ABOUT US: After more than 8 years in F&B Industry, Pancious group, the pioneer of pancake-based-restaurant chain in Indonesia is once again bringing a fresh new concept that will surely entice your palate in delightful ways. Introducing Brooklyn American Cakery, which basic premise is creating tasty and decadent products. Every cakeries are provided in 3Continue reading “Brooklyn American Cakery by Pancious Group”

[EVENT] Flavors of Chile Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta

September 1st, 2015. I was invited to a nice event at Grand Ballroom Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta for “Flavors of Chile.” It’s really an honour for me to be invited here. Chile, South America country, has a population of 18 million people. It has become one of the most important stakeholders in the food industryContinue reading “[EVENT] Flavors of Chile Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta”

[PHONE REVIEW] Samsung Galaxy J5: Built-In Front Flash Camera

I have always been in love with Samsung products, especially their smartphones. And so it comes as a nice surprise when I got the chance to try their new  SAMSUNG GALAXY J5. OMG! I was so happy. This smartphone has a beautiful design. They had 2 colors, black and white. And I got the whiteContinue reading “[PHONE REVIEW] Samsung Galaxy J5: Built-In Front Flash Camera”

Nutmeg Cuisine and Bar Kemang Jakarta

January 4th, 2015. I went to Nutmeg Cuisine and Bar with my best friends. They told me that the place was beautiful and the food was quite fantastic. So, I said to them, “Let’s go there!” Located at Ground Floor in Oktroi Plaza, Nutmeg looked so beautiful at night because of the lights. But IContinue reading “Nutmeg Cuisine and Bar Kemang Jakarta”