Upnormal Coffee Roaster at Wahid Hasyim Menteng Jakarta

August 16th, 2017. My hubby took leave from his work. So I asked him to keep me company to this new coffee roaster in Menteng area. Upnormal Coffee Roaster was born in Bandung. It’s a new member of Warunk Upnormal. And finally it opened in Jakarta.


Indonesia is a Tropical Paradise for different premium types of The World’s Best Coffee, with different characters and flavour. One of our best specialities is Aceh Gayo 100% Arabica as a Grade-A coffee that awarded as one of the best coffee in the world. Our Aceh Gayo coffee beans originally comes from Gayo Highland, Sumatra, Indonesia and has been awarded as Fair Trade Certified ™ From International Organization Fair Trade on May 27, 2010. The special taste combines the Strong Character with the Typical Taste of Aceh Land aroma, flavor, and viscosity that brings them to be awarded by The International Conference on Coffee Science as The Best Arabica coffee beans in the world. Upnormal Coffee Roaster dedicate to the natural and organic process for Indonesian coffee.

At first I thought it must be related to Warunk Upnormal. When I arrived there, I was very sure. LOL. The place was spacious. There’re board games. And I met one of the owner there hahahahaa.. So yeah, I was pretty sure.

IMG_3356 IMG_3357 IMG_3367 IMG_3358 IMG_3359 IMG_3360 IMG_3362 IMG_3363 IMG_3366 IMG_3361 IMG_3364 IMG_3365

Caffe Latte 23k

I forgot to tell the barista to make it less coffee, since they used Arabica. I only sipped once, and I knew right away that I didn’t like it. I had no idea why, it’s just not my type. I tried to sip it again, and still didn’t like it. Maybe it’s too acid for me. Well, I will give them a try next time. 🙂


Roti Butter Special Upnormal 18k

Two slices of butter bread. And it was very delicious. It’s indeed very sweet, but it’s really good. The texture was good. I thought it will be slices of bread with a simple spread of butter. Just like that. Turned out the butter was very generous. Recommended!

IMG_3369 IMG_3370 IMG_3371

Roti Nutella 18k

It’s just like any other nutella bread. Too bad I was very full, so I took it away and ate it at home. It’s generous nutella spread with still fluffy texture of the bread. If you like nutella, you should try this one too.

IMG_3372 IMG_3373 IMG_3374

Congratulations Upnormal for the opening.

Upnormal Coffee Roaster
Jl. KH Wahid Hasyim No. 79-81
Menteng, Jakarta
IG: @upnormalroaster

Say Something Coffee Kemang at Como Park Kemang Jakarta

August 18th, 2017. Say Something Coffee came to south of Jakarta! Woohoo! I never visit the first coffee shop in Taman Aries. That’s why when I heard that they will open in Kemang area, I was very happy hahaha.. Yippy! And today is their first day.


I came alone since my hubby cancelled to visit the place with me. Then, Aline told me that she had a free time this morning. So, we had a date this morning. Located in Como Park area, Say Something occupied the place with other tenants. When I came in, I found friendly smiles and welcoming gestures from the baristas. Lovely coffee shop with comfortable ambiance. I think I will be back again and again to this one. Too bad, Mr Izman, the owner, was in the middle of coffee event in Medan. See you next time, yes!

IMG_2232 IMG_3396 IMG_3399 IMG_3397 IMG_3400 IMG_3398 IMG_3404 IMG_3406 IMG_3407 IMG_3411 IMG_3409 IMG_3408 IMG_3401 IMG_3405

Cappuccino 30k


Latte 33k

I really loved their latte. I took a sip and my mind was blown away. It was a quite decent one with light body level. Perfect texture with delicious flavour, served in a beautiful cup. I knew right away that if Cindy came with me, she would say something like, “What a lovely cup. Can I have it?” LOL.


Brownies Chocolate Oreo 20k

Since they served savoury food at 9:30am, we only had one choice. The brownies. Lucky us, the brownies was not too sweet. It’s splendid with great texture and delicious flavour. The combination between chocolate and oreo was beyond compare. It’s not a kind of brownies that melt in your mouth or too chewy. It’s a kind of brownies that will melt in your heart. *giggling* Yes, it’s definitely melt in Aline’s heart.

IMG_3413 IMG_3414

Well, congratulations Say Something for the second branch. I will come to your first branch as soon as possible LOL. And definitely will be back again to this one.

Say Something Coffee Kemang
Como Park
Jl. Kemang Timur Raya No.998
IG: @saysomethingcoffee

1/15 One Fifteenth Coffee at Menteng Jakarta

August 14th, 2017. I saw from my timeline that 1/15 One Fifteenth Coffee will open another outlet in Menteng area. And when Natasha asked me to join her to visit the place on their second day, I was very excited. Funfact: she didn’t know that it was just opened at KAUM complex LOL *giggling*


I ordered online car from Grand Indonesia. I had foodtasting with Cindy there, but she couldn’t come with me to 1/15, she had to go home soon. So, waving goodbye to Cindy. Lucky me, there’s no traffic jam at the time. When I arrived, another luck, the table near windows was just available. I waited for Natasha before order anything. The place was just nice. Not too spacious, but very appropriate size with warm ambiance and friendly atmosphere. When you come in, you will find the coffee bar first, then you will see the open kitchen. Such a lovely situation.

IMG_3272 IMG_3273 IMG_3275 IMG_3281 IMG_3269 IMG_3270 IMG_3274 IMG_3271 IMG_3283 IMG_3284 IMG_3285 IMG_3286 IMG_3276 IMG_3277 IMG_3279 IMG_3268 IMG_3278 IMG_3280 IMG_3282

Long Black 31k

I love the logo!!! Super love!!! Errrr.. I didn’t try the coffee. Still do not have the courage to try long black hahaha..


Latte 35k

The texture was tooo light. I think that’s because I told them to make it less coffee. Too much water, I guess. But that’s fine, I will try again another time. Since it’s not far from my place, I imagine that I will be back soon.


Affogato 39k

Ice cream with coffee is always a good idea. Until now, I never tried affogato, but this time Natasha told me that it was good and it’s safe for me to try it. So I tried. And it’s really good.

IMG_3307 IMG_3309 IMG_3311

Kaya Toast 37k

It’s a different presentation from other kaya toast. The texture of the toast was amazing. Crispy but very tender. The kaya jam was too mild for me. But I really love the butter. Well, I always love butter hahaha..

IMG_3305 IMG_3306

Congratulations 1/15 Coffee. Hooraaaay!

One Fifteenth Coffee
Jl. Dr. Kusuma Atmaja No.79
Menteng, Jakarta
IG: @115coffee

HOURS: Coffee & More at Kelapa Gading Jakarta

August 12th, 2017. I got invitation to Mal Kelapa Gading that Saturday, so I asked hubby to keep me company. Before we went to the event, we visited a new place around the area. It’s HOURS: Coffee & More. I saw the place from my IG timeline. Some foodies were invited to their pre-opening event, I think. I knew Hans was there. 🙂


I love HOURS-CAR, in the parking lot in front of the place. Gorgeous. Also the lovely facade which you can see on my photos below. I loved the ambiance. It’s very homey and cozy. When I came in, I saw the coffee bar in front of me, then I saw around, and I found a very beautiful dining area. At the back area, they have VIP room and smoking room. Well, I don’t need to say anything about the place. You are very welcome to visit the place as soon as possible to enjoy the beauty of it.

IMG_2993 IMG_2994 IMG_2997 IMG_2998 IMG_2999 IMG_3000 IMG_3003 IMG_3002 IMG_3001 IMG_3004 IMG_3013 IMG_3005

Iced Lychee Tea 35k

My hubby loved the iced lychee tea. It’s not extremely sweet. Just a splendid taste of an iced lychee tea.


Picollo 35k

When I asked them which one less coffee from their white category, the server said : Picollo. So I ordered picollo. When it came to my table, I sipped it right away. It was a little bit richer with a hint of milky flavour. And yes, it’s the first time I ordered picollo. I used to order latte, because I cannot drink too much coffee. Hooray for my first cup of picollo hahaha..


Fried Chicken Wing 60k

Chicken Wing was a good dish when you didn’t wanna eat huge portion. That’s why we ordered this one. It’s delightful with the crispy skin and delicate juicy chicken. My hubby loved it so very much hahaha..

IMG_3006 IMG_3007

Fish and Chips 70k

Instead of steak, we ordered fish and chips. We still have room in our tummy, just enough for fish and chips. Not too much space hahaha.. Well-seasoned with palatable flavour. Subtle texture of the fish. Too bad the french fries weren’t delicious enough. Just okay. I think they can do better for the french fries.

IMG_3010 IMG_3011

Congratulations HOURS. I need to be back to your place, to ask why you named it HOURS. Keep up the good work!

HOURS: Coffee & More
Jl. Boulevard Bukit Gading Raya No.1
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 45858134
IG: @hours.jkt

Makna Coffee at Kuningan City Mall Jakarta

August 10th, 2017. I saw this first on my sister’s Instagram Story. I asked her about Makna Coffee. She said, it’s in Kuningan City near main lobby. She said, “I saw Keenan Pearce, the owner! But he’s inside.” Well, she couldn’t get him to take selfie with her.. LOL. And yes, the place belongs to Keenan Pearce and Ernanda Putra.


Well, the day after, I was having foodtasting at a cafe nearby Kuningan City with Aline and Cindy. Then I saw Hans’ message on my IG. He said that he wanted to go to Makna Coffee. So I asked Aline and Cindy to go there, since it’s only 5 minutes away from our foodtasting venue. While we waited for Hans, we took photos and ordered first. Evidently, it’s intended for coffee-to-go. They had tables outside the place, but only 3 tables. They had working space inside the place but turned out it’s for Makna Creative. It’s their office. It’s a very comfortable place, but too bad it’s not for customers.

IMG_2939 IMG_2938 IMG_2942 IMG_2929 IMG_2930 IMG_2941 IMG_2940 IMG_2944 IMG_2933 IMG_2934 IMG_2935 IMG_2936 IMG_2931 IMG_2937

Latte 20k

Something broke my heart at the time I sipped this latte. That’s why I couldn’t think anything else. The latte tasted bitter and sad. Like my feeling. Well, I think I have to go there again, find Keenan Pearce, take selfie with him, and be happy LOL.


Cappuccino 20k

Cindy said that the cappuccino was better than the latte. Well after I set my mind into a beautiful mind, I could try the cappuccino properly. And yes, I think it’s better than the latte.


Congratulations Makna Coffee for the opening. Will be back soon!

Makna Coffee
Kuningan City Mall
Ground Floor
Jl. Prof Dr Satrio
Kuningan, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 50101560
IG: @maknacoffee

Coffee Passion – COPAS at Ruko Elang Laut PIK Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

August 13th, 2017. I knew about Coffee Passion from one of my followers *waving to Penny* thank you for tagging me in your instagram story. Yes, anyone are welcome to tag me in your insto when you find a new place. I will be happy to visit the place.


Located at the road side of Pantai Indah Selatan, Coffee Passion looked just okay from the facade. There’s nothing special. It’s like any other coffee shops. The sign was big enough for you to see from across the street. But when I stepped inside, I was amazed by the beauty of it. And the serene ambiance from their playlist, love it! Funny thing, when I came in, I instantly took photos on my mind. I could imagine which corners I should captured.

IMG_3043 IMG_3044 IMG_3045 IMG_3046 IMG_3048 IMG_3050 IMG_3047 IMG_3049 IMG_3051 IMG_3053 IMG_3062

Lemonade 30k

My hubby’s order. It’s really good since I didn’t have to add sugar on it. It’s not too sour and not too sweet. Just a perfect lemonade. Such an eye-opener.


Cafe Latte 35k

The cowboy barista *yes he looked like a cowboy with the hat LOL reminded me of Chicco Jerikho in the original FilKop Movie* told me that for less coffee drink, I should order cafe latte. So I ordered the cafe latte. And it was delicious. It’s just perfect for my taste bud. Not too bitter, not too creamy. Delightful cup of latte in the morning.


Cold Brew Caramel 40k

I saw this one on their chiller. Then I tempted to order one. So I chose the caramel. It’s really good with the not-too-sweet flavour. I thought it will be super sweet. *dancing around the coffee shop* Well, I couldn’t finish it since I still have to go to other places. Yes, places. Still 2 or 3 more to go. *will be a tiring day*

IMG_3065 IMG_3067 IMG_3070 IMG_3072

Brownies Cheese 25k

Super in love with the brownies cheese cake. I ate it with silly way. Took a bite of the brownies, and in a jiffy slurrrrrp the latte. Then chew the brownies with the latte in my mouth hahahhahahaha.. Do not imagine that! Just do it! LOL. It’s super geeeewd! Trust me.


Anyway, congratulations Coffee Passion for the opening. Yup, it’s just their 2nd day opening today. Hurry up. Pack the place with your groups and enjoy the coffee.

Coffee Passion – COPAS
Ruko Elang Laut Boulevard Blok D 12 A
Jl. Pantai Indah Selatan 1
PIK, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 29866471
IG: @coffee_passion17