Sajiva Coffee Company at Kota Kasablanka Tebet Jakarta

February 27th, 2018. It’s actually their second branch, after Sajiva Coffee & Ceramics opened in Tangerang. I’ve never been there, since it’s too far from my place. So, when they opened Sajiva Coffee Company at Kota Kasablanka, I was very happy. Finally I can try their coffee. Yaaaaay. The place is very spacious. And beautiful.Continue reading “Sajiva Coffee Company at Kota Kasablanka Tebet Jakarta”

MAMAIN – Eat & Play at Gunawarman Senopati Jakarta

February 26th, 2018. After an event at Gunawarman area, before I went home, I took some time to visit MAMAIN – Eat & Play. I saw some foodies went there on some invitation. That’s why I know that they served food and drinks, beside being a kid-friendly cafe with an indoor playground. Their motto is:Continue reading “MAMAIN – Eat & Play at Gunawarman Senopati Jakarta”

Mudahnya Bikin Visa Turis ke Jepang – Multiple Entry

Setelah bertahun-tahun hanya bermimpi pergi ke Jepang, akhirnya pertengahan awal bulan Januari, gw and hubby beli tiket juga. Iya ke Jepang. Bukan. Bukan tiket ke Singapore. Kaga nyambung atuh mimpi sama kenyataannya. Hahaha.. Awalnya pas cari-cari tiket ya degdeg-an banget sih. Mahal gak ya? Tapi ya kalo mo dipikirin mahal atau nggaknya, kaga pergi pergiContinue reading “Mudahnya Bikin Visa Turis ke Jepang – Multiple Entry”

[HOTEL] Ibis Jakarta Tamarin – Standard 1 Double Bed

February 23rd, 2018 – February 25th, 2018. An international economic hotel in the heart of Jakarta, Ibis Jakarta Tamarin is ideal for business trip to Sudirman-Thamrin CBD and city breaks experience. Walk distance to lively area of night culinary at Sabang Street and to Jakarta Car Free Day on Sunday. 2km to Monas – theContinue reading “[HOTEL] Ibis Jakarta Tamarin – Standard 1 Double Bed”

Legend of Steak by Meaters at Gading Serpong Tangerang

March 18th, 2018. Opened February 13th, 2018, Legend of Steak by Meaters occupied a nice area in Gading Serpong. I was invited to come, but I couldn’t come. So, when I had a chance to stay at Serpong area, I asked Aline and Cindy to visit the place. When I came inside, I felt aContinue reading “Legend of Steak by Meaters at Gading Serpong Tangerang”

Sushi Matsu at Wahid Hasyim Menteng Jakarta

February 23rd, 2018. I heard that Sushi Matsu holding a foodtasting event for foodies and bloggers. Then, not long after that, their photos scattered on Instagram. Of course, I was very curious about the taste. Then, that lovely day, I asked my sister to keep me company to visit the place. Located on the facadeContinue reading “Sushi Matsu at Wahid Hasyim Menteng Jakarta”

[MOVIE] Kenapa Harus Bule? – Kisah Pencarian Suami Bule *spoiler alert*

22 Maret 2018, Kenapa Harus Bule? tayang di bioskop Jakarta. Sedihnya, gw gak tau sama sekali ada film ini. Padahal sutradaranya, Andri Cung, favorit gw banget. Kenapa? Karena Andri itu satu-satunya sutradara yang bisa dibilang udah jadi temen hehehe. Tapi berhubung gw udah gak berkutat di dunia film lagi *emangnya dulu pernah???* jadilah gw kurangContinue reading “[MOVIE] Kenapa Harus Bule? – Kisah Pencarian Suami Bule *spoiler alert*”

HONU Central at H. Agus Salim Menteng Jakarta

February 23rd, 2018. I was very happy when I saw that HONU Central opened in Menteng area. Yaaaay. I don’t have to go to Kemang if I wanna eat poke bowls. Actually I accidentally saw HONU when I passed by the area a week before. That’s why I planned a day to visit the place.Continue reading “HONU Central at H. Agus Salim Menteng Jakarta”

Kalakopi at KH Wahid Hasyim Menteng Jakarta

February 23rd, 2018. Around May 2017, I planned to visit Kalakopi. Too bad I didn’t find the place. And at that time, our car got a hit and run from another car. *sobbing* So, we went home straight after the accident. After that I didn’t have time to visit the place until then. I orderedContinue reading “Kalakopi at KH Wahid Hasyim Menteng Jakarta”

Cana Coffee at The East Mega Kuningan Jakarta

February 21st, 2018. As usual, when there’s new coffee shop, I wanted to visit the place as soon as possible. So, when Cana Coffee opened at The East Mega Kuningan, I took some time to visit the outlet by myself. Actually, I had a date with Aline at the day. So, before meeting Aline, IContinue reading “Cana Coffee at The East Mega Kuningan Jakarta”

Kopi Noni at Karet Kuningan Jakarta

February 20th, 2018. Another coffee shop opened nearby my place. Kopi Noni. It’s a small place with limited seats. Located near Shell gas station. If you go to ITC Kuningan from Gado-Gado Boplo, you will see it at the left side of the road. That morning, we went to Ancol for sowing flowers for Dad.Continue reading “Kopi Noni at Karet Kuningan Jakarta”

Farmer’s Bowl at Ciranjang Senopati Jakarta

February 6th, 2018. I got invitation from Farmer’s Bowl for their grand opening, but too bad I had another event. Actually nowadays I avoided event gathering with too many foodies. I prefer private event. All by myself, or with my inner circle. Just before their grand opening, I went to Farmer’s Bowl all by myself, butContinue reading “Farmer’s Bowl at Ciranjang Senopati Jakarta”