Beau HQ by Talita Setyadi Cikajang Senopati Jakarta

October 9th, 2016. I heard about Talita’s project some time ago. Talita is a very humble chef. It’s really an honour for me to know her. She really put her ideas into bakery. This one is her 3rd outlet. The 1st one opened in Plaza Indonesia. The 2nd one was in Central Department Store, Grand Indonesia. And now she opened in Cikajang area. Beau HQ by Talita Setyadi.


Upon her return to Jakarta after years abroad, driven by a vision of beautifully crafted bread and pastries, Talita Setyadi dreamt up her ideal bakery. It was an artisanal bakery that respected techniques, ingredients and their customers. An honest pâtisserie that takes pride in their offerings and uses quality ingredients to bring products to their best potential. A professional kitchen that cultivates local, hungry talents that can stand up to overseas competition. Bread and pastries that bring insight and happiness to the masses. A creative outlet where she can share her love of baking. Her blog “Talita’s Kitchen” is a testament to her passion and talents in creating original cakes and desserts. It later earned her a feature in the prestigious Spanish haute pâtisserie magazine “so good…” amongst the world’s best. Currently based in Jakarta, she featured as a guest chef and judge in RCTI’s Junior MasterChef Indonesia, sharing her love of fine pastry with the Indonesian public.

A different ambiance from the previous outlets. It’s very comfortable. I went there twice. The first time I was there, I sat inside. Too bad, the bugs were inside too. I think because it’s a hot day. When I was there for the second time, it’s raining, so even though I sat outside, no bugs came near me. By the way, you can see my photos below so you can imagine about the place if you haven’t been there. It’s bigger than the previous outlets. It has spacious brunch place, indoor and outdoor. Flowers and leaves everywhere. Bread and pastry, also. Hahaha.. They also have live kitchen. So, it’s really fun in there.

SAM_6011 SAM_6013 SAM_6012 IMG_8112 IMG_8111 IMG_8113 IMG_8115 IMG_8116 SAM_6008 IMG_8131 IMG_8117 IMG_8118

I love the aroma of freshly-baked bread in the morning. Smell so good I wanna dip myself in the bread. I wish I have my own bakery to smell the aroma every single minute. Too bad, I don’t have the passion to make my own bread. Another life maybe? LOL. I really feel at home with their ambiance and surroundings. That’s why every morning, I wish I woke up there. *big grin*

IMG_8124 IMG_8114 IMG_8121 IMG_8120 IMG_8127

Cappuccino 35k

It’s quite light. Not too strong. Just perfect for me. They used Common Grounds beans, fyi.


Royal Breakfast 30k

English Breakfast Tea

My kind of tea. No other caption needed.


Iced Chocolate 40k

Valrhona dark couverture chocolate for the iced chocolate. It has a characteristic, fresh, slightly acid chocolate taste. A good beverage to start your day. Especially hot days.


Smørrebrød 1 for 40k 3 for 100k

Beef Pastrami

Remoulade, cornichons, caramelized onion, poached egg, crispy shallots

So sad. No runny poached egg in front of me. Taste just fine. Not a surprise. I hope it will be better than my expectation. Well, the combination of the beef pastrami, caramelized onion, poached egg and crispy shallots were just fine. No addicting sensation, I guess.

Rémoulade is a condiment invented in France that is usually aioli- or mayonnaise-based. Although similar to tartar sauce, it is often more yellowish, sometimes flavored with curry, and sometimes contains chopped pickles or piccalilli.

Cornichons (pronounced “KOR-nee-shons”) are small pickled gherkins, which are a variety of cucumber. Cornichons are a traditionally served as a condiment with a number of classical French dishes like pâté. Cornichons have a tart, mildly sweet flavor, and they are used for both flavoring and as a garnish.


Gravad Laks

Smoked salmon, dill, yoghurt, beet, radish, microgreens

Forgive my photo. It’s not as beautiful as the real one. It’s quite foggy outside, so my camera caught a not-very-clear  photo. And I was too eager to eat it. It was delicious! This one definitely my favourite. As I wrote about this one, I was drooling. The smoked salmon was perfectly smokey. Definitely a keeper!


Croque Madame 89k

Ham, Gruyère, bechamel and fried egg. Served with mesclun salad on the side

Not a very good presentation, I guess. I didn’t find myself “drooling” by the appearance. It’s too plain, looks unattractive. I hope I can see the ham more alluring with melted chesse in a mess.


Croissant Pur Beurre 20k

100% butter croissants


Chocolate-injected-bicolour Croissant 40k

Fileld with rich 70% single origin St Dominique couverture dark chocolate ganache

Melt-in-your-mouth! It’s been some time that I had a delicious chocolate croissant. Smell good with amazing texture. I love their croissant’s texture. What’s better than a flaky croissant? Light, crispy and delightful.

IMG_8126 IMG_8144

Bombos® 29k

Italian doughnuts made of light brioche dough with lemon zest and vanilla bean. Hand shaped, proofed and fried in small batches with coconut oil, they are filled with pastry cream and other various seasonal fillings. These include banana caramel, matcha cheesecake, pandan kaya and salted caramel. The resulting products are all natural, not so sweet gourmet doughnuts with a BEAU twist.

Humble look with overblown taste. It’s actually one of addicting pastry for me. Order one more, please!! LOL. They fill it with generous cream. Soft and fantastic texture. Definitely recommended!


Mont Violet 50k

Made with real purple sweet potatoes.

I love the presentation. It looks cute. But sweet potato is my least favourite. I just love the colour. Purple was my favourite color some time ago. When I tried this one, I didn’t have any expectation. Maybe it’s different from other people. I guess some people compared it to Mont Blanc. But for me, the cake was moist and not overly sweet.

IMG_8125 IMG_8143

Congratulations Beau HQ and Talita Setyadi. Cannot wait for your next project.


Beau HQ by Talita Setyadi
Jl. Cikajang no 29
Senopati, Jakarta
IG: @beaujkt

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