Hurricane’s Grill Noble House Mega Kuningan Jakarta

October 7th, 2016. Congratulations Hurricane’s Grill for opening 2nd outlet. Woohoo! It’s a very good news, because it’s closer to my home. Well, it’s not like I will go there everyday, though. LOL. I went there with fellow foodies.


Hurricane’s Grill presents its latest concept, Hurricane’s Burger Bar at its second establishment in Noble House, Lingkar Mega Kuningan. Within the casual yet cozy atmosphere, guests are seduced with a range of handcrafted gourmet burgers. The place is very comfortable and more friendly than the first one. By the way, they served us so many burgers. I presents to you my simple review about those burgers. Hope you like it.

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Appreciating the fast moving business people in the CBD area, Hurricane’s Burger Bar comes to answer the craving for good “Comfort Food.” Bringing not only picture perfect looking burgers, but also high quality handmade and tasty burgers. Guests are welcomed to enjoy the servings in heart-warming and homey surrounding, a quick ease in and out from the midst of daily business. Using only specially made beef patty and fresh ingredients, our burgers have both high quality and authenticity.


Every patty is handcrafted made of the very same meat used for the steaks: highest quality, air-flown straight from Australia and never-been frozen grass-fed beef. Every sauce is homecooked, ensuring the same taste and wow-factor in every bite. Every single burger is made by order, giving you only the best meal each and every time.

I love their foie gras in The Sore Pocket Burger, and also the sausages in The Heart Attack. The others were delicious also with their own speciality.

Classic Burger 95k

100% pure beef patty topped with melted cheese on a bed of fresh salad garnish drizzled with creamy mayonnaise. A heartwarming choice for every hungry tummy.


The Heart Attack 165k

The big Aussie breakfast in a bun: juicy beef patty, sizzling bacon, sausages, topped with sunny side up with fresh salad garnish.


The Sore Pocket Burger 555k

The feast. 120gr of mouth watering beef wagyu patty, complimented with foie gras, grated truffles and sunny side up on a bed of fresh salad garnish.


Double Cheese 135k

What can ever go wrong with extra cheese? Our Classic Burger with even more cheese and aioli, served on fresh bed of lettuce and tomato.


The Challenger 165k

Get the best of both world. Hurricane’s pure beef patty on top of 150gr deep-fried breaded chicken fillet with melted cheese, homecoked thousand island and caramelised onion.


Southern Fried Chicken Mess 105k

Crispy deep-fried breaded chicken fillet topped with runny egg and smokey chipotle mayo. Crunchy and delicious from the first to the very last bite!


Double Decker 165k

The bomb! TWO of our hand crafted beef patties topped with melted cheese, smothered with homecooked thousand island and onion marmalade.


Chicken Almighty 95k

Your healthier choice. Lean grilled chicken breast with fresh avocado, bacon, sunny side up, and homecooked aioli on a bed of lettuce and tomato.


Classic Hotdog 95k

Relive the joy of childhood with Hurricane’s special smoked beef sausage, braised with caramelised onion, tomato sauce and mustard on warm soft bread roll.


Chili Dog 105k

Our classic hotdog topped with spicy chili con carne and chili sauce, topped with melted cheese. Surely a burst of flavour.


Thank you and congratulations Hurricane’s Grill.

Hurricane’s Grill
Noble House GF #2
Lingkar Mega Kuningan Kav. 4.2 No. 2
Phone: 021-50101799
IG: @hurricanesgrillid