[BANDUNG] Mimiti Coffee and Space at Sukajadi Bandung

October 14th, 2016. It’s been weeks since everybody talked about this place. I was very curious about it. So, after I had lunch with hubby, I asked him to keep me company there. And yaaaaaay he said yes. We parked our car at our previous lunch date, and walked to the coffee shop. Mimiti. I walkedContinue reading “[BANDUNG] Mimiti Coffee and Space at Sukajadi Bandung”

[BANDUNG] Porto World Culinary Adventure Setiabudhi Bandung

October 14th, 2016. It was 1.30pm. We were so hungry, and then I remember, my friend told me about this place to eat. Since we were in Rumah Mode, I asked my friend whether the place near or far from Rumah Mode, and he said it’s not far. So we went there to have lunchContinue reading “[BANDUNG] Porto World Culinary Adventure Setiabudhi Bandung”