Escape Coffee Dharmawangsa Jakarta

October 12th, 2016. I have a lunch meeting in Dharmawangsa area. But, as usual, I need to go early to avoid congestion. So I searched google maps to find a place nearby to sit by myself before I go to my lunch destination. I went around and around and around and voila! Escape Coffee. LocatedContinue reading “Escape Coffee Dharmawangsa Jakarta”

Gyoza Bar Tribeca Central Park Mall Jakarta

October 9th, 2016. It’s always happy to hear about new place. I knew that they will be a new restaurant in Central Park Mall. I kinda waited for them to inform me about the opening. One day, I got their email. Yaaaay, finally. And funny thing, Darius at the same time told me about thisContinue reading “Gyoza Bar Tribeca Central Park Mall Jakarta”