Hatchi at Pondok Indah Plaza 2 Jakarta

November 2nd, 2016. I had lunch with my bestie, Hans from @eatandtreats at the newly opened restaurant and bar that focuses on Asian cuisines; providing noodle bar, fusion tapas, sake, & cocktails. They serve varieties of noodles, rice bowl dishes, and Asian tapas as their main products of food. They also serve vast selections of Asian beers, liquors, and whiskey. Hatchi.


Located at Pondok Indah Plaza 2, Hatchi is easy to find. It’s not far from the road, and the building is quite eye-catching with industrial looks. They have indoor and outdoor area. The indoor is not very big but comfortable enough to have lunch with your best friends. Nice Japanese ambiance all around the place. They have open kitchen so we can see their activities. Dim lightings and black marble tables made the environment feels so homey. The outdoor area is small too but they have this stone tables, which made my heart soaring, because it’s a good news for my photos hahaha.. Always happy to see beautiful tables. 🙂

IMG_9295 IMG_9296 IMG_9316 IMG_9292 IMG_9291 IMG_9289 IMG_9290 IMG_9293 IMG_9288 IMG_9297


MYO (Make Your Own)

We’re giving you the freedom to choose and create your own preference of noodle dish just by following these 4 simple steps. A fun fact? There will be up to 72 possibilities out of this section.

Choose your noodle: Ramen 9k or Lamian 9k? We choose ramen.
Choose your broth: Umami 15k or Tonkotsu 20k? We choose tonkotsu.
Choose your protein: Chicken 15k or Beef 25k or Pork 20k? We choose pork.
Choose your condiments: Corn 6k or Mushroom 6k or Tamago 6k or Nori 6k or Tofu 6k or Cheese 8k? We choose mushroom, tamago and nori.

Voila! Love the combination. The texture of the ramen was perfect for my palate. Though for Hans, it’s too gooey. But, I loved it hahaha. And it’s so tasty, I finished it instead of just tasting it. Rich tonkotsu mixed with tender and juicy pork, served in a bowl with chopstick holder hole. Even the bowl was beautiful!!


Salted Egg Hokkian 60k

Sous-vide Chicken Leg, Goma, Scallion and Salted Egg Cream.

It’s delicious, although we couldn’t taste the salted egg. But Hans really liked it. It’s his favourite, I guess. Well, they should change the name or they could add the salted egg cream a little bit more. LOL. They were very generous with the chicken leg. It’s big and plentiful. 🙂

IMG_9311 IMG_9313


As Asia’s No. 1 source of carbs, it’s been in our culture for as long as we know, inspiring us that the most practical and delightful was is bey serving it in our bowl topped with our favourite proteins and vegetables.

Roa Bowl 65k

Fried Rice, Salmon Tataki, Tuna Tataki, Scallion and House-Made Sambal Roa.

I only ate a spoonfull. Sorry. Too spicy. It’s so tasty but again, too spicy!!! Hans told me about it, and I still tried it. And yes, it burned my tongue. No more. Sorry.

IMG_9307 IMG_9308


Originally started decades ago in a small plate to share with a drink or two. It inspired us to make a section of light bites to be paired with our sake and cocktails.


House-made Pan-fried Dumplings
Cheese 49k / Chicken 39k / Beef 50k / Pork 45k / Mixed 75k

I chose the Mixed Gyoza. Hans just agreed with me. I think he didn’t really hear me, he just nodded hahaha.. I love all the gyoza. The cheese, the chicken, the beef, the pork. All of them. The texture of the dumpling was brilliant. Moist and crispy.


Roupi 35k

Deep-fried Pork Skin

Very crispy. Perfect texture. Too bad. Yes, I said too bad. When we put the pork skin in our mouth *our own mouth, not each other!! hahahaha* we tasted nothing. It’s just crispy and that’s it. We told the server and he asked the kitchen. After he came back, he told us that we have to dip in the sauce before eat the pork skin. Actually, I prefer to eat the pork skin as a snack. Not to bother about dipping it in some kind of sauce. We told him about it, and he said thank you for our concerns. 🙂



Inspired from the Chinese culture, taking it as one of their daily meal. Here we offer a selection of our house-made steamed bunds filled with your preference of protein and condiments.

Gyutan 55k

Grilled sous-vide cow tongue, pickled red radish, lettuce, apple, hoisin and goma mayo

I wanted to try another meat. So, instead of pork, I asked for gyutan. The bao was okay, the gyutan was delicious, I just didn’t like the sauce. It’s too weird for me LOL. I cannot describe the taste. It’s just weird for my palate. *sorry Chef*

Hoisin sauce is a thick, pungent sauce commonly used in Chinese cuisine as a glaze for meat, an addition to stir fries, or as dipping sauce. It is darkly colored in appearance and sweet and salty in taste. 



End your meal with sweetness to leave with a cleansed palate and a happy soul.

Matcha Tiramisu 45k

OMG! This was one of the best desserts! The matcha was sweet, and the tiramisu’s flavour was very strong. Soft and fluffy texture. Oh my, I’m in love with this matcha tiramisu. And they said to me, it’s their best seller. They always ran out of it. Everybody loves it.


Ketan Nutella Smores 35k

I prefer more nutella flavour in this dessert. The smores were sweet and deliciously chewy. I didn’t really like the sticky rice. So, it’s not my favourite. I still craving for the Matcha Tiramisu. LOL.


Thank you Hatchi for the food and the friendly gestures from your staffs. Now I know where to go for delicious Japanese food around Pondok Indah area. Congratulations and good luck Hatchi!!

Pondok Indah Plaza 2 Blok BA/27
Pondok Indah
IG: @hatchijakarta