Koba Korean BBQ at Living World Alam Sutera Tangerang

November 2nd, 2016. This was the second time I went to Living World. The first time, I went at night. Just hung out with friends at one coffee shop there. And went home. So this time I went to Living World to try new restaurant that just opened only for one week. Hans from @eatandtreats asked me to keep him a company. So yeah, I joined him to the place. Koba.


Koba is Korean style BBQ. It’s good to have another Korean restaurant. And I loved it because they make the price more affordable than any other Korean restaurant. Still with great quality of meat and amazing menus. The place is quite big with comfortable sofas and seats. I went at night and I still caught a comfortable ambiance. I wonder if it’s noon. Maybe it will be cozier. The mascot is so cute. A chubby guy crying and flying at the same time to catch food. LOL.

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Let’s get to the menus. 🙂


Banchan and Salad

Banchan (Hangul: 반찬; hanja: 飯饌; English pronunciation: /ˈbɑːntʃɑːn/; also spelled panch’an) refers to small dishes of food served along with cooked rice in Korean cuisine. This word is used both in the singular and plural. The word Banchan translated into English means side dish.

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Before I introduce to you the menus, let me show you how to eat the beef. First, put the charcoal. Then after that, pour the egg and cheese around the grilling pan. After that, you can grill the beef, pick it with your chopstick, roll it around the cheese, and enjoy it while it’s still hot.

IMG_9357 IMG_9362 IMG_9363 IMG_9364 IMG_9366


Woo Samgyup 120gr 99k

Thin Sliced Beef Brisket dressed with KOBA’s special sauce

The tender beef slices melt in your mouth OMG. It’s well-seasoned and very flavourful. And it’s only 99k. Can you imagine? It’s so cheap for this kind of quality.


Yangnyeom Galbi 200gr (2pcs/serving) 169k

Prime cut and very tender beef ribs marinated in house special sauce

Galbi never failed to impress. And this Yangnyeom Galbi was very delicious. Yang-Nyeom” (양념) means “sauce.” So it means ribs that marinated in sauce. It’s very simple but the result was fantastic. Tender and juicy with appetizing flavour.


Chaekkeut 120gr 119k

Square cut US striploin

I think it’s better than any other striploin that I have tried before.

The striploin comes from the short loin, which is part of the cow’s back. The striploin should have a lovely rim of fat that provides a lot of flavour and texture.


Daepae Woo Seol 120gr 119k

Prime Beef Tongue

When I was a kid, Mom used to cook pork tongue. And I was like, “Eeeeew.. tongue!!!” But when I got the courage to try the tongue, hmmm.. it’s addicting. LOL. And now I love tongue. This prime beef tongue was one of my favourite here. It’s much fattier and milder from any other common cuts, with tender and fluffy texture.



Tofu Jigae 49k

Spicy korean stew with kimchi, tofu and variety of vegetables

It’s a hot, spicy, filling, comforting, delicious, soft tofu stew. All-in-one meal with a rich and flavorful broth, vegetables and kimchi and tofu inside. While it looked ridiculously spicy, I forced myself to try it and I found it manageable. Addicting!


Yuk Gae Jang 59k

A Spicy Soup Made from Shredded Beef with Scallions, bean sprout and glass noodles



Koba Dancing Rice 39k

Traditional Korean Mix Rice served in authentic Korean lunch Box

“Shake it! Shake it! Shake it!” Yes, you should shake the lunch box. That’s how you eat this dancing rice. You and the rice. Do the dancing. Together. Ulalaaaaa. Tasted wonderful.



Jap Chae 64k

Stir fried beef and vegetables with glass noodles

A common dish in Korean restaurant. It was okay. Not really special, for me. I guess they can do better.


KOBA Dancing Beef 79k

Stir Fry Beef with grilled kimchi and vegetables in a sweet spicy sauce

Not my favourite. It’s too much herbs, for me.



Tenderloin Cut

Deliciously textured and simply flavoured. It’s dabomb!!! All my reviews above about those beef are no longer exist. Hahahahaha. This is the best!!! As you can see the marble. OMG! *gulping* I hope we could ask for one more portion. *sigh*



Olenji Oba Tea and Olenji Corn Tea

Thirst-quenching. Love the flavour. Hope I write the name correct. Cannot find it in the menu. Hahaha..



Thai Tea Ice Cream and Ferrero Chocolate Ice Cream

It’s always good to finish your dinner with dessert. And thank goodness I didn’t reject their offer to close my dinner with their ice creams. The Thai Tea Ice Cream was delish. And the Ferrero Chocolate Ice Cream was super duper delicious. Rich in texture and flavour. Definitely one of the best ice creams!


Thank you Koba for the treats. Hope to see you around in Jakarta area.

Koba Korean BBQ
Living World
Ground Floor Unit 73
Alam Sutera
IG: @koba.id