Crematology Coffee Roasters X Cipete Jakarta

November 2nd, 2016. Before I went to a foodtasting, I had a date with my lovely gal, Aline from @alinech. I browsed maps on the night before. Tried to find a new place nearby my destination. And we chose a new coffee shop in Cipete area. Crematology Coffee Roasters.


It’s not as big as Puri outlet, but quite similar with the Senopati outlet. I arrived right on time, just before Aline arrived with her mom. “Hai Auntie! Long time no see!!” hugs hugs hugs. Funny thing, there’s a lot of moms. I think there are schools near the place so the moms killed their times there. Well, when I went to Senopati outlet or Puri outlet, there’s a lot of teenagers or office workers. So, it’s quite unique to find moms there. Hahahaha. Cool moms!!!

IMG_9272 IMG_9269 IMG_9270 IMG_9267 IMG_9271 IMG_9276 IMG_9274 IMG_9275

Affogato 39k


Ice Lychee Tea 40k


Fudge Brownie 30k

Always my favourite. Crumbly brownie with perfect texture and flavourful. When I went to Crematology, I never forgot to order this one, unless I was so hungry that I ordered a savoury dish instead of this sweet brownie.


Oreo Cream Cheese Waffle 58k

Vanilla Ice Cream and a scoop of Cheesecake batter topped with Oreo Crumbles

The texture of the waffle at Crematology was perfect for my palate. And it’s always fun to eat their waffle. But this time, Aline told me that, for this waffle, the toppings were only like garnish. She hoped it will be as delicious as the one she ordered some time ago at the Senopati outlet. But the waffle’s texture was still out-of-this-world.


Carbonara Pasta 80k

Cheese, Smoked Beef and Egg Yolk

As for the pasta, I loved the texture of the spaghetti. Thumbs up for the texture. But for the taste, I prefer the one that I ordered a long time ago at Senopati outlet. I hope they will make the flavour richer than this one. Please!!

IMG_9283 IMG_9284 IMG_9287

Congratulations for the grand opening, though. Hope I can experience a better lunch next time I stop by the place.

Crematology Coffee Roasters
Jl. Cipete Raya 9 No. 1
Fatmawati, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 272656882
IG: @crematology