Holy Smokes and The Holy Crab PIK Avenue Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

September 28th, 2016. After recently opened its 2nd outlet in mid June at Flavor Bliss, Holy Smokes opened a new outlet at PIK Avenue. I guess people who lives around Pantai Indah Kapuk will be very happy. It’s really good to have a closer place to eat the most favourite Texas Style Slow Smoked BBQ.


Located on first floor at PIK Avenue, it’s actually somehow secluded in the back part of the block. But, they had these people in front of the area that announce about the place. So, don’t worry. You will find it easily. The interior of this outlet is similar to the previous outlets, which is industrial style with wood and iron elements. And, no need to hesitate about the menu and the quality of the food. They served best menus From the Pit and From the Grill for meat lovers! LOL.

SAM_5951 SAM_5948 IMG_7771 IMG_7772

From the Pit: Smoky Wagyu Brisket

The Wagyu beef brisket smeared with a special Rub creation of Chef Albert Wijaya. It is the result of a perfect combination of 8 ingredients before smoked by the method of low ‘n slow for 14 hours. They called it low and slow because it smoked in a very low temperature and a very long time (14 hours). It smoked by using fruitwood in a special Smoker Machine which can accommodate 250 kg of meat in a smokehouse. Smoker Machine has the ability to keep up the wood burning process and the maximum temperature remained stable for 14 hours.

And the result? Super duper Juicy! It made me drooling, looking at the grease. OMG! And the wagyu was awesomely tender. The smoky aroma wasn’t too strong. It’s just being a perfect smoky wagyu. I brought some of the meat home, and it still juicy and tender at night. Superb. Sooooo recommended!

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On the same day, The Holy Crab opened their third outlet at PIK Avenue, after their Gunawarman outlet and Seminyak (Bali) outlet. With this PIK Avenue’s outlet, people who lived around North Jakarta can enjoy Louisiana seafood at The Holy Crab closer to their home. No need to go to South Jakarta or even to Bali. LOL.

Different from other outlets that generally located in the building instead of the mall (stand alone), The Holy Crab PIK Avenue is located in a mall. With a seat capacity of 100 people, the interior of this The Holy Crab is dominated by wood and zinc elements with brown, red and blue colors.

Before you start eating, the table will first be covered with a placemat and people should wear a bib to prevent splashing food. LOL. Pour the seafood onto the placemat and we can enjoy our favorite seafood without using cutlery. Just use your hands. It’s so fun! My favourite were the Shrimp, the Clams and the Mud Crab with Original Cajun Sauce (mild level). The best!

SAM_5947 SAM_5950 IMG_7780 IMG_7777 IMG_7778 IMG_7779 IMG_7775 IMG_7770 IMG_7781 IMG_7769

Congratulations Holy Smokes and The Holy Crab for the opening at PIK Avenue. Cannot wait for the next outlets.

Holy Smokes – The Holy Crab
PIK Avenue 1st floor
Pantai Indah Kapuk
IG: @holysmokesid
IG: @theholycrabid

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