Kibo The Molten Cheese Cake at PIK Avenue Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

July 3rd, 2017. I went to Kibo The Molten Cheese Cake after lunch with sister and nephews. A month before, I went to PIK Avenue and found this Kibo, but I didn’t know what to buy so I went home without Kibo. That’s why when my sister wanted to visit Kibo, I agreed right off the bat.


What can be better than cheese cake with a delicious MOLTEN filling that melts in your mouth? The highly appreciated and popular ‘MOLTEN’ cheese cake has 3 layers of soft souffle that has delicate melting texture of 5 type of cheeses, rich molten premium cheese cream , and moist buttery sponge.

Located in Foodtown Dotonburi level 2, Kibo occupied a small area in the middle of the food court. I could imagine how crowded the place when everybody queued for the delicious cheese cake.

IMG_1105 IMG_1104 IMG_1108 IMG_1110 IMG_1107 IMG_1109 IMG_1111 IMG_1112 IMG_1118 IMG_1119 IMG_1120 IMG_1113 IMG_1114

Original Molten Kibo Mini 30k

Ok. This is the best. Say no more. I just tried a bite, and my heart melted. Just like the filling of this original molten kibo mini. They have this delightful crunchy below the cake that make them different from any other cheese cake. Surely one recommended cheese cake. Please open near my living area soon. Pretty please!!! I heard they will open in Grand Indonesia and Kota Kasablanka. *praying hard*


Choco Cheese Kino Mini 35k

Choco and Cheese. Actually not every combination of those two will make me happy. But this time, it blew my mind. Sweet and creamy. Fantastic. But I prefer the original one, of course. For those choco cheese lovers, you will agree with me that this will knock you over. The fluffy texture and the particular flavour. Dazzling!


Cannot wait to hear from you when you open in GI or Kokas. Please hurry!


Kibo The Molten Cheese Cake
PIK Avenue Mall
Foodtown Dotonburi Level 2
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Phone: +62 858-8999-3788
IG: @kibocheese


Toby’s Estate at PIK Avenue Mall Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

January 24th, 2017. Finally! Visited the most talked coffee shop in town. *sigh* When they had opening event, I was in Bali. When everybody came to the place, I was in the middle of staycation. Well, so sad. I was left behind *crying* Hahahahahaha, that’s okaaaay..  I think everybody had their own reasons. So, after more than a month, finally I could come to the coffee shop with Cindy. Yaaaay. Toby’s Estate.


Located at PIK Avenue Mall, near the North Lobby, Toby’s Estate attracted everybody with the place, the coffee, the food and the ambiance. I was there around 9am, and there’s already a bunch of moms. Chatting, taking photos, chatting, taking photos, and so on. But I didn’t blame them. Toby’s Estate offered a really nice place to hang out with friends, social gathering for moms, or just doing some “me time.” Well, I don’t wanna bore you with story behind Toby’s Estate. You can find it elsewhere, in another blogs of course.

SAM_7121 SAM_7122 IMG_2497 IMG_2498 SAM_7124 SAM_7123 SAM_7125 SAM_7127 SAM_7126 IMG_2503 IMG_2507 IMG_2502 IMG_2505 IMG_2500 IMG_2504 IMG_2501 IMG_2509 IMG_2508 IMG_2499 IMG_2506 IMG_2511 IMG_2512

Cappuccino 40k

Espresso, 65°C steamed milk, 2 cm milk foam

It tasted light but actually it’s very strong for me. I only tried a sip, and I had to take my medicine LOL. Yes! I couldn’t take strong coffee. Hohoho..


Ice Chocolate 55k

Cocoa and 65°C steamed milk

I ordered hot chocolate, and instead, I got ice chocolate. Hahaha. Fortunately I loved ice chocolate too. They offered to change the drink but I said no need. I could drink this as well. For me, the ice chocolate was very good. Not too milky, not too creamy, not too sweet. Perfect.


Eggs Benedict Brooklyn Style 125k

Poached eggs with ham and homemade hollandaise on a warm toasted brioche

Cindy ordered this one for us. When it came to our table, I spotted  the chilli powder on top of the poached eggs. Well, I asked Cindy to try it first. She said, “It’s spicy!” *cry* Well, I tried hard to ignore the spiciness LOL. Actually, we loved the toasted brioche. It was fluffy and very soft. They had 2 poached eggs, and only one that having a perfectly runny yolk. We loved the ham too. Tender and juicy. Such a perfect dish for us.

IMG_2516 IMG_2517 IMG_2520

Chocolate Cake 65k

Look at the cake. Drooling, right? But when I tried a bite, it’s a little bit dry. I was hoping that it was spongy or mushy. Lucky us, the chocolate paste was delicious. Not too sweet. The texture was overwhelming. But, I hope next time will be better.


It’s a little bit too late.. but.. Congratulations Toby’s Estate.

Toby’s Estate
PIK Avenue Mall GF Floor
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk
Kamal Muara, Jakarta
IG: @tobysestateid

Shabu Shabu On-Yasai PIK Avenue Jakarta

October 8th, 2016. Shabu Shabu is quite happening nowadays in Jakarta. It’s really fun to eat shabu shabu with friends. The biggest Shabu Shabu chain in Japan had opened at AEON Mall, and now it’s time for PIK Avenue. As you know, PIK Avenue is a new shopping mall in PIK area. It’s only 4 or 5 restaurants there. And one of them is: Shabu Shabu On-Yasai.


On-Yasai literally means Warm Vegetables in Japanese. At On-Yasai “温野菜”, these 3 characters represent a much significant meaning. “温” = warm food and heart-warming service, “野” = healthy and fresh, “菜” = wide variety of appetizer/ vegetables. On-Yasai strictly selects only the freshest vegetables. Our meats are also stringently chosen and to be matched with our soup bases. At “On-Yasai”, we believe that with all these passion and efforts, we can bring to our guest the most enjoyable dining experience.

Located at PIK Avenue, On-Yasai decorated the place with Japanese design. Very lovely. Comfortable place with high ceiling and huge windows. As you can see my photos below, you can imagine how cozy to eat in a place like this.

IMG_8081 IMG_8091 IMG_8109

Choose from our 4 BUFFET PACKAGES (90 minutes)

On-Yasai Beef Package (Adult 228k Child/Senioar 168k)
On-Yasai Beef + Standard Beef + Selected Beef +Shrimp + Squid + Chicken Thigh + Chicken Breast

Wagyu Beef Package (Adult 298k Child/Senioar 198k)
Wagyu Beef + Salmon + On-Yasai Beef + Standard Beef + Selected Beef + Shrimp + Squid + Chicken Thigh + Chicken Breast

Standard Beef Package (Adult 158k Child/Senioar 98k)
Standard Beef + Selected Beef + Chicken Thigh + Chicken Breast

Premium Wagyu Beef Package (Adult 398k Child/Senioar 298k)
Premium Wagyu Beef + Wagyu Beef + Salmon + On-Yasai Beef + Standard Beef +Selected Beef + Shrimp + Squid + Chicken Thigh + Chicken Breast

Ala carte for On-Yasai Beef (48k), Wagyu beef (78k), Premium Wagyu Beef (88k), Shrimp (28k), Squid (28k), Salmon (58k)

IMG_8082 IMG_8083 IMG_8084 IMG_8085 IMG_8086 IMG_8088 IMG_8090 IMG_8087


I love the wagyu beef and agedashi tofu. It’s a little bit different type of tofu from the others agedashi tofu, but it’s quite good for me. And surprisingly, the udon and fried rice were so delicious. The fried rice was exactly like my mom used to cook it for me. And I cried when I ate the fried rice. OMG! Miss mom so much. And another favourite: the ice cream!!!! Mix chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Ara!! One portion was never enough!

IMG_8102 IMG_8106 IMG_8103 IMG_8099 IMG_8098 IMG_8100 IMG_8101 IMG_8107 IMG_8108

Thanks Shabu Shabu On-Yasai for the delicious food. Cannot wait for your next outlet. Hope it will be closer to me. Hahaha. Shabu Shabu On-Yasai. 頑張って!!

Shabu Shabu On-Yasai
PIK Avenue 1st Floor
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Phone: 021-22512437

Holy Smokes and The Holy Crab PIK Avenue Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

September 28th, 2016. After recently opened its 2nd outlet in mid June at Flavor Bliss, Holy Smokes opened a new outlet at PIK Avenue. I guess people who lives around Pantai Indah Kapuk will be very happy. It’s really good to have a closer place to eat the most favourite Texas Style Slow Smoked BBQ.


Located on first floor at PIK Avenue, it’s actually somehow secluded in the back part of the block. But, they had these people in front of the area that announce about the place. So, don’t worry. You will find it easily. The interior of this outlet is similar to the previous outlets, which is industrial style with wood and iron elements. And, no need to hesitate about the menu and the quality of the food. They served best menus From the Pit and From the Grill for meat lovers! LOL.

SAM_5951 SAM_5948 IMG_7771 IMG_7772

From the Pit: Smoky Wagyu Brisket

The Wagyu beef brisket smeared with a special Rub creation of Chef Albert Wijaya. It is the result of a perfect combination of 8 ingredients before smoked by the method of low ‘n slow for 14 hours. They called it low and slow because it smoked in a very low temperature and a very long time (14 hours). It smoked by using fruitwood in a special Smoker Machine which can accommodate 250 kg of meat in a smokehouse. Smoker Machine has the ability to keep up the wood burning process and the maximum temperature remained stable for 14 hours.

And the result? Super duper Juicy! It made me drooling, looking at the grease. OMG! And the wagyu was awesomely tender. The smoky aroma wasn’t too strong. It’s just being a perfect smoky wagyu. I brought some of the meat home, and it still juicy and tender at night. Superb. Sooooo recommended!

IMG_7785 IMG_7788 IMG_7790 IMG_7776

On the same day, The Holy Crab opened their third outlet at PIK Avenue, after their Gunawarman outlet and Seminyak (Bali) outlet. With this PIK Avenue’s outlet, people who lived around North Jakarta can enjoy Louisiana seafood at The Holy Crab closer to their home. No need to go to South Jakarta or even to Bali. LOL.

Different from other outlets that generally located in the building instead of the mall (stand alone), The Holy Crab PIK Avenue is located in a mall. With a seat capacity of 100 people, the interior of this The Holy Crab is dominated by wood and zinc elements with brown, red and blue colors.

Before you start eating, the table will first be covered with a placemat and people should wear a bib to prevent splashing food. LOL. Pour the seafood onto the placemat and we can enjoy our favorite seafood without using cutlery. Just use your hands. It’s so fun! My favourite were the Shrimp, the Clams and the Mud Crab with Original Cajun Sauce (mild level). The best!

SAM_5947 SAM_5950 IMG_7780 IMG_7777 IMG_7778 IMG_7779 IMG_7775 IMG_7770 IMG_7781 IMG_7769

Congratulations Holy Smokes and The Holy Crab for the opening at PIK Avenue. Cannot wait for the next outlets.

Holy Smokes – The Holy Crab
PIK Avenue 1st floor
Pantai Indah Kapuk
IG: @holysmokesid
IG: @theholycrabid