The Harvest Deli Kota Kasablanka Jakarta

October 28th, 2016. I came several times to this place. It’s quite new. A friend of mine told me about this place. I went there, and I kinda like this to be my hang out place at Kota Kasablanka. They have outdoor area, very relaxing place with comfortable ambiance. The indoor area is nice too. Cozy and warm. The Harvest Deli.


The Harvest Deli is the latest creation by Mount Scopus group.  It is home for delightfully heart-warming delicacies.

The Harvest Deli carries the best of The Harvest, including its cakes and pastries. The Harvest is housing an astonishing collection of delectable cakes, all made with the finest ingredients that are layered and crafted perfectly.

Signature dishes & beverages at The Harvest Deli are made with specific intention to satisfy everyone’s palates. From the best burgers in town to the flavorful slow cooked lamb chops or the authentic curry specialties. Not to miss, some of the most refreshingly unique mocktails and cocktails, ready to quench your thirst.

Interior details at The Harvest Deli reflects a through attention towards every aspect of the brand including food quality, service level, elegance, and comfort.


The Harvest Deli, renowned for their delicious pastry and cakes and any kind of food. When everybody got crazy with chocolate cake, salted egg yolk croissant, and every kind of sweet filling, they wanted to make a different kind of pastry. They used Sri Lanka’s ingredients this time. Not really my favourite, because it used unusual spices and herbs from Sri Lanka. But, it’s definitely an excitement to try new pastries. Spicy with particular taste of herbs, you can try it by yourself at their outlet in Office 88 Kota Kasablanka. Hurry!

Devil Beef Croissant 15k

Dough: Croissant, Filling: Beef Devil, Egg Wash, Topping: Red Chilli

IMG_9094 IMG_9111

Shrimp Croissant 15k

Dough: Croissant, Filling: Shrimp, Egg Wash, Dry Chopped Parsley

The 1st photo credit to: @stallonation

IMG_20161028_122349 IMG_9110

Chilli Saman Croissant 15k

Dough: Croissant, Saman Filling, Egg Wash, Green Chili

IMG_9103 IMG_9109

Pol Sambol Roll 13k

Dough: Croissant, Mayonnaise, Egg Wash, Pol Chilli

Pol sambola is a traditional Sri Lankan dish made from coconut, mostly used as an accompaniment with rice, string hoppers, hoppers, and many more meals.

IMG_9098 IMG_9114

Seeni Sambol Bun 13k

Dough: Sweet, Filling: Seeni Sambol, Egg Wash, Boiled Egg

Seeni sambol is a sweet onion relish and a combination of sweet, sour and spicy sambol.

IMG_9097 IMG_9108

Tuna Fish Bun 15k

Dough: Sweet, Filling: Tuna, Egg Wash, Topping: Sesame

IMG_9096 IMG_9115

Chicken Curry Patties 13k

Dough: Patties, Chicken Curry Filling, Egg Wash, Topping: Sesame

As locally called ‘patties’, is a taste filled pastry snack and a Sri Lankan delicacy.

IMG_9095 IMG_9113

Beef Bun 13k

Dough: Patties, Filling: Beef Pepper, Egg Wash, Black Pepper

IMG_9102 IMG_9112

After tried 8 pastries, I can say that tuna is always my favorite for pastry’s filling. The flavour of the tuna mixed beautifully with the taste of the spices that they used in the pastry.

Lychee Yoghurt 50k

Fresh Milk and Yoghurt, with Lychee Jelly and sweet basil

Refreshing with a creamy flavour from the milk and yoghurt.


Faluda 50k

Guava Juice and Fresh milk with vanilla ice cream, strawberry Jelly, Cashew Nut, and sweet basil

Sweet and full of sensation. As sexy as it looks. Most recommended!


The Harvest Deli
Kota Kasablanka G Level
Jl. Casablanca, Kav. 88
Phone: +62 21 29568712
IG: @harvestcakes