Momoiro Pillow Cake Factory at Kota Kasablanka Jakarta

August 23rd, 2017. A week before, I got invitation to a new cake shop in Kota Kasablanka. Momoiro Pillow Cake Factory is a venture of PT Mimosa Tarte Indonesia, the company that brought Cheesess all the way from Hong Kong to Jakarta. I was very excited to try their new product.


Inspired by the pillow cakes that have been gaining popularity in Taiwan, Korea and Japan, Momoiro ventured across Asia to create its own take on this unique dessert with high quality ingredients and a perfected baking techniques. In light of that, we would like to invite you to attend one of our bloggers and influencers gathering sessions to enjoy six flavors of Momoiro’s pillow cakes. A one-of-kind desserts experience with Momoiro awaits!

Well, I knew about this pillow cake from youtube and very excited to try it in a jiffy. I was so very very happy when they created Momoiro. Yippy! Occupied an island bar in some corner, Momoiro will definitely become a hype.

IMG_3641 IMG_3640 IMG_3643 IMG_3644

Under magic hands of Momoiro’s expert bakers, the pillow cake has ben further perfected into the Momoiro Pillow Cake using a secret recipe, special baking techniques, and quality imported ingredients. Every bite of Momoiro pillow cake demonstrates its unique qualities; freshness, a consistent fluffiness, just the right comination of sweetness, generous filling, and a low-saturation flavour. as a result, Momoiro pillow cake sits well in your stomach. Momoiro uses neither chemical substances nor preservatives, and deploys strict quality control to ensure that it delivers the best pillow cake quality.

IMG_3647 IMG_3656 IMG_3648 IMG_3660 IMG_3663 IMG_3665 IMG_3668 IMG_3669 IMG_3670 IMG_3675 IMG_3676 IMG_3677 IMG_3649 IMG_3650 IMG_3651 IMG_3652 IMG_3654 IMG_3666 IMG_3667 IMG_3661 IMG_3662 IMG_3679

Momoiro pillow cake takes the form of a pillow with a dimension of 14×20 cm per cake. The cake is best enjoyed immediately and can last up to 3 days in cold temperature. All the pillow cakes produced are fresh from the oven and baked daily. Momoiro pillow cake is sold starting at 55k per cake and is available in 6 delectable flavours:

Momoiro Original

Original flavour with cream custard filling.



Dedicated for cheese lovers. The pillow cake uses red cheddar cheese and cheese sauce that are perfectly layered within the cake and parmesan cheese on top of the cake.

IMG_3680 IMG_3678

Choko B

Banana and chocolate are a match made in heaven. This pillow cake will spoil chocolate lovers with rich flavours and a choco-banana filling.



One may be familiar by now with the pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup, but the pumpkin pillow cake offers something completely new. This cake complimets its fluffiness with pumpkin cubes and pumpkin cheese sauce as its filling, and is sprinkled with a topping of biscuit crumbs and almond slices.


Presenting an Indonesian flavour with the pandan flavoured pillow cake with generous srikaya filling.


Got a savoury tooth? Momoiro presents a chicken floss and seaweed-flavoured pillow cake for those looking for a different dessert experience.

I only got a chance to try those 3 flavours. I love them all. They’re all not overly sweet, super fluffy, and really amazing. Congratulations Momoiro. Welcome to my life. Hohoho. So in love with you!

Kota Kasablanka
Lower Ground Level
Jl. Casablanca Raya
Tebet, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 29465000
IG: @momoirobakes


Sam’s Wok at Kota Kasablanka Jakarta

April 21st, 2017. There’s new restaurant opened in Kota Kasablanka. Sam’s Wok. Yaaay, it’s very near my place. It’s so happy to attend their grand opening at the time. I heard that they already had outlet in Sampoerna Strategic Square and Food Louver’s Grand Indonesia. So, this one was the 3rd outlets.


Sam’s Wok was born from our love of Modern style Chinese Food, where all of our signature menus are created with our special sauce. And the best part is everything is freshly made. Sam’s Wok is a great place to enjoy a good meal together with co-workers, friends, and of course family, yet if you need to grab a quick bite, they also serve single serving rice bowl with toppings that you can pick from the menu. Here in Sam’s Wok, all the menus is enriched with many herbs, therefore it is rich & flavorful in taste. You may find Crispy Beef Ribs to Thai Style Fish Soup, or healthy choices of brown rice and stir-fried vegetables.

The 3rd outlet is not really spacious. It’s a compact place to have lunch or dinner with delicious menus. I was the first one to come. After me, there’re a lot of media people. Then, the owners, Mr Triyadi and Ms Diana gave speech about the concept of Sam’s Wok. It’s a Modern Style Asian Food, not authentic Chinese cuisine. And they were very proud of it. The cute things, they have 3 mascots. You can see those cute mascots on their wall and ceiling. Now let me show you around through my simple review.

IMG_6675 IMG_6684 IMG_6696 IMG_6690 IMG_6678 IMG_6679 IMG_6680 IMG_6687 IMG_6688 IMG_6691 IMG_6692 IMG_6689 IMG_6693

Lychee Ice Tea 21.8k


Dragonfruit Cold Pressed Fresh Juice 25k


Black Pepper Beef 48k


Spring Roll (3 pcs) 20.8k


XO String Beans 27.5k


Crispy Beef with Sam Wok’s House Special Sauce 48k


Sam’s Wok Special Fish Bite 39.5k


Fried Chicken with Dried Chili 39.5k


General Tso Chicken 35k


Charsiu Chicken 32k


Steam Fish Thai Style 46k


Po’s Homemade Special Tofu 31.5k

Japanese Tofu, Minced Chicken and Egg


XO Style Fried Rice (chicken) 30.8k


From all the dishes that I've tried, they're all delicious.
But, my favourites were Crispy Beef and General Tso Chicken.
The Crispy Beef was different from any other beef dish. It's tender yet crispy on the texture.
Tasted sweet and delicious. Addicting! Couldn't stop munching it.
The General Tso Chicken was also tender yet crunchy.
Delicious flavour with adorable seasoning.
But like I said, they were all delightful. Just choose which one is your favourite.

Congratulations Sam’s Wok for this latest outlet.

Sam’s Wok
Kota Kasablanka
LG Floor No Unit. L97
Jl. Casablanca No. 88
Tebet, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 29512745
IG: @samswok_id

Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart at Kota Kasablanka Jakarta

October 31st, 2016. I heard about this cheese tart from IG’s timeline. It’s quite happening, I guess. This is actually a new concept by Secret Recipe, which many people may know it for its cheesecakes and cream cakes. The stores are incredibly popular in Japan and there are permanent queues outside in Shang Hai, Brunei, Singapore, and Malaysia. Now, it’s baking its way to Jakarta. Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart.


Located in Kota Kasablanka, Hokkaido Baked was very easy to be spotted. In front of Carrefour, with yellow and black colours all over the place. If you cannot find it, just follow your nose. LOL.

IMG_9263 IMG_9248 IMG_9249 IMG_9247 IMG_9262 IMG_9258

Every tart is baked fresh, daily at this outlet. But, besides eating Hokkaido baked cheese tarts fresh from the oven, you may also chill (or freeze) or reheat your tart for a different savoury experience. Bringing you happiness in a box.

IMG_9250 IMG_9259 IMG_9261 IMG_9254 IMG_9252 IMG_9255 IMG_9256 IMG_9257

Soft and creamy cheese with great texture of the tart. Not too hard, not too soft. And it’s melt-in-your-mouth. Actually, it will explode and make your mouth messy and dirty. Not dirty talks ya. Hahaha. We call it “belepotan.” All around your mouth. Like a children. You know what I mean. Anyway, welcome Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart.


Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart
Kota Kasablanka
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88
Phone: +62 21 29465000
IG: @hokkaidobakedcheesetart

The Harvest Deli Kota Kasablanka Jakarta

October 28th, 2016. I came several times to this place. It’s quite new. A friend of mine told me about this place. I went there, and I kinda like this to be my hang out place at Kota Kasablanka. They have outdoor area, very relaxing place with comfortable ambiance. The indoor area is nice too. Cozy and warm. The Harvest Deli.


The Harvest Deli is the latest creation by Mount Scopus group.  It is home for delightfully heart-warming delicacies.

The Harvest Deli carries the best of The Harvest, including its cakes and pastries. The Harvest is housing an astonishing collection of delectable cakes, all made with the finest ingredients that are layered and crafted perfectly.

Signature dishes & beverages at The Harvest Deli are made with specific intention to satisfy everyone’s palates. From the best burgers in town to the flavorful slow cooked lamb chops or the authentic curry specialties. Not to miss, some of the most refreshingly unique mocktails and cocktails, ready to quench your thirst.

Interior details at The Harvest Deli reflects a through attention towards every aspect of the brand including food quality, service level, elegance, and comfort.


The Harvest Deli, renowned for their delicious pastry and cakes and any kind of food. When everybody got crazy with chocolate cake, salted egg yolk croissant, and every kind of sweet filling, they wanted to make a different kind of pastry. They used Sri Lanka’s ingredients this time. Not really my favourite, because it used unusual spices and herbs from Sri Lanka. But, it’s definitely an excitement to try new pastries. Spicy with particular taste of herbs, you can try it by yourself at their outlet in Office 88 Kota Kasablanka. Hurry!

Devil Beef Croissant 15k

Dough: Croissant, Filling: Beef Devil, Egg Wash, Topping: Red Chilli

IMG_9094 IMG_9111

Shrimp Croissant 15k

Dough: Croissant, Filling: Shrimp, Egg Wash, Dry Chopped Parsley

The 1st photo credit to: @stallonation

IMG_20161028_122349 IMG_9110

Chilli Saman Croissant 15k

Dough: Croissant, Saman Filling, Egg Wash, Green Chili

IMG_9103 IMG_9109

Pol Sambol Roll 13k

Dough: Croissant, Mayonnaise, Egg Wash, Pol Chilli

Pol sambola is a traditional Sri Lankan dish made from coconut, mostly used as an accompaniment with rice, string hoppers, hoppers, and many more meals.

IMG_9098 IMG_9114

Seeni Sambol Bun 13k

Dough: Sweet, Filling: Seeni Sambol, Egg Wash, Boiled Egg

Seeni sambol is a sweet onion relish and a combination of sweet, sour and spicy sambol.

IMG_9097 IMG_9108

Tuna Fish Bun 15k

Dough: Sweet, Filling: Tuna, Egg Wash, Topping: Sesame

IMG_9096 IMG_9115

Chicken Curry Patties 13k

Dough: Patties, Chicken Curry Filling, Egg Wash, Topping: Sesame

As locally called ‘patties’, is a taste filled pastry snack and a Sri Lankan delicacy.

IMG_9095 IMG_9113

Beef Bun 13k

Dough: Patties, Filling: Beef Pepper, Egg Wash, Black Pepper

IMG_9102 IMG_9112

After tried 8 pastries, I can say that tuna is always my favorite for pastry’s filling. The flavour of the tuna mixed beautifully with the taste of the spices that they used in the pastry.

Lychee Yoghurt 50k

Fresh Milk and Yoghurt, with Lychee Jelly and sweet basil

Refreshing with a creamy flavour from the milk and yoghurt.


Faluda 50k

Guava Juice and Fresh milk with vanilla ice cream, strawberry Jelly, Cashew Nut, and sweet basil

Sweet and full of sensation. As sexy as it looks. Most recommended!


The Harvest Deli
Kota Kasablanka G Level
Jl. Casablanca, Kav. 88
Phone: +62 21 29568712
IG: @harvestcakes

Abura Soba Yamatoten Kota Kasablanka Jakarta

October 28th, 2016. I went to Kota Kasablanka to do foodtasting at a deli there. Before the time to do the thing that make me happy *hahahaha* I went to find lunch first. When I walked around, I saw a billboard about a new place that opened a week ago. Hooraaaaaaay. In a flash, I found a security guy, asked him where it was. Run! Run! Run! Abura Soba Yamatoten.


This is their 6th outlet in Jabodetabek, I guess. Their first outlet opened in Pantai Indah Kapuk. Then they opened in Grand Indonesia, Senayan City, MaxxBox and MKG. Now it’s time for Kota Kasablanka. Yaaaaay. Great food with great hospitality from the people. Located at UG level, it’s near Food Society but it’s not in the area. Closer to beauty parlors area, I think.

IMG_9082 IMG_9083 IMG_9085 IMG_9088 IMG_9081 IMG_9086

Cold Ocha 12k


Aburi Chashu Don 69k

Slices of pork marinated in special soy sauce, served over hot rice and topped with homemade aburi sauce. It’s simple and warming.

Do I have to say anything? Really? Hmmm.. actually, I love their soba, but I love rice more. So, I prefer their don than their soba. When I came, I ordered Shigure Don. But the server told me that they couldn’t sell the shigure don at that time. Until now, I still don’t know the reason. So, they offered this chashu don to me. Well, because I was hungry and I wanted to try the place, I accepted their offer. And, voila, Aburi Chashu Don. It’s delicious of course!!! The chashu was tender and juicy. And I ordered Ontama as extra dish. It’s dabomb! Well, I still want their shigure don, no need extra ontama hahahaha. Next time lah.


Congratulations Yamatoten for your opening. Will drop in again, soon. おめでとうございます.

Abura Soba Yamatoten
Kota Kasablanka UG Floor
Jalan Casablanca Raya Kav. 88
IG: @yamatoten

Maison Tatsuya Teppanyaki and Grill Kota Kasablanka Jakarta

November 26th, 2015. I went to Kota Kasablanka with my hubby. We were shopping and walking around. After some time, we’re hungry. So, we decided to eat at some new place for us. Maison Tatsuya Teppanyaki and Grill. I’ve been there once, at Gandaria City’s outlet. I ate with my friends, and it’s different menu. But, what I wanna share right now is my latest experience with my hubby. 🙂

Maison Tatsuya Teppanyaki and Grill is the latest creation of Arena Group. Arena Group is an F&B company behind delicious restaurants: Penang Bistro, Seribu Rasa, Hong Kong Cafe, La Hoya, Miyagi and Sari Bagindo. I tried Penang Bistro, Hong Kong Cafe and La Hoya, and I could say that I liked them all.


Where delightful Western cooking style meets delectable Japanese taste.

Maison Tatsuya serves a tempting array of premium quality teppanyaki and Japanese western style fare to spoil your palate in a Japanese casual dining setting. Combining the western cooking technique with Japanese refined taste, our menu ranges from delectable charcoal grilled steaks to delicious Japanese pasta and a variety of appetizing teppanyaki. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, our chefs will serve freshly hot cooked dish upon showcasing a live teppanyaki cooking on a hot flat griddle in front of the diners, combining the art of dining and entertainment.

I didn’t take their ambiance pictures because it was too many people inside. So I just took picture outside area. They had this cute thing to order and to ask for the bill. They used some kind of tablet. Cute, right? It’s in every table. Their place divided into 2 areas. Teppanyaki, where you can enjoy live cooking show. Grill, where you order Grill menu. Fyi, when you’re in Teppanyaki area, you can order anything. But when you’re in Grill area, you cannot order Teppanyaki menu.

IMG_9885 IMG_9887 IMG_9888

Cold Ocha 19k

Yaaaay free refill!!! Yaaaaay.. I’m such a freeholic. Love everything about free things. LOL. Who’s not!??!?!?!?


Takoyaki 35k

Japanese snack filled with Tako (octopus) served with homemade Takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise, topped with katsuobushi (dried bonito).

Not really our favourite. I prefer it’s softer and more delicate. But, it tasted delightful. But next time I will try their tebasaki. 😀


Hamburg Steak 75k

Served with rice, vegetables and House’s Special Sauce.

I thought it will be just okay, but turned out, it was wonderful. Looked so fun to be eaten. LOL. Can you see the sunny-side-up? It was so gorgeous.  The hamburg steak was soft and tender. Not very thick, but it’s enough for eating it with the rice. The special sauce was the best. It was sweet with a rich flavour. Recommended.

IMG_9895 IMG_9900

Chicken Teriyaki 58k

Served with fresh salad, potato salad, homemade miso soup, and mix sauteed vegetables.

This dish was so delicious I could finish it all by myself. Too bad it’s my hubby’s order. 🙂 Well, the sauce was delicious, added lip-smacking flavor to the chicken. Yup, the chicken was very tender and flavourful. Very recommended!


Overall, I was very impressed to this restaurant. Definitely will be back to try another menu.

Maison Tatsuya Teppanyaki and Grill
Kota Kasablanka
Food Society Ground floor #FSG-21
Jakarta Selatan 12870
Phone: 021-29475151
IG: @maisontatsuya