Negev: Gastronomy & Art City Plaza Gatot Subroto Jakarta

September 14th, 2016. I was attending an event about how important a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are to staying in good shape. However, busy people in modern societies often find it challenging to do what they knows is the right thing. So that’s why at the time, one fine dining restaurant tried to determine to make a positive impact in the daily eating habits of its loyal customer. May I present to you. Negev: Gastronomy & Art.


Located in City Plaza building, it was my first time to Negev. It’s a unique concept restaurant and bar that is so much more than just a comfortable spot to eat, drink and hang out. Since its inception in 2011, Negev has always positioned itself as an inspired place that encourages and supports people in the arts, including fashion, dance, music, poetry, design, photography, culture and of course, the culinary arts. When I stepped inside, I stunned by their decorations. So artsy but still with friendly gesture.

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Healthy lifestyle options should be applauded, and this September, Negev’s talented Chef Dody Jie is unveiling four different Light and Healthy Ladies Lunch Menus. Of course, good health is not important only to ladies, but women are more sensitive to weight gain issues than most ment, and it was decided to do something that responds to a woman’s way of thinking. I was one of the ladies that have a chance to try the lunch menus. They set 4 tables with beautifully different settings.

IMG_7340 IMG_7330IMG_7331IMG_7332IMG_7333IMG_7337IMG_7342IMG_7341

Lychee Iced Tea


Light and Healthy

A Creative Lunch Menu that is Satisfying, Delicious and 100% Healthy by Executive Chef Dody Jie and Team

Wrapped Vegetables

Fresh Vegetables Gently Wrapped in Thin Vietnamese Spring Roll

It’s delicious. If I have the power, I won’t share it with the other 3 ladies in my table. Too bad, I have to share it, so maybe next time I will be back there and order for myself. Only for myself. LOL. It’s very fresh and crunchy with addictive spicy sauce.


Spicy and Sour Seafood Soup

An All-time Asian Favourite. Tantalizingly Fresh Spicy and Sour Seafood Soup

Love it. Just like the name. Spicy and Sour. It’s really fresh. Just what I need that afternoon. The soup is excellent and the flavour is so good I couldn’t stop when I should stop. It’s spicy, remember? Hahaha.. It consists of shrimp, squid and clams. Delicious choice.

IMG_7352 IMG_7353

Grilled Tenderloin Roll

Premium Australian Beef Tenderloin Rolled with Creamy Fresh Spinach Filling

Looks like sausage hehehe. I thought they gave me the wrong menu, but I forgot about the “roll.” When I saw the name of the menu, I thought it’s grilled tenderloin steak, but turns out it’s a roll. Ok stop talking about the roll hahaha. It’s so cute to filling the roll with fresh spinach. It was good. And the tenderloin is tender and juicy. No need to feel guilty to eat tenderloin in a roll way. 🙂


Whole Meal Kaya Toast

Crispy High Fiber Bread with Home-made Low Fat Milk Srikaya Jam

I love kaya toast. But whole meal is not my favourite. Too crispy, I guess. I prefer soft whole meal. 🙂

IMG_7363 IMG_7364

Special Menu of the Month

Crunchy Salmon

Crispy fillet of salmon trout underlined with special almond sauce, served with buttered rice ball, sautee wild mushroom, fresh of fruit salsa in the shot glass

After sharing menus with the other, they served us their special menu of the month. It’s crunchy salmon. Beautifully presentation with delicious salmon. Love the texture of the crunchy salmon and buttered rice ball. And I couldn’t stop munching the wild mushroom. What a nice dish to end our lovely lunch.

IMG_7368 IMG_7365 IMG_7366

Thanks Negev and Chef Dody Jie with Team for the beautiful table setting and delicious healthy food.

Negev: Gastronomy & Art
City Plaza Building Ground Floor
Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto No. 42
Phone: 021-52971333
IG: @negeveresto