Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant Neo Soho Mall Jakarta

September 17th, 2016. I heard about this place some time ago. My friends told me that it was one of the best Japanese BBQ restaurants. They made me wanna try this place one day. Lucky me, I got a chance to try this place. They opened their latest outlet at Neo Soho Mall. Ladies andContinue reading “Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant Neo Soho Mall Jakarta”

Grom Lotte Shopping Avenue Ciputra World Jakarta

September 20th, 2016. Everybody loves gelato. I love gelato too, but not every kind of gelato. While everybody loves ice cream, gelato or sorbet, I’m not very into them. And, all my friends would be like, “Whoaaaa.. are you sure? Ice cream is the most delicious thing in the whole universe!” Something like that. But, when thisContinue reading “Grom Lotte Shopping Avenue Ciputra World Jakarta”