Tuan Rumah Food Centrum Sunter Jakarta

September 10th, 2016. On our way to check-in to a hotel in Sunter area, my hubby said that he was very hungry. So I said to him, “I know a place nearby the hotel. Food Centrum. We can find a place to eat there.” After we checked-in, I asked Front Office the nearest way to go there. She told us, “Just go outside and turn left. There’s a connecting door to Food Centrum.” Out of nowhere, my friend gave me a message on path that she was in Food Centrum. So I asked her for recommended places to eat. And I finally chose one of her recommendation. Tuan Rumah.


Tuan Rumah is a chinese food restaurant. They used to have 4 outlets, but now only 1 left. Too bad, right? The place was nice. And they had free refill ice tea. LOL. Will be my favourite place to eat in Sunter area, I guess. And they have promo for dim sum. Only 9900. Wow, time to eat dim sum for our late lunch. Let me show you the place first.

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Chawsiaw Pao 16k

Of course it’s not pork. Too bad *sigh* I prefer pork but I was curious how’s the taste. Well, it’s not as good as pork but quite okay for a charsiu pao. Although I guess it’s better to eat pork pao hahahaha..


Kayang Pao 15.5k

I don’t know why they call it kayang. I cannot find the meaning of it. But this was a pandan bun with coconut jam filling. I thought it will be just an okay bun. Turned out, it was so delicious. Well, I love coconut jam. I think that’s why I love it. 🙂


Chintoi 15k

I was amazed by the name. I have no idea what is chintoi. But at home I searched at internet. And I think it’s cantonese for sesame ball. Btw, it was very different from the usual sesame ball that we used to eat in another restaurant. This chintoi was small and the colour was red. But it was appetizing, indeed. The mung bean paste was delicious with good texture. 🙂


Pao Duren 16.5k

Actually, I chose this one because it looked so beautiful. Too bad, the durian filling was very few. Need more durian! LOL.


Siawmay Goreng 15k

When it came to our table, I asked the server, “What is this?” She said, “Fried siaumay.” I told my hubby, “Hah! I thought it was chicken nugget.” LOL! I love the taste of it. Crunchy and delicious. Addicting!


Bola Cumi 16k

The squid ball was superb. Tasty with great texture. I think I will order it again and again and again everytime I go there. The bread croutons coated the squid perfectly. Crispy and crunchy. It’s very recommended. Trust me.


Next time, I will try their chinese food. I tried the Fried Rice for take away, and it was delicious. Please open another outlet in South or Central Jakarta. So I can go to Tuan Rumah again near my area. 🙂

Tuan Rumah
Food Centrum, 1st Floor
Jl. Griya Utama
Sunter, Jakarta
Phone: 021-45879292
IG: @foodcentrum

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