Nokcha Cafe at Pantai Indah Kapuk PIK Jakarta

November 27th, 2016. As I promised, I will review about this new place, too. It will be a simple one, because I myself didn’t like to read long reviews. Simple review with many photos. I think it’s enough for being my trademark. Well, I’m not an expert. I just a blogger with my own blog to write and post about everything I like. Well, enough said, let’s begin with this new place. Nokcha


Located at Ruko The Metro, Nokcha was very easy to find. Combination white and green colours in the facade. When you stepped inside, you will see green colour everywhere. The place was quite small. And they’ve already decorated the place with Christmas’ knick knacks. And I was very excited with the cuteness. Especially when they offered us to choose the plates. Lalalalala.. I chose the minions!!! Well, let me share you my simple review.

IMG_0198 IMG_0203 IMG_0206 IMG_0200 IMG_0204 IMG_0201 IMG_0209 IMG_0207 IMG_0205 IMG_0208

Mango Nokcha Ice Blended 40k

It’s really a hot day, so I thought, I wanted a cold drink. When I saw “mango” on the menu, I wanted it right away. It’s not too sweet. Love the texture but I prefer it’s not too mango. The mango flavour was a little bit overpowering the matcha flavour.

IMG_0210 IMG_0211

Banana Nokcha Latte 38k

It’s more like banana latte with matcha flavour, than matcha latte with banana flavour. It’s Gaby’s order. She wanted a hot drink than a cold one. So, she ordered this one. And she felt the same way with me. It’s too banana. *sigh*


Nokcha Financier 30k

Lucky us, this nokcha financier was very delicious. At first I thought it won’t be that good. But after one bite, it couldn’t stop. Light and moist with a dense texture like brownies and matcha flavour, it stole my heart. Not only my heart, but our hearts. Perfect texture and excellent taste. My complaint was that it’s too small. Please make it bigger!

IMG_0213 IMG_0216

Oreo Nokcha Cheesecake 34k

Combination of oreo, matcha and cheesecake. Forgive my honesty. But I didn’t find any special from this dessert. Despite of the fact that I didn’t like cheesecake, my friends agreed with me. It’s too small also.

IMG_0214 IMG_0215

Ruko The Metro Blok 6 No. KO
Jl. Mandara Permai VII
Pantai Indah Kapuk
IG: @nokchacafe