Momoiro Pillow Cake Factory at Kota Kasablanka Jakarta

August 23rd, 2017. A week before, I got invitation to a new cake shop in Kota Kasablanka. Momoiro Pillow Cake Factory is a venture of PT Mimosa Tarte Indonesia, the company that brought Cheesess all the way from Hong Kong to Jakarta. I was very excited to try their new product.


Inspired by the pillow cakes that have been gaining popularity in Taiwan, Korea and Japan, Momoiro ventured across Asia to create its own take on this unique dessert with high quality ingredients and a perfected baking techniques. In light of that, we would like to invite you to attend one of our bloggers and influencers gathering sessions to enjoy six flavors of Momoiro’s pillow cakes. A one-of-kind desserts experience with Momoiro awaits!

Well, I knew about this pillow cake from youtube and very excited to try it in a jiffy. I was so very very happy when they created Momoiro. Yippy! Occupied an island bar in some corner, Momoiro will definitely become a hype.

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Under magic hands of Momoiro’s expert bakers, the pillow cake has ben further perfected into the Momoiro Pillow Cake using a secret recipe, special baking techniques, and quality imported ingredients. Every bite of Momoiro pillow cake demonstrates its unique qualities; freshness, a consistent fluffiness, just the right comination of sweetness, generous filling, and a low-saturation flavour. as a result, Momoiro pillow cake sits well in your stomach. Momoiro uses neither chemical substances nor preservatives, and deploys strict quality control to ensure that it delivers the best pillow cake quality.

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Momoiro pillow cake takes the form of a pillow with a dimension of 14×20 cm per cake. The cake is best enjoyed immediately and can last up to 3 days in cold temperature. All the pillow cakes produced are fresh from the oven and baked daily. Momoiro pillow cake is sold starting at 55k per cake and is available in 6 delectable flavours:

Momoiro Original

Original flavour with cream custard filling.



Dedicated for cheese lovers. The pillow cake uses red cheddar cheese and cheese sauce that are perfectly layered within the cake and parmesan cheese on top of the cake.

IMG_3680 IMG_3678

Choko B

Banana and chocolate are a match made in heaven. This pillow cake will spoil chocolate lovers with rich flavours and a choco-banana filling.



One may be familiar by now with the pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup, but the pumpkin pillow cake offers something completely new. This cake complimets its fluffiness with pumpkin cubes and pumpkin cheese sauce as its filling, and is sprinkled with a topping of biscuit crumbs and almond slices.


Presenting an Indonesian flavour with the pandan flavoured pillow cake with generous srikaya filling.


Got a savoury tooth? Momoiro presents a chicken floss and seaweed-flavoured pillow cake for those looking for a different dessert experience.

I only got a chance to try those 3 flavours. I love them all. They’re all not overly sweet, super fluffy, and really amazing. Congratulations Momoiro. Welcome to my life. Hohoho. So in love with you!

Kota Kasablanka
Lower Ground Level
Jl. Casablanca Raya
Tebet, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 29465000
IG: @momoirobakes

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