Dotto Coffee at Benda Kemang Jakarta

December 7th, 2017. I knew about this new coffee shop from Danny’s IG. It’s actually Danny’s coffee shop. Yaaaay. Congrats Dan. Dotto Coffee. Named after the Japanese pronunciation of the word “dot”, Dotto Coffee is very unique with + sign, x sign and o sign stamped at the cups.


Located under Duetto Nail.Lash.Brow & Academy, Dotto is a petite place with cute ambiance. Friendly baristas and pretty owner greeted us when we came inside. They have 2 tables with capacity for 8 people, and 2 seats in front of the coffee bar. Just nice.

IMG_8856 IMG_8855 IMG_8857 IMG_8858 IMG_8859 IMG_8864 IMG_8861 IMG_8862 IMG_8873 IMG_8874

Miruku 22k

served in cold, house blend recipe, local source brown sugar

Super love with this drink. It’s not too sweet, with milky texture but not too creamy. Just perfect for my taste bud.And definitely don’t take photos too long, the melted ice cubes definitely will change the flavour.


Tea by Kaya Tea: Honey Berry Sweet

Best drink at the day! Kaya Tea is a new brand to my ear. And I thought it’s just like any other tea. Turned out, it was super good. The tea was refreshing, thirst-quenching, and I guess, it’s addicting. My hubby’s opinion was the same. He said, “It’s really really nice. Fresh tea on this hot day.” Recommended!!


Avogato 40k

single shot espresso, organic avocado ice cream

Danny gave me this as complimentary. Too bad, I just realized they used avocado ice cream. Errrr.. never liked avocado. When they told me to give it to hubby, I said, “He never liked coffee.” LOL. So sorry Danny, I have to turn down the complimentary. Next time please use chocolate ice cream hahahaha..


Congratulations Dotto. Hope to see more outlets, please!

Dotto Coffee
Jl. Benda No.54 B
Kemang, Jakarta
Phone: +62 812-9462-7670


MayHaps at Panglima Polim Dharmawangsa Jakarta

December 7th, 2017. It was very easy to find MayHaps, since it’s near so many coffee shops that I had visited before. MayHaps was a new addition to the area.


Dominated with white and grey colours, MayHaps is an interesting place. When I came in, so many students there. Either they waited for another friends, or just killing time before going home. I ordered coffee, donut and gelato. Then, I asked them what’s the meaning of mayhaps. The smiling barista asked the busy barista. And the busy one gave me a fast glance, and answered with bahasa, “Mungkin.” My brain worked right away and said to them, “Aaaah, maybe perhaps. Cute.” Actually the place was just too comfortable. Cold AC and plugs everywhere with super fast wifi. Heaveeeeeeen!

IMG_8844 IMG_8846 IMG_8847 IMG_8842 IMG_8854 IMG_8841 IMG_8853 IMG_8840 IMG_8837 IMG_8836 IMG_8838 IMG_8839 IMG_8835

Latte 30k

Rich flavour with strong texture. Love my latte but I prefer it was milkier. Yup, always love milky coffee hahaha. But I was happy that when I slurped it, it was still hot. Sometimes when I ordered coffee, it had already cold when it came to my table.


Ovaltine Regal Gelato 20k

It’s quite good. Not too sweet. But hubby said that it was too watery. Maybe because I was too busy taking photos hahaha. Sorry hon. Next time we tried another gelato, ok?


Choco Donut 10k

I was so happy when I saw this choco donut. It was really good. Small portion with huge delicious flavour. The texture of the dough was perfectly tender. The choco flavour was sweet and addicting. I think it’s quite similar with a choco donut from the other coffee shop. Well, I didn’t ask.


Great job MayHaps. Hope to see you again soon.

Jl. Panglima Polim V No.21
Dharmawangsa, Jakarta
Phone: +62 817 914 4744

Agneya Restaurant at Wijaya Dharmawangsa Jakarta

December 7th, 2017. I knew about Agneya Restaurant around November when they just opened. So when I had a chance to visit the new place, I was very happy. We almost missed the place. Then I realized, it was previously a restaurant with bird cages in front of the place. Turned out that restaurant was closed, and Agneya replaced it.


I loved their facade. Beautiful with warm atmosphere. When I came in, I saw more beautiful corners inside. A host greeted me, and I asked her that is it ok to take photos there. And she said, “No, you can’t.” I was a little bit shocked. Then she said, “I will ask the owner. Just wait.” After a while, a man, maybe the manager, approached me and asked. I said, “I want to take photos for my blog. My personal blog.” He said, “You have to make an appointment first. I need to see the letter, something like agreement letter.” I was super shocked. “It’s just for my blog, sir.” Then, when he saw that I wanted to leave asap, he replied, “Ok you can take photos, but please don’t bother other people.” It was just us! No other customers at the time. Please deh! *rolling my eyes* And I never bother anybody when I took photos. Good thing, the servers were all nice and friendly. I felt welcomed.

IMG_8806 IMG_8809 IMG_8810 IMG_8811 IMG_8812 IMG_8813 IMG_8814 IMG_8815 IMG_8816 IMG_8817 IMG_8818 IMG_8819 IMG_8820 IMG_8821 IMG_8822

Es Teh 32k

iced black tea


Liang Teh 38k

iced herb tea


Tahu Telor 76k

crisp omelette with bean curd, roasted peanut sauce, beansprout in soy sauce tinted with shrimp paste

We told them that we didn’t want a spicy tahu telor. We always got a spicy one, though we always told the people to make it not spicy. But this time, hooraaaaaaay, no spicy tahu telor! Well, maybe a lil bit. Just a lil bit. But, even, my hubby said it wasn’t spicy at all. And it was delicious. I was afraid they will give us “pecel sauce.” Good thing it wasn’t hahaha.. It’s really peanut sauce. So happy! We were practically fighting over the food LOL.

IMG_8827 IMG_8829 IMG_8830

Nasi Goreng Ayam 76k

signature fried rice with chicken and egg baked under crispy cover, shallots and spices

Unique presentation. They put the fried rice in a big bowl, then an egg on top of the fried rice. Btw I ordered half-cooked sunny side up. And they failed to do that. I got cooked sunny side up. If it’s beef, I got the well-done instead of medium well. LOL. But I was too lazy to complaint at the time. Well, they put those rice and egg under crispy cover. Great thing, the fried rice was delicious. We were too full, so I took away the dish. After hours, I ate the rest of the rice, and it was still super good. Nice job Agneya.

IMG_8831 IMG_8833 IMG_8834

Congratulations Agneya for the opening. Hope to try your other dishes, soon. Good luck!

Agneya Restaurant
Jl. Wijaya IX No.23
Dharmawangsa, Jakarta
Phone: +62 823-1066-3640
IG: @agneyajakarta

Stillwater Coffee & Co at Gunawarman Senopati Jakarta

December 7th, 2017. Lovely morning. After breakfast with sisters, I went to Gunawarman with hubby for a visit to the newest coffee shop there. Stillwater Coffee & Co invited me this Saturday. Too bad I have to host an event at the same time. So I think I better come this Thursday before anyone else. LOL.


Happy that I could meet the owner, Chef Vania Wibisono, but I didn’t have the courage to speak to her. Hahaha. I just saw her and smiled at her. Yes, they told me that the coffee shop was owned by the beautiful chef, and all the sandwiches and croissants and cakes are healthy. They also will serve salad, later. Superb! Actually, I was curious about the name, but I forgot to ask them. Well, I will update about it soon, ok. And I won’t talk about the Chef. You can find about her everywhere on the internet hahaha. The coffee shop is beautiful. Located at the first floor of the building *the second floor is a yoga place* Stillwater stunned me with their minimalist atmosphere and friendly ambiance. They have small outdoor area too for smoking room.

IMG_8774 IMG_8777 IMG_8778 IMG_8792 IMG_8793 IMG_8779 IMG_8780 IMG_8781 IMG_8782 IMG_8783 IMG_8784 IMG_8786 IMG_8789 IMG_8773 IMG_8788 IMG_8802 IMG_8803 IMG_8791 IMG_8787 IMG_8785 IMG_8790

Ice Lychee Tea 45k


Caffe Latte 43k

Beautiful latte art. Love it. The texture of the coffee was a little bit watery with bitter flavour, but the after taste was delicious. I forgot to ask about the beans, but I guess it should be good.


Unicorn Sandwich 45k

Rainbow Cheese & Dulce de Leche

I was happy when I saw the menu that they have unicorn sandwich. Too bad it’s not really colourful when it came to my table. It’s prettier in the menu hahaha. Well, my hubby tried it and he said, “It’s not sweet.” Well, he thought it will be super sweet. But no, it’s not that sweet. It’s really good, with perfect texture of the sandwich and the rainbow cheese. Dulce de leche is a thick, creamy caramel sauce traditionally made with milk and sugar that are simmered together for hours. It enhanced the flavour of the Unicorn Sandwich.

IMG_8801 IMG_8800

Tuna Melt Sandwich 70k

Tuna, Mayo, Onion, Signatured Herbs, Green Paprika, Grilled Cheese & Cucumber

Actually I ordered for croissant. But they served us another sandwich. Well, they kindly wanted to change it but I didn’t want to. “It’s okay. Definitely fine.” I tried the tuna melt sandwich. The flavour of the tuna was impeccable. We just thought that there were too many onion and cucumber hahaha. Other than that, perfecto!

IMG_8798 IMG_8799

Chocolate Cheese Cake 47k

Well, they said it’s one healthy cake. And I thought, “one of the delicious healthy cakes!” The texture of the cake was fluffy and moist. The chocolate flavour and the cheese flavour mixed perfectly in harmony. Addictive cake. They said it’s their most-ordered cake. Wow. Recommended!

IMG_8796 IMG_8797

Congratulations Stillwater Coffee & Co. Congratulations Chef Vania Wibisono. Definitely will be back to try the Salad Betawi.

Stillwater Coffee & Co
Jl. Gunawarman No. 67
Senopati, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 7252404
IG: @stillwater_coffee

Jin Bao at Ruko Galeri Metrobroadway PIK Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

November 26th, 2017. We were headed to church for friends’ wedding. Before the time, we stopped by to Jin Bao. I didn’t really remember how I knew about Jin Bao, but I remember that I saw Anak Jajan’s IG about it.


When we arrived, it was still closed. But they let us in and we waited inside. Then, they asked for our orders. I visited their 2nd floor, but only for taking photos. After that we waited for our orders. And I was happy that they made our orders so fast. We didn’t have to wait for too long. And I love the simple ambiance there. Not too spacious but quite cosy.

IMG_8494 IMG_8495 IMG_8496 IMG_8497 IMG_8498 IMG_8499 IMG_7265 IMG_8500

Fruit Chinese Tea Jasmine 25k

IMG_8504 IMG_8505 IMG_8506

Ice Tea 15k


Sheng Jian Baos

Shanghainese little pan fried dumplings of meat and soupy goodness (All Sheng Jian Bao’s will come in portions of 4. w/Soy, Ginger, Chilli & Garlic.)

Classic Pork Filling 48k

Juicy Pork Filling

Actually the particular thing about this bao is the pan-fried idea. Well, I love their juicy pork filling with the tasteful broth. But the pan-fried idea wasn’t my palate. I prefer they make the dumpling skin thinner and not fried. Errr.. it’s quite hard for me to explain in English. But, I hope you know what I meant. Other than the skin, it was totally perfectly delicious.

IMG_8514 IMG_8515

Shao Kao Beef Bowl 65k

Stir Fried Aromatic Beef Slices, Fennel Seeds, Crispy Potatoes, Onions

Well-seasoned beef slices, combined with rice bowl. Should be fantastic. But the spicy taste reduced our fun *sobbing* Well it was delicious but I think next time I will ask them to make it non-spicy beef bowl hahahaha. The beef slices were tender and juicy. Recommended choice for spicy food lovers.

IMG_8507 IMG_8508

Butter & Sweet Milk Pork Chop Bowl 55k

Pork Loins w/ Cracker Crumbs, Sweet & Spicy Milk Sauce, Milk Powder

A very particular dish. Pork and rice with milk sauce and milk powder. The combination of rice and pork and milk sauce were funtastic. It was milky, sweet, salty and actually not too spicy, for us. The pork loins were a little bit hard, but still easy to chew. Recommended for pork lovers, like me, hahaha..

IMG_8509 IMG_8510

Thank you Jin Bao for making me happy at my lunch time.

Jin Bao
Ruko Galeri Metrobroadway 8/DE
Jl. Pantai Indah Utara 2
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
Phone: +62 822-9999-8817

Gamsul Jakarta by SK at Ruko Crown Golf PIK Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

November 24th, 2017. Yaaaaaay. Finally I could come to Gamsul Jakarta by SK. It was my plan since its opening. But, never had a chance. When #HIF invited me, I couldn’t come *sobbing* so when my cousin and his wife asked me and hubby to join them for lunch at Gamsul.. whoozaaaaah!


Annyeong! “Straight up from 🇰🇷 Seoul to 🇮🇩 PIK with flavour!” Actually, until now, I didn’t have a favourite Korean restaurant. But after tried Gamsul, I could say it out loud: I LOVE GAMSUL! Ok, I agree that they were a little bit expensive, but I think they used premium ingredients, which is worth the price. Coming into the venue, I was stunned by the beauty of the place. They have this mural of beautiful Korean lady near the stairs. I didn’t go to the 2nd floor. Just the 1st floor. They have bar in the middle with colourful ambiance. Spacious area with friendly people. By the way, you maybe curious about the SK. I never asked them, but I believe it was initial of the owner, Silvia Kurniady. Great job Ms Silvia!

IMG_8486 IMG_8463 IMG_8487 IMG_8488 IMG_8466 IMG_8465 IMG_8485 IMG_8462 IMG_8484 IMG_8483 IMG_8461 IMG_8464 IMG_7165

Iced Tea 15k


Hae Mul Pa Jeon 88k

Korean style seafoods and spring onion pancake


Hae Mul Sundubu-Jjigae 109k

Fresh clams, dumpling, vegetables and soft tofu soup


Woo Sam Gyup Teok Bokki 188k

Spicy teok bokki served with tender U.S short plate


Ganjang Chicken 159k (large)

Mixed sweet soy sauce with crispy fried chicken


Bulgogi 189k

Korean style braised U.S beef with glass noodle and vegetables

IMG_8469 IMG_8475

Doei Ji Gal Bi 119k

Grilled Korean style marinated pork neck


My favourite was definitely Doei Ji Gal Bi. Pork neck. Delicious. Addicting.
The pork meat was tender and juicy. And I love the sauce.
They served it with bean sprouts. Delicious!
The Hae Mul Pa Jeon was very very tasty. It was thick and delicious.
Love the Hae Mul Sundubu-Jjigae. Soft tofu with spicy soup.
Fresh, hot, spicy, comforting, and delicious!
I didn't try the Woo Sam Gyup Teok Bokki, only the tender U.S short plate hahaha
Yeah it was not fair for everybody, but they said it was too spicy for me.
That's why I only ate the tender meat. Hmm.. superb!
OMG! The Ganjang Chicken was super tasty! Tender meat with crunchy skin and mild flavour.
They used Ganjang as the sauce. Ganjang is Soy Sauce.
The bulgogi served in a hotpot like Jeongol.
Bulgogi is a gui made of thin, marinated slices of beef or pork.
Tasty meat in a lightly seasoned broth. Outstanding!
So, my conclusion: all the food was super duper delicious!

Amazing job Gamsul Jakarta for serving us those delectable food. For you Korean-food-lovers, you should try it. Super recommended!

Gamsul Jakarta by SK
Ruko Crown Golf Block D 62-63
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
Phone: +62 877-8102-1110
IG: @gamsuljakarta