Say Something Coffee Kemang at Como Park Kemang Jakarta

August 18th, 2017. Say Something Coffee came to south of Jakarta! Woohoo! I never visit the first coffee shop in Taman Aries. That’s why when I heard that they will open in Kemang area, I was very happy hahaha.. Yippy! And today is their first day.


I came alone since my hubby cancelled to visit the place with me. Then, Aline told me that she had a free time this morning. So, we had a date this morning. Located in Como Park area, Say Something occupied the place with other tenants. When I came in, I found friendly smiles and welcoming gestures from the baristas. Lovely coffee shop with comfortable ambiance. I think I will be back again and again to this one. Too bad, Mr Izman, the owner, was in the middle of coffee event in Medan. See you next time, yes!

IMG_2232 IMG_3396 IMG_3399 IMG_3397 IMG_3400 IMG_3398 IMG_3404 IMG_3406 IMG_3407 IMG_3411 IMG_3409 IMG_3408 IMG_3401 IMG_3405

Cappuccino 30k


Latte 33k

I really loved their latte. I took a sip and my mind was blown away. It was a quite decent one with light body level. Perfect texture with delicious flavour, served in a beautiful cup. I knew right away that if Cindy came with me, she would say something like, “What a lovely cup. Can I have it?” LOL.


Brownies Chocolate Oreo 20k

Since they served savoury food at 9:30am, we only had one choice. The brownies. Lucky us, the brownies was not too sweet. It’s splendid with great texture and delicious flavour. The combination between chocolate and oreo was beyond compare. It’s not a kind of brownies that melt in your mouth or too chewy. It’s a kind of brownies that will melt in your heart. *giggling* Yes, it’s definitely melt in Aline’s heart.

IMG_3413 IMG_3414

Well, congratulations Say Something for the second branch. I will come to your first branch as soon as possible LOL. And definitely will be back again to this one.

Say Something Coffee Kemang
Como Park
Jl. Kemang Timur Raya No.998
IG: @saysomethingcoffee

The Fat Pig at Ruko Crown Golf PIK Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

August 13th, 2017. I saw The Fat Pig accidentally as I passed the Ruko Crown Golf area to go to one of the cafes there. It’s time for me to eat, so I asked my hubby to visit the place. Turned out it used to be a different cafe that we have visited earlier. The Fat Pig just opened on August 3rd, 2017. Hooraaaaay. Said my joyful tummy. Hahahahaha.


Since I knew the place, it’s totally familiar. Not many different from the previous tenant, it’s comfortable for lunch or dinner. Love the pigs display on the wall. So cute to see so many pigs LOL. I really love the situation in the front area. Big windows with bright light. It’s very good for me to capture a great photos. So, guys, for those bright-light hunters, come come come.

IMG_2007 IMG_3095 IMG_3096 IMG_3097 IMG_3099

Ice Tea 10k


Ice Lychee Tea 12.5k

So happy to find a not-too-expensive ice lychee tea hahahaha..


Nasi Babi Guling 55k

It’s so delicious! I was happy that finally I found my favourite nasi babi guling. The pork meat was very appetizing.  The skin was crispy, but not too hard to chew. And the satay was tasty enough for me to give fierce look to my hubby when he touched it hahaha.. I didn’t try the sambal. They said it’s so spicy LOL.

IMG_3106 IMG_3107 IMG_3108

Nasi Tiga Kombinasi Panggang 65k

My hubby didn’t wanna eat babi guling, so he ordered this nasi kombinasi. The rice consisted of roasted duck, char siew and roasted pork. Hmmm.. looks delish, right? I love the roasted duck and roasted pork. The char siew was just okay for me. I prefer the previous two. Tender meat and tasty flavour. What could go wrong with that?

IMG_3102 IMG_3103 IMG_3104 IMG_3105

Congratulations The Fat Pig for the new location in PIK. You can find their first outlet in Pluit Utara Raya 33. Hope to see many more outlets to come!

The Fat Pig
Ruko Crown Golf B No. 60
Jl. Marina Indah Raya
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Phone: +62 21 22571661

1/15 One Fifteenth Coffee at Menteng Jakarta

August 14th, 2017. I saw from my timeline that 1/15 One Fifteenth Coffee will open another outlet in Menteng area. And when Natasha asked me to join her to visit the place on their second day, I was very excited. Funfact: she didn’t know that it was just opened at KAUM complex LOL *giggling*


I ordered online car from Grand Indonesia. I had foodtasting with Cindy there, but she couldn’t come with me to 1/15, she had to go home soon. So, waving goodbye to Cindy. Lucky me, there’s no traffic jam at the time. When I arrived, another luck, the table near windows was just available. I waited for Natasha before order anything. The place was just nice. Not too spacious, but very appropriate size with warm ambiance and friendly atmosphere. When you come in, you will find the coffee bar first, then you will see the open kitchen. Such a lovely situation.

IMG_3272 IMG_3273 IMG_3275 IMG_3281 IMG_3269 IMG_3270 IMG_3274 IMG_3271 IMG_3283 IMG_3284 IMG_3285 IMG_3286 IMG_3276 IMG_3277 IMG_3279 IMG_3268 IMG_3278 IMG_3280 IMG_3282

Long Black 31k

I love the logo!!! Super love!!! Errrr.. I didn’t try the coffee. Still do not have the courage to try long black hahaha..


Latte 35k

The texture was tooo light. I think that’s because I told them to make it less coffee. Too much water, I guess. But that’s fine, I will try again another time. Since it’s not far from my place, I imagine that I will be back soon.


Affogato 39k

Ice cream with coffee is always a good idea. Until now, I never tried affogato, but this time Natasha told me that it was good and it’s safe for me to try it. So I tried. And it’s really good.

IMG_3307 IMG_3309 IMG_3311

Kaya Toast 37k

It’s a different presentation from other kaya toast. The texture of the toast was amazing. Crispy but very tender. The kaya jam was too mild for me. But I really love the butter. Well, I always love butter hahaha..

IMG_3305 IMG_3306

Congratulations 1/15 Coffee. Hooraaaay!

One Fifteenth Coffee
Jl. Dr. Kusuma Atmaja No.79
Menteng, Jakarta
IG: @115coffee

Up in Smoke at RDTX Tower Kuningan Jakarta

August 11th, 2017. I heard about Up in Smoke on my birthday. I knew they will open on July 20th. Since I had another events, I didn’t take my time to visit the place. And along with the time, I totally forgot about it.. until Aline told me about their lunch promo. Ok, let’s go there.


At first, I thought it replaced the previous restaurant that closed around 2 or 3 months ago. Turned out, it’s totally a new location. The place is managing 2 restaurants. Up in Smoke (open at 11:00) and One Eyed’s Jack (open at 17:30). So that day, we only tried Up in Smoke. It was a really nice place to have lunch with friends. Quite huge for a restaurant. We were so lucky that we could see the smoke gears because they have this open kitchen area. They alsoe have 2 semi-private area. Cool. On the right side, they have bar area for those who wanna have some drinks only.

IMG_2973 IMG_2974 IMG_2971 IMG_2972  IMG_2977 IMG_2984 IMG_2986 IMG_2988 IMG_2975 IMG_2982 IMG_2983 IMG_2980 IMG_2978 IMG_2979

Iced Tea 30k


Smoked Brisket Sandwich 110k

BBQ Sauce, Cabbage, Aioli

Since it’s specialized in a “smoke” dish, we tried this smoked brisket sandwich. I love the burger bun. Soft and tender. And the brisket was juicy with a great hint of smokey texture. The cabbage was in a perfect portion, not too much. And I couldn’t stop eating the potato crisp. Yum.

IMG_2968 IMG_2967

Smoked Chicken 120k

Baby Romaine, Alabama White Sauce, Herbs, Pickled Onions

Another “smoked” dish. It’s super duper good. I was happy when it came to my table. It’s beautiful in presentation with aromatic fragrant. I was literally drooling before I tried the dish. And when I finally tried the dish, I experienced chickgasm. LOL. Juicy and tender meat, with delightful taste from the sauce. OMG. I demanded another portion hahahaha.. Good thing that Aline never liked drumstick chicken hohoho.. *clap my hands*

IMG_2964 IMG_2963 IMG_2965

Grilled Cheese 85k

Raclette, Dijon, Watercress


Banana Cream Pie 75k

Salted Caramel, Brown Butter Graham

Super love! Always love banana. Mixed it with salted caramel and brown butter. Super super delicious. The texture of the cream was astounding. Super moist, delicate and fluffy. Sexy combo between the banana and the salted caramel. It’s big portion, but we could finish our bowls without a blink. Recommended dessert to wrap-up our lovely lunch.

IMG_2989 IMG_2991

Thanks Up in Smoke and Mr Justin for our lovely complimentary late lunch. We’ll be back next week! Hooray!

Up in Smoke
RDTX Tower Lobby Level
Jl. Prof Dr Satrio Kav E-4 No. 6
Kuningan, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 57992371
IG: @upinsmokejkt

Mr. Fox at The Energy Building SCBD Sudirman Jakarta

August 8th, 2017. I was in the middle of nothing to do when I remember that I wanted to go to Mr. Fox. It’s a new establishment from Ismaya Group. Some of my friends went there before it’s opened for public. That’s why I was very curious about the place. So that afternoon, I ordered online car and went there.


A comfortable place with lots of plants greeted me when I came inside Mr. Fox. There’s bar on the right side. I was surprised when one of the server recognized me since he saw me once in a while at Social House LOL. Great to know, right? I was alone so I took the table on some corner. Near the window, not too bright but quite ok for taking some photos.

IMG_2834 IMG_2847 IMG_2841 IMG_2844 IMG_2838 IMG_2836 IMG_2837 IMG_2833 IMG_2835 IMG_2839 IMG_2840 IMG_2842 IMG_2843

The Elder The Berry 60k

elderflower cordial, blackberry puree, lemon, soda

It was so pretty with purple colour. Tasted delicious too. Very refreshing. Such a thirst-quenching. It’s not too sour, not too sweet. Just an excellent mocktail.

IMG_2845 IMG_2846

Crispy Pork Belly 155k

potato puree, mustard sauce, watercress

Delicious crispy pork belly. The skin was crunchy crispy crackling. The pork belly was tender moist and super juicy. I think I need warm rice to keep it company. The potato puree was very good. Love the texture, but I know that I needed rice instead of potato puree. I took the pork belly home, and my hubby was in love with it.

IMG_2849 IMG_2850

Hello Mr. Fox. Congratulations for the opening. Definitely will be back.

Mr. Fox
The Energy Building Ground Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
SCBD, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 52961999
IG: @hello.mrfox

[NEW LOCATION] Sugabites Patisserie at Senopati Jakarta

August 13th, 2017. I once went to Sugabites Patisserie on November 2015. Whoaaaa.. time flies, right? And then it was shut down. Suddenly, on August 9th, 2017, it opened again at a new location. It’s bigger and prettier.


I learned that Sugabites belongs to sisters, Fanda Soesilo and May Soesilo. Whoaaaa.. I wish I could have such talents like them. Well, you can look at their website about the story of Sugabites. It’s really a nice one. Located in Senopati area, Sugabites wasn’t very spacious but quite big for a patisserie. Dominated with warm ambiance, Sugabites caught my heart all at once. It’s really different from the previous one. They used to be a small shop with a petite area to eat. Now they re-opened with a better version.

IMG_3113 IMG_3121 IMG_3122 IMG_3123 IMG_3124 IMG_3126 IMG_3125 IMG_3127 IMG_3115 IMG_3116 IMG_3119 IMG_3120

Java Jasmine 15k

Love the big glass! OMG. I was very happy hahaha..


Latte 33k

They used TGC for the coffee. I think I never tried it before. I loved it. Bold with not-too-creamy texture and beautiful after taste flavour, it’s no wonder I could finish it in a flash. They have es kopi susu too, but maybe next time. Funny thing, when I asked the barista how they serve the es kopi susu, she answered with a little bit too cheerful. “Well, it’s coffee and milk!” Well, actually I asked about the glass. Will it be in a glass or plastic cup. LOL. I know it’s coffee and milk, for sure. Hahahaha.. Yeah, it’s quite funny.


Cappuccino 33k

Cindy’s order, from my second visit. A little bit bitter for me.


Darren’s Greenies 18k

Matcha, Vanilla

Love the combination of matcha and vanilla in this cake. Not too sweet with a hint of bitter from the matcha. The texture was also very good. Sometimes other cake was too creamy. But this one was just a perfect cake with perfect texture and perfect flavour. No wonder only 1 cake left in the cake display.


Lemon Meringue Tart 18k

Lemon Curd, Sweet Dough, Meringue

Super love with thies lemon meringue tart. The texture of the tart was totally perfecto. It’s not hard to chew and not too tender to bite. Sometimes it’s too crumbly. But not with this one. The flavour was also fantastic. I could eat this one 2 portions, alone. The combination of lemon curd and meringue: overwhelming. Super recommended. Addicting!


Najela’s Favourite 18k

Rose, Vanilla, Pistachio, Almond

Too creamy for me but the rose flavour was just perfect. Not overpowering the other flavours. But like I said before, it’s too creamy. The texture was too moist, for me. But it was one pretty cake to eat. 🙂


Rock and Roll 18k

Peanut, Strawberry, Chocolate

I think they need to put more strawberry to this cake. It’s hard for me to find the flavour of strawberry in the cake. The peanut and  chocolate flavour combined perfectly. The texture of the cake was impeccable. One recommended cake.


The Red Dragon (Dragon Fruit) and Yellow Sunset (Pineapple, Orange) @ 27k

The Gelato was from Fiore di Gelato. Like they said: Feel the Happiness from every flavour of Gelato in our first outlet! I love the flavours. The red dragon was refreshing, same with the yellow sunset. Next time we should try their gelato and choco.


Congratulations Sugabites Patisserie for the re-opening at the new location. Definitely will be back again and again.

Sugabites Patisserie
Jl. Senopati No.66
Phone: +62 21 7261129
IG: @sugabitespatisserie