KING MANGO THAI at Neo SOHO Mall Letjen S Parman Jakarta

June 25th, 2017. I knew about this place when it opened for the first time at Neo SOHO Mall. KING MANGO THAI is happening, guys! LOL. It’s brand from Thailand, and it’s the new hype I think. I came today since it’s holiday and my hubby could keep me company. Yaaaaay. Are you ready to queue??? Whoozaaaaah!


KING MANGO THAI is an exquisite fast drink served that specialized in mango as the main ingredient. It is a franchise product from Thailand and it has become a very popular product in Thailand and we believe that the concept we bring will receive positive response and a great prospect from Indonesia market.

Today they opened 12pm, so we waited at nearby coffee shop. When it’s 12pm, I drove to Neo SOHO Mall and prepared to queuing. And it’s already a long queue. LOL. “We were late!!!” I shouted to my hubby hahahahhaa.. I was amazed to see how they preparing the mango smoothies, whipped cream, mango slush and mango cubes in one big plastic cup. I heard that when they opened it’s buy 1 get 1, and the queue was very long. Then, it’s 40k per cup. And today it’s normal price. But it’s still long queue.. Wooooow!

IMG_0479 IMG_0480

Big Mango 50k

At first I only wanted to buy 1 big cup. Then, Hans texted me and asked me where I was. I said, “I am queuing at King Mango. Do you want some?” And he said, “YES!” So, I said to hubby, “We’ll buy 3 cups lah. I’m tired. So it’s 1 for you, 1 for me, and 1 for Hans.” After 1 hour and 40 minutes, finally we arrived at the front line. Then, “Ciyen, can you buy 2 for me?” OMG! @edmarvinz poked me. LOL. Ok, so I bought 5 cups. Hahaha.. And it was worth it. I loved the sweet mango and the texture of the smoothies. But I think 1 cup is enough for 2 persons.

IMG_0486 IMG_0487 IMG_0485 IMG_0482

Neo SOHO Mall LG Floor 216
Jl. Letjen S. Parman
Tanjung Duren, Jakarta
IG: @kingmangoindonesia

Hawker Chan Indonesia at PIK Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

June 24th, 2017. Famous for their motto: The Cheapest Michelin-Starred Meal in The World, Hawker Chan finally opened in Jakarta. Yaaaaaay. I heard about their famous restaurant in Singapore. When it came to Jakarta, I was very happy. I was invited to their pre-opening last Monday but could’t come. So today I asked hubby to keep me company visiting the place.


Located above Tim Ho Wan, we can go upstair with elevator or stairs. Lucky us, we came around 11am, so we didn’t have to queue. Not very spacious place, just a typical clean and simple chinese restaurant. We met Eve and Ika *nice to meet you ladies* and they helped us choosing the menu. Anyway, I was curious about the Liao Fan. What’s the meaning of it? I forgot to ask them. Well, if I had a chance to ask them, I will update here.

Chan Hon Meng, the founder of Hawker Chan: As my first post on Instagram, I want to encourage all Hawkers in Singapore to continue learning, experimenting and improving the taste and quality of their food. I never thought that hawker food would be recognised by the Michelin guide. It was a surprise, a good one in fact. In short, I wish that all my fellow Hawkers would be motivated and strive to achieve the Michelin award in the years to come. Thank you everyone, my family, friends and customers for your continuous support!

IMG_0393 IMG_0394 IMG_0395 IMG_0397 IMG_0408 IMG_0396

Soya Sauce Chicken Rice 28k

Tender meat with delicious flavour. I was in love with this dish at the first bite. Well-seasoned chicken with perfect texture of rice and proper portion. The price is just right. Not expensive at all. I think I will be back to order this and not sharing.

IMG_0404 IMG_0405

Char Siew Hor Fun 52k

It’s my hubby’s choice. Hor fun is one  of our favourite dish. And they told us that their favourite was always the char siew. So yeah, we ordered this char siew hor fun, and we didn’t sorry at all. It’s just excellent with ideal portion to company our chicken rice. Recommended.

IMG_0413 IMG_0406 IMG_0407

3 Combination Platter 100k

This was dabomb. And yes, the char siew were perfecto! I didn’t even share it with my hubby. He could have his char siew at his hor fun LOL. I gave almost all of the roasted pork and the pork rib to him hahahaha.. But the char siew, all mine! Very recommended dish for you who loves those porky pigs.

IMG_0414 IMG_0398 IMG_0399 IMG_0401 IMG_0400

Wonton Soup 36k

Delicious but not very very very special. Impeccable texture with flavourful broth. If you love soup dishes, you should order this one. Tender and delicate wonton with delicious meat inside the wonton.

A wonton (also spelled wantan, or wuntun in transcription from Cantonese; Mandarin: húndun or húntun) is a type of dumpling commonly found in a number of Chinese cuisines.

IMG_0402 IMG_0403

AIYU Aloe Vera 16k

It’s very simple dessert. Just aloe vera in a jelly. But it’s a perfect dessert to end our big happy meal today. Deliciously refreshing and healthy dessert, for sure.


Congratulations Hawker Chan Indonesia! Cannot wait to visit your next outlet! Please make it nearby my place! LOL.

Hawker Chan
(above Tim Ho Wan)
Ruko Crown Golf Cluster Marina Indah Raya
Blok D No. 8-10
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk
Phone: +62 21 22510206
IG: @hawker_chan_id

Northsider Coffee Shop and Roastery at PIK Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

June 24th, 2017. A nice friend told me about this new coffee shop. I was planning to go last week but I had another event, so I asked my hubby to take me there this morning. Love the ambiance of Northsider. It’s coffee shop and roastery. And very friendly people there.


They have 2 levels. The first level wasn’t spacious, but the second level was bigger, with smoking area outside. We stayed at first level, easier for us to chit chat with the barista. Actually, they asked me to find someone there, but he or she still on the way. So we ordered first, until it’s time to go. Psst, they have this airplane hanging on the ceiling at some corner. Gorgeous!

IMG_9607 IMG_9610 IMG_0374 IMG_0378 IMG_0382 IMG_0375 IMG_0377 IMG_0388 IMG_0376 IMG_0380 IMG_0381 IMG_0389 IMG_0390 IMG_0391

Latte 35k

Love it. The after taste gave a wonderful taste. The creamy texture enhanced the beauty of the swan on that latte art. Recommended for latte lovers like me.


Chocolate Latte 40k

My hubby loved it. It’s not too sweet. But I prefer it darker. Well, it’s not my order, so what the heck hahaha..


Almond Croissant

Nice texture of the croissant with lovely almond on top. Not too crumble with delicious flavour. I think  I will order their other food next time. Wait for me ya!


Congratulations Northsider for the opening. I think everybody will come to your place after seeing my post hahahaha.. Just wait for a bunch of foodies and bloggers crawling to visit you. LOL. Be prepared!

Northsider Coffee Shop and Roastery
Ruko Elang Laut Blok B2 No. 15
Jl. Pantai Indah Selatan 1
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Phone: +62 822-9777-0079

Kasiko Padang Restaurant at Setiabudi One Jakarta

May 20th, 2017. I knew Kasiko Padang Restaurant since the first time they opened at Setiabudi One. But, I’ve never heard about it before, so I hesitated to try it by myself. I waited for the right moment to go there with hubby. Lucky me, Rinku invited me to come to their event trying Kasiko. Yaaaaay.


I was there with fellow foodies. As usual, I only took some photos and sat patiently waiting for others to take photos. After waited for some time *patient tummy.. please be patient* finally we could try those delicious food. By the way, the place wasn’t very spacious but quite nice and comfortable.

IMG_8258 IMG_8259 IMG_8267 IMG_8266 IMG_8265 IMG_8262 IMG_8263

Some From the Menu

Ayam Pop 22k
Ayam Bakar 23k
Ayam Goreng 22k
Ayam Gulai 23k
Dendeng Balado 22k
Rendang 25k
Gulai Kikil 25k
Terong Balado 15k
Telor Gulai 12k
Telor Balado 10k
Perkedel Kentang 11k
Sayur Daun Singkong 10k

IMG_8270 IMG_8272 IMG_8271 IMG_8275 IMG_8277 IMG_8278 IMG_8276

My favourites were gulai kikil and perkedel kentang. Definitely addicting.
I didn't try them all, but their rendang was a little bit different. dry texture but delicious.
The ayam pop was okay but not addictive.
I will try their other menus, soon.

Thanks Rinku and Kasiko.

Kasiko Padang Restaurant
Setiabudi One
Jl. HR Rasuna Said
Karet Kuningan
Setia BudiJakarta
Phone: +62 21 5212315
IG: @kasiko_padang

Animo Bakery – Animo Bread Culture – at Cipete Jakarta

May 17th, 2017. I heard about Animo a long long time ago, when Aline brought me my first canele. I remember that she said it’s Animo Bakery in Kemang area. And it’s one of the best canele I’ve ever tried. *hug Aline* Well, after years, she told me that Animo’s ice coffee was also good. That’s why when Cindy asked me to join her to Animo Bakery. And I said YES! *wedding bells rang* LOL just kidding!


Located not in Kemang anymore, I just informed that they moved around March 2017 to Cipete area. It’s not spacious area but quite comfortable. They have tiny outdoor area and teensy-weensy indoor area. LOL. Yes, they’re quite small. When you came inside, you will see pastries in the display with petite seats. And once in a while, you will see those pastries came from their kitchen. OMG. Best moments. Hahaha.. Btw, below you will find blurry photos. I still upload them because they’re still look good hahahaha.. Pardon my weirdness..

IMG_8083 IMG_8081 IMG_8082 IMG_8097 IMG_8086 IMG_8089 IMG_8088 IMG_8087 IMG_8096 IMG_8095 IMG_8106 IMG_8091 IMG_8090 IMG_8105 IMG_8092 IMG_8109 IMG_8108 IMG_8107

Es Kopi Susu Animo 17k

I love their ice coffee. Not too sweet, not too creamy, not too watery, not too thick. Just perfect. Of course, I asked for less coffee. But it didn’t change the flavour. It’s still very very good. I think one of the best.

IMG_8099 IMG_8102

Donat Empuk Gemes 6k

What a cute name. It’s literally empuk and gemes. Empuk means soft, tender, fluffy. Gemes means feeling when we see something is so cute. And this doughnut was fluffy and cute hahaha. Love the buttery texture and it’s addicting!


Banana Chocolate Croissant 10k

Flaky croissant with banana chocolate flavour. There’s nothing to complain. And it’s not pricey!


Baked Cheese Tart 13k

Sweet and creamy with perfect texture. Love it.


Definitely will be back! Psst, you will find a lot of go-food drivers there.


Animo Bakery
Jl. Cipete I No.6 A
Cilandak, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 22769595
IG: @animobakery

METRO Coffee Bar etc at Tanjung Karang Thamrin Jakarta

May 16th, 2017. I knew this place from Hans. He told me a long time ago. But I didn’t have a chance to visit the place with him. So, when a friend asked me to join her to visit the place, I immediately agreed. Yaaay finally I could visit METRO Coffee Bar etc.


Located in Tanjung Karang, not far from Thamrin street, METRO looks so comfortable from the facade. The outdoor area was lovely. But when I came inside, I was a little bit disappointed. The right area was fantastic with the sofa and colourful pillow. The left area, near kitchen area, not so much impressive to me. Well, maybe it’s too dark, for me. Or maybe was it because they’re having video shooting at the time? It looked so messy. Well, I think I need to come again hahaha.. Ok lah, I will come again next time with no expectation. LOL. But now, please enjoy my simple review.

IMG_8060 IMG_8059 IMG_8061 IMG_8058 IMG_8069 IMG_8062 IMG_8063 IMG_8065 IMG_8070 IMG_8067 IMG_8064 IMG_8066

Piccolo 24k

I didn’t try this piccolo. But my friend gave me a frown. Well, hmm..


Cafe Latte 28k

Love the presentation, although my friend said that usually coffee shop served it coffee cube with milk, not the other way around. LOL. It’s quite good, for me, since I told them to lower the acidic of the coffee. But I have to add the simple syrup to make it sweeter. Too bitter for me.

IMG_8072 IMG_8080

Pisang Goreng 30k

Love the fried banana. It’s very sweet with perfect texture. The chocolate sauce enhanced the flavour of it. But next time I wanna try their savoury food, instead of their snacks or desserts. Anyone wanna come with me?

IMG_8073 IMG_8074

METRO Coffee Bar etc.
Jl. Tanjung Karang No.5
Tanah Abang, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 29627821
IG: @metrocoffeejkt