Crunchy Bowl at Ruko Alam Sutera Town Center Serpong Tangerang

January 13th, 2018. Actually I came to Serpong to visit Crunchy Bowl. Located in Ruko Alam Sutera Town Center, we visited the place before going back to Jakarta.


A very humble place greeted me when I came inside. What a very comfortable and spacious place. The owners were very friendly and nice. After we tried their food, we talked about everything. From foodies to horror phenomenons. LOL. At first, I only wanted to post them in my IG account, but for humble place that serving delicious food, they need a shoutout on my blog hahaha.. Ok ok fine, I’m nobody, I know. But, I think some people still reading my blog, right? I hope so..

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Karaage Salted Egg 32k

My hubby fell in love with this one. It’s a little bit spicy, but I knew that he didn’t mind eating something spicy as long as he didn’t see the chili hahaha. For me, the salted egg sauce needed more flavour. Other than that, it was totally fine. Actually, it was awesome. If you like karaage and salted egg sauce, trust me, this was a good option. Just asked them to make the salted egg sauce more flavour.


Katsu Melted Cheese 30k

Love this katsu melted cheese. The katsu was tender and well-seasoned. I found it’s hard to find a tender katsu. Everybody made it a little bit hard to chew. But this time, I found my favourite katsu! The melted cheese was also very good. Perfect for the katsu. I couldn’t stop eating this bowl. Recommended!


Dory Sambal Matah 30k

Didn’t try this one. But my mom-in-law told me that it was very good. So, for those who loved dory with sambal matah, you should try!


Crunchy Bowl
Ruko Alam Sutera Town Center Blok 10C No 23
Alam Sutera, Tangerang
Phone: +62 822-1018-0083
IG: @crunchybowl

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