Brouwen Coffee House at Tebet Jakarta

August 4th, 2017. I knew about this coffee shop when it’s opened around 2 months ago. But, it’s in Tebet area. It’s not far from me actually, but I was concern about the traffic. And, is it easy to find it? So when Natasha asked me where to go before an event, I told her about Brouwen Coffee House. And, she said, “Let’s go there.” Woohoo.


Brouwen is a Dutch language, means brew. It’s not a fancy coffee shop or a classy one. But it’s definitely one comfy place. Not a big one, just a simple coffee house, with friendly barista.

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Cappucino 28k

Natasha arrived there first. So when I arrived after her, she’s already ordered this cappucino. It’s really a nice cappucino. It’s not acidic. I tried a sip, and I could feel that their latte must be awesome.


Chill in White 20k

When I wanted to try their latte, they gave me this Chill in White. So I cancelled the latte, and tried this one. It’s really good! I think it’s better if you drink it with ice cubes. Definitely will be back for this one.


Welcome to Jakarta coffee shops, Brouwen. Love your place. Love your coffee.

Brouwen Coffee House
Jl. Prof. DR. Soepomo No. C6A
Tebet, Jakarta
IG: @brouwencoffee_id