Pineapple x Kopikalyan at BSD Serpong Tangerang

June 28th, 2017. Yes, another late post. I knew about this one before it’s opened. But since it’s too far away from my home, I just had chance to visit it on June. It’s actually the second branch of the original Kopi Kalyan in Senopati. And this time, they collaborated with Pineapple. Welcome, Pineapple x KopiKalyan.


At first, I thought Pineapple is Spongebob’s house. LOL. Well, it just crossed my mind unwittingly. What? You too? *high-five* Well, after I browsed, I just realized, it’s a brand of furnitures hahaha. When we went there, we had to turn around twice to find the place. It’s not easy if you’re not from the area. Ok, well, we finally arrived. I was stunned by the furnitures. Too bad I couldn’t bring it home, since they only selling their furnitures to hotels, cafes and restaurants.

IMG_0798 IMG_0799 IMG_0788 IMG_0789 IMG_0807 IMG_0790 IMG_0809 IMG_0796 IMG_0795 IMG_0802 IMG_0794 IMG_0801 IMG_0793 IMG_0792 IMG_0791 IMG_0808

Ice Black Tea 28.5k


Cafe Latte 33k

I was happy when I saw the pandan cake. It’s really their signature. I was in love with the latte. The light body with no acidic flavour. Hooray! A nice coffee to drink in such a beautiful place.


Chocolate Almond Croissant 27.5k

When I came to their previous one, I didn’t try their croissant. So, this time, I ordered the chocolate almond croissant. Well, why I ordered this one? I love chocolate, I love almond. So, instead of ordering chocolate croissant or almond croissant, why not both in one croissant? Love the flaky layers of pastry. Super recommended.

IMG_0805 IMG_0806

Good time! Good time! Definitely a great addition for Tangerang people. *big grin*

Pineapple x Kopikalyan
Foresta Business Loft 2 Unit 20
Jl. BSD Raya Utama
Phone: +62 21 30020229
IG: @kopikalyan

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