Gentle Ben at KH Ahmad Dahlan Gandaria Jakarta

May 24th, 2017. I had an event at Gandaria area, then I thought, “Why don’t I visit this coffee shop near the place?” I heard about Gentle Ben months ago, and I haven’t got the time to visit it. So, that lovely morning, I ordered online car and came to the lovely coffee shop.


Around 7 months ago, Gentle Ben was born in Ahmad Dahlan road. Why they chose the name Gentle Ben? “Gentle Ben is the name of a place in the States. I think it’s where the owner used to hang out with friends there.” the barista explained to me. I searched Gentle Bens and I found that it’s a place for local craftbeer on University Blvd. Tucson, AZ. Anyway, Gentle Ben in Jakarta is a coffee shop and it’s very comfortable. It shares the space with Flipside Concept Store, a retail shop specializing in fashion and lifestyle products. I didn’t have a chance to look Flipside around. I just sat and enjoyed my me-time at Gentle Ben.

IMG_8524 IMG_8515 IMG_8523 IMG_8525 IMG_8521 IMG_8514 IMG_8522 IMG_8512 IMG_8518 IMG_8513 IMG_8520 IMG_8517

Latte 35k

I asked them to make it less coffee, and it made the flavour quite different, I think. It’s sweeter, without sugar. The barista told me that the sweet came from the milk. Next time I think I will try the original latte hahahaha..


Donut Gourmet 22k

strawberry creme

At first, I wanted to try their canelle, but my eyes suddenly fascinated with the red strawberry colour. So canelle next time ya hahahaha.. But I didn’t really like the cream inside the donut. I prefer they filled it with strawberry too. And I forgot to take photo of the cream filling LOL.

IMG_8527 IMG_8528

Croque Madame 55k

Toasted smoked beef and cheese sandwich served with fondue sauce and topped with sunny side up with a side of salad

The presentation of the croque madame was not really impressive, but it tasted delicious. A little bit too salty but if you eat it with the salad, it’s indeed balancing the flavour. I think the salty taste came from the combination of smoked beef, cheese and fondue sauce. Recommended dish for those who love flavourful dish.

IMG_8529 IMG_8530 IMG_8532

I will be back to this place. They offer a very comfortable place with friendly barista. I saw the owner there, but he’s too busy I guess. That’s why I didn’t wanna bother him at all. Well, maybe next time..

Gentle Ben Cafe
Jl. KH. Ahmad Dahlan No.32
Kramat Pela, Kebayoran
Gandaria, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 7204493