DomaDona Coffee at Wijaya I Kebayoran Jakarta

May 23rd, 2017. It’s my 2nd time to DomaDona Coffee. The first time was on October 9th, 2016. But I haven’t got a chance to blogging about it. I went with Natasha since she never been there. She picked me up at my apartment, and headed to the venue.


DomaDona serve coffee which they did all the plant, process, roast and brew it into a cup. Located on the road side of Wijaya 1, their lovely interior is very warm and comfortable. They have outdoor and indoor area. The outdoor area looks comfortable but very hot in the afternoon. The indoor area is beautiful with dim lights and minimalist vibe.

IMG_8464 IMG_8463 IMG_8465 IMG_8147 IMG_8148 IMG_8156 IMG_8151 IMG_8155 IMG_8459 IMG_8466 IMG_8153 IMG_8458 IMG_8152 IMG_8457

Ice Tea 30k


Hot Tea 30k


Chicken Maryland 65k

Tender fried chicken with superb savory cheese topping. Recommended for lunch. It won’t make you too full. And you don’t need another dish to fulfill your tummy. The portion of this chicken maryland was just perfect for me.

IMG_8472 IMG_8473

Chicken Cordon Blue 65k

It’s Natasha’s order. I tried and I loved it. The sauce was delicious, not too creamy. And the texture of the chicken was perfect. Another recommended dish for lunch. Trust me. Too bad, both of us weren’t in good condition for coffee. Next time ya.

IMG_8474 IMG_8475

Wait for me, DomaDona. I will be back to try your other dishes, and your coffee. For sure.

DomaDona Coffee
Jl. Wijaya I No.9AB
Kby. Baru, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 7267619
IG: @domadonacoffee