Awesome Coffee and Stuffs at Kelapa Gading Jakarta

May 4th, 2017. I saw about this place from Instagram. And I planned to visit the place when I had a chance to go to Kelapa Gading area. It’s not easy for me to go around Jakarta by myself. I used to go with some friends, but lately I was busy with my hubby or family. So yeah, for me, family first. That’s why when Ivan asked me to go weekdays to visit places in Kelapa Gading area, I was like, “Yaaaaay!” So we visited Awesome. It’s easy to find it because I used Google Maps. Woohoo.


When I came inside Awesome, I was stunned. On the outside, it’s just like any other rukan (home office). But when you go inside, it’s very beautiful. It’s like into a different world. It’s comfortable and lovely. Beautiful interior with minimalist atmosphere. You’re just gonna love it.

IMG_7245 IMG_7226 IMG_7227 IMG_7220 IMG_7225 IMG_7231 IMG_7229 IMG_7228 IMG_7222 IMG_7223 IMG_7230 IMG_7233 IMG_7234

Crouching Dragon Hidden Mango 48k

Fresh red dragon fruit with mango smoothie. Layered into beautiful magenta and yellow smoothie.

I chose this drink because the name reminded me of my apartment. LOL. I named my apartment, “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.” Because I’m a dragon, and my hubby a tiger. Hahaha. So yeah, this one reminded me so much about the special name. And I wasn’t sorry at all ordering this one. It’s very delicious. Fresh, sweet and such a thirst-quenching. And I always loved beautiful drink with delicious taste. Recommended!


Nutella Chocolate 45k

Ivan ordered nutella chocolate since he didn’t wanna drink much coffee. It’s presented in an awesome mug. Yup, literally awesome, since the word AWESOME written on the mug. LOL. By the way, the nutella chocolate was very good. Nutella never failed us, right?


Rainbow Pasta 65k

Sweet and sour colorful Spaghetti in Radish Vinaigrette. Served with bake-roasted pork.

It’s literally rainbow pasta. Very colourful. At first, I was very skeptical about the taste. “It must be weird,” said my mind. But then, I forced myself to try the pasta. It was a little bit weird, but then the after taste amazed me. And I ate almost a portion hahaha.. The bake-roasted pork were delicious. Tender and juicy. All of a sudden, the plate was empty. Hmmm.. *make a devil glance to Ivan* LOL.

IMG_7235 IMG_7236

When I almost done, the owner asked me if I had a chance to try their soft ice cream. Too bad, the ice cream machine was broken at the time. Well, maybe next time I should try their ice cream. Wait for us, Awesome.

Awesome Coffee & Stuffs
Jl. Bulevar Utara Kelapa Gading
Rukan Graha Bulevard B18
Phone: +62 21 29375226
IG: @ideas.awesome


di bawah tangga at Gandaria City Mall Jakarta

May 8th, 2017. Still in Gandaria City, after a nice lunch with my brother, I visited a new place. It’s their 8th day since opening. di bawah tangga. I heard about it from my brother. Well, since he worked very near Gandaria City – at Gandaria 8 Office Tower to be precise – he must know about new places there.


“I shall open a new coffee shop in Gandaria City Mall in April. It has the same concept with Kopi Kecil, called Di Bawah Tangga because it placed right under a stair. It is also small only 40sqm and we also serving Indonesian snacks,” says Fernandez. “My plan is to establish my own brand, Lenyö. This brand will bring “humble and affordable” coffee shops to many different places with different names, but all have the same concept. The first one art is Kopi Kecil and Di Bawah Tangga and many more. Let’s hope!”

Yes, you’re right. It’s Nino Fernandez. He’s the man behind the coffee shop. It’s called Di Bawah Tangga because it’s literally under a stair or escalator. It’s located on North Lobby just before you enter the mall. It’s a small coffee shop. On the order of 6 round tables and 2 nice corner areas on the each side of it. It’s heaven for smokers, of course. Well, wait no more, please enjoy my simple review.

IMG_7640 IMG_7631 IMG_7636 IMG_7647 IMG_7649 IMG_7643 IMG_7642 IMG_7650 IMG_7651 IMG_7644 IMG_7645

Kopi Susu Panas Kampung 19k

I chose the Kampung because it less acid than the Kota. Well, I sipped and it’s bitter, but not acid. So yeah it’s good for my stomach. If you want for sweeter taste, you can ask them for additional sugar. By the way, I love their take-away cup. It’s really cute. Those take-away-cup lovers.. hurry. Grab it for your collections. LOL.

IMG_7634 IMG_7639

Es Kopi Susu Kampung 19k

Nino said to me that he’s inspired by Kopi Tuku. He also talked and discussed to the owner of Tuku for some opinions. Well, everybody knows Tuku, right? It’s really a trend-setter, I guess. So, Nino created this Es Kopi Susu Kampung. And I loooooooooooooove it so much. Well, I won’t comparing too much. But, when I want to drink delicious coffee, I will ask my brother to bring it home for me.


Lemper Ayam 7k and Pastel 5k

Simple snacks but the effect was dabomb. I ate those with hubby at home. Yes, I asked them to take away those snacks. And my hubby said, “Wow, really good. Where did you buy it?” And I replied, “At di bawah tangga coffee shop.” He was surprised, “Wow, coffee shop, and they’re selling Indonesian snack? Cool!” Yeah, we usually found pastry like croissant, danish, etc at other coffee shops. But this one was very particular. Lemper Ayam and Pastel. And they were very very delicious. Trust me.

IMG_7627 IMG_7641

Congratulations Nino. Please give us more coffee shops like this. Because, di bawah tangga is now literally di hatiku. #eaaaa

di bawah tangga
Gandaria City Mall
North Lobby
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Gandaria, Jakarta
IG: @di.bawahtangga

Douwe Egberts Coffee at Gandaria City Mall Jakarta

May 8th, 2017. I was in the middle of my own dilemma. Staying at home or going out. Then my brother said that he wanted to go to Gandaria City for lunch, alone. I remembered that last time I promised to have lunch with him. So, that morning, when I had nothing to attend, finally I had lunch with him at Douwe Egberts Coffee in Gandaria City. Hooraaaay.


Douwe Egberts is an international coffee tradition celebrating 250 years of excellent taste. Born in the Netherlands in 1753, Douwe Egberts now can be found in many countries around the world. The brand continues to be recognized for it’s wide range of coffees in retail markets, but also in offices, fine hotels, restaurants and cafés.

I heard about DE from Cindy. She asked me to go there last month, I guess. But we still no chance to visit the place. Then, I said to Cindy that I wanna try DE with my brother, and she said, “Go ahead. Tell me all about it later.” Yaaaaay. Well, let me show you around. DE Coffee divided into 2 areas. Smoking and Non smoking. Of course I chose the non smoking area. It’s very comfortable with high ceiling and cozy ambiance. While waited for my brother, I took photos first. And now, please enjoy my simple review about DE Coffee.

IMG_7610 IMG_7609 IMG_7613 IMG_7614 IMG_7618 IMG_7615 IMG_7617 IMG_7616 IMG_7606 IMG_7608 IMG_7607 IMG_7611 IMG_7612

Stroopwafel Caramel Latte 51k

Signature latte with caramel flavour and Dutch stroopwafel topping

Love the stroopwafel caramel latte. As usual, I asked the barista to make it less coffee. It’s fresh, sweet and delicious. Oh, and it’s beautiful in presentation. Easy to be captured. Very lovely.


Lazy Noon 49k

Espresso mix with chocolate milk topped with hershey’s syrup and choco powder

What a catchy name. Drink Lazy Noon on a lazy noon hahaha. My brother loved it. When he got home, he told me that he’s already craving this delicious drink. Well, next time bro, we’ll visit it again. Soon ya.


Tuna Sandwich 53.6k

Baguette Bread with tuna chunk mixed paprika & topped with cheddar cheese

Tried the tuna chunk, but it’s not really my taste bud. So I let my brother finished it.

IMG_7622 IMG_7623

Special Fried Rice 53.6k

Dutch favorite javanese fried rice with chicken satay

I LOVE IT! The fried rice was very delicious. The chicken satay was tender with a sweet peanut sauce. Pssst, don’t forget to tell the server about the egg. Sunny side up. Half-cooked. Hmmm.. drooling. And now, I’m craving this fried rice while writing about it. Btw, they said the oxtail fried rice is also good. Hmm.. I wonder.. Ok, next time I will try their oxtail fried rice. 🙂

IMG_7624 IMG_7625

It’s been fun. Delicious drinks, delicious food, with a great company. Will definitely be back again when I visit Gandaria City. See you soon Douwe Egberts Coffee.

Douwe Egberts Coffee
Gandaria City, Ground Floor
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Gandaria, Jakarta
IG: @decoffeejakarta