KING MANGO THAI at Neo SOHO Mall Letjen S Parman Jakarta

June 25th, 2017. I knew about this place when it opened for the first time at Neo SOHO Mall. KING MANGO THAI is happening, guys! LOL. It’s brand from Thailand, and it’s the new hype I think. I came today since it’s holiday and my hubby could keep me company. Yaaaaay. Are you ready to queue??? Whoozaaaaah!


KING MANGO THAI is an exquisite fast drink served that specialized in mango as the main ingredient. It is a franchise product from Thailand and it has become a very popular product in Thailand and we believe that the concept we bring will receive positive response and a great prospect from Indonesia market.

Today they opened 12pm, so we waited at nearby coffee shop. When it’s 12pm, I drove to Neo SOHO Mall and prepared to queuing. And it’s already a long queue. LOL. “We were late!!!” I shouted to my hubby hahahahhaa.. I was amazed to see how they preparing the mango smoothies, whipped cream, mango slush and mango cubes in one big plastic cup. I heard that when they opened it’s buy 1 get 1, and the queue was very long. Then, it’s 40k per cup. And today it’s normal price. But it’s still long queue.. Wooooow!

IMG_0479 IMG_0480

Big Mango 50k

At first I only wanted to buy 1 big cup. Then, Hans texted me and asked me where I was. I said, “I am queuing at King Mango. Do you want some?” And he said, “YES!” So, I said to hubby, “We’ll buy 3 cups lah. I’m tired. So it’s 1 for you, 1 for me, and 1 for Hans.” After 1 hour and 40 minutes, finally we arrived at the front line. Then, “Ciyen, can you buy 2 for me?” OMG! @edmarvinz poked me. LOL. Ok, so I bought 5 cups. Hahaha.. And it was worth it. I loved the sweet mango and the texture of the smoothies. But I think 1 cup is enough for 2 persons.

IMG_0486 IMG_0487 IMG_0485 IMG_0482

Neo SOHO Mall LG Floor 216
Jl. Letjen S. Parman
Tanjung Duren, Jakarta
IG: @kingmangoindonesia

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