[HOTEL] Dwijaya House of Pakubuwono at Gandaria Jakarta

September 21st, 2017 – September 22nd, 2017.

I was quite stunned when I had invitation to stay at Dwijaya House of Pakubuwono. But, I was very happy. At first, I thought it’s in Pakubuwono area. Turned out, it’s in Gandaria area. Hahaha silly me. I told hubby, wrong address hon. LOL.


Dwijaya House of Pakubuwono is the new preferred choice of serviced residences in Jakarta, available for rent, for both business and leisure travelers, offering the most comfortable urban living experience in the city. Featuring fully-furnished 1-Bedroom to 2-Bedroom residences, Dwijaya House of Pakubuwono provides the comfort of a home with natural light cascading into the spacious interiors through the full-length windows.

When I stepped inside Dwijaya House, I was in love with their simplicity. Love their hospitality too. It was a very nice place. Made me feel very welcome.

IMG_5499 IMG_5500 IMG_4100 IMG_5495


Elegant fully furnished 1-BEDROOM Serviced Residences with beautifully proportioned living room and spacious bedroom with en-suite bathroom. Available for rent.

55 sqm (592 sqft)
1 King-Size Bed
No Smoking
Living/Sitting Area
Dining Area
Bathtub with Shower
Dining Area with Table & Seating for 2
Living/Sitting Area with Sofa
Fully Equipped Kitchen
High Speed Wireless Internet Access
40-inch LED TV

What a lovely bedroom. Love the living room, bedroom, kitchen. LOL. No, not the kitchen. I didn’t use it, for sure hahahaha.. But, I really love the living room. It’s not so big, not so spacious, but very comfortable to sit there with hubby, talking about everything while watching TV. And the bedroom, amazing. Big bed with cute bathroom.

IMG_5477 IMG_5464 IMG_5466 IMG_5462 IMG_5463 IMG_5465 IMG_5461 IMG_5459 IMG_5460 IMG_5458 IMG_4071 IMG_4069 IMG_4068 IMG_5448 IMG_5449 IMG_5457 IMG_5454 IMG_5456 IMG_5453 IMG_5450 IMG_5452


Nasi Goreng 66k

Indonesian fried rice with egg, beef sausages, fried chicken and crackers

Love the fried rice. Tasted like my mom’s fried rice. And the beef sausage was so gigantic. Super love! LOL. Well, this fried rice was super recommended.


Chicken Teriyaki 66k

Charcoal grilled chicken with homemade teriyaki sauce served with rice and salad

I was so hungry that I ate all the rice and salad and the chicken teriyaki all at once hahaha.. Sweet flavour from the teriyaki sauce, mixed with the tender chicken, absolutely delish.



They have gym, swimming pool and playground. They also have Zen Garden on their rooftop. It’s not big, but quite cosy. You just have to visit the Garden near sunset hour. If not, it will be super hot!

IMG_4099 IMG_5494 IMG_5493 IMG_4101 IMG_5479 IMG_5480 IMG_5487 IMG_5482 IMG_5478 IMG_5483 IMG_5484 IMG_5488 IMG_5496 IMG_5498

Thank you Dwijaya House for the lovely staycation. Really made my day.

Dwijaya House of Pakubuwono
Jl. Dwijaya II No.7
Gandaria, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 27513800
IG: @dwijayahouse


Gelato Paradise at Gandaria City Mall Jakarta

July 17th, 2017. I heard about Gelato Paradise long before I came to the place. I had plan to have lunch with my brother, so I visited Gelato Paradise before we had our lunch.


The Gelato Paradise’s store first opened at Tunjungan Plaza I in the heart of Surabaya, East Java-Indonesia in 2015, using special recipes, finest natural ingredients and friendly team workers, we make a great break through to gain our customers’ trust and happiness. New store openings followed and continuously improved our services and develop our gelato flavours. We believe in the simple things: Just make you smile, sharing special moments with family, catching up with old friends or even making new ones. Our gelato makers are always churning a freshly made gelato in work shop, created with only the finest ingredients and the best part with no artificial Flavours and colours.

Located at LG floor, Gelato Paradise occupied a small area with a petite gelato bar. It’s in front of Lotte Mart, with 2 or 3 tables for people to enjoy the gelato or sorbet. It’s a nice place for you to wait for parents who do the shopping.

IMG_1541 IMG_1542 IMG_1543 IMG_1544 IMG_1545 IMG_1546 IMG_1547 IMG_1548 IMG_1551

1 M Cup 45k

Groovy Root, Dragon Fruit Sorbet and Mango Sorbet

The combination of those 3 flavours were fantastic. I love the unique taste from groovy root, dragon fruit and mango. The texture was silky, rich and smooth. It’s refreshing and very very much addicting.

IMG_1550 IMG_1549

Gelato Paradise
Gandaria City Mall
LG Floor Unit L 98 A
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda No.11
Gandaria, Jakarta
Phone: +62 819-0887-6071
IG: @gelatoparadisecoid

Smoking Barrels Coffee Roastery & Lab at Radio Dalam Gandaria Jakarta

August 18th, 2017. Well, after attended a bakehouse’s opening in Melawai area, Natasha asked me and Cindy and Prawnche to visit a roastery at Radio Dalam area. It’s called Smoking Barrels. What a catchy name, right?


Actually, it’s not a coffee shop. It’s a coffee roastery and lab. So, there’s not many seats. Just a tiny space to sit in front of the coffee bar, and a petite space across the coffee bar.

IMG_3449 IMG_3446 IMG_3447 IMG_3445 IMG_3443 IMG_3450 IMG_3444

Cappuccino 18k

It’s Natasha’s order. I didn’t try it at all.


Latte 23k

Love the Latte. Not too strong, with medium level of the body. Well, the texture of the foam on a latte is very important. It should have a smooth, silky microfoam. That’s why I prefer to drink latte than the others. I love when a coffee isn’t too coffee.


Manual Brew

They told me that they used Ethiopia Nekisse for this manual brew. Well, I’m not a coffee expert. So, I will only review this coffee from my own experience. It’s a fruity one, but not too fruity for me. And I love the after taste. Recommended.


Thank you Smoking Barrels for introducing me to a delicious manual brew. 🙂

Smoking Barrels Coffee Roastery & Lab
Jl. Radio Dalam Raya No.3
Gandaria, Jakarta
Phone: +62 878-8897-7300
IG: @smkgbrrls

Djournal Coffee at Gandaria City Mall Jakarta

June 20th, 2017. 2 weeks ago I saw Djournal Coffee at Gandaria City, but hasn’t opened yet. When I had another event at Gancit, I saw that Djournal finally opened. Lucky me, Shalita asked me to meet up there, yaaaaay.


DJOURNAL COFFEE is Djakarta-based coffee purveyor committed to brewing the best coffees available. At Djournal, Coffee is king—but it’s still the relationships with their loyal customers (aka ‘Djournalists’) and their passion for coffee that really keeps them going. Djournal Coffee aspires that for all ‘Djournalists’, if their house was their first home and their work was their second home, all Djournal establishments would be known to be their ‘third home’ where they can collect a smile and daily memorable experiences. These memorable experiences are an accumulation from the coffee, barista, and the whole ambience. At Djournal, customers can enjoy various coffees with different brewing methods; cakes and pastries; and also choices of main course. Djournal Coffee’s interior is designed to create a homey and down-to-earth ambiance; a reminder that coffee is a product from earth that is always grounded and humble.

I don’t have to write anything about Djournal Coffee. People always put a good words upon Djournal. This outlet wasn’t as spacious as the others, but it’s pretty comfy. Let me show you around through my photos.

IMG_0210 IMG_0217 IMG_0224 IMG_0214 IMG_0211 IMG_0212 IMG_0213 IMG_0221 IMG_0218 IMG_0219 IMG_0222 IMG_0227 IMG_0228 IMG_0220 IMG_0215 IMG_0216

Honey Lemongrass Fizz

It’s a thirst-quenching drink. Not too sweet, even tend to be sour. It’s for Ramadan month.


Ovo Milo Cake

Actually I didn’t remember the name. So sorry, it’s been a month. Too many places to be reviewed. Forgive me! I will speed up my work. Anyway, this cake is very delicious. There’s crunchy in it that make it so good. Sweet and delightful.

IMG_0229 IMG_0231

Congratulations Djournal Coffee for the opening. Keep up the good work.

Djournal Coffee
Gandaria City Ground Floor
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Gandaria, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 27081866
IG: @djournalcoffee

Roti Eneng at Gandaria Tengah Jakarta

May 24th, 2017. I was in Gandaria area, when Natasha asked me to join her to Roti Eneng. Lucky me, it’s only walking-distance. So I walked alone. Then, when I almost arrived, I saw someone waving from car. Turned out it’s Natasha LOL.


Located in a small path, Roti Eneng is very simple. It’s like a house selling breads. It’s not like any other cafe or coffee shop. It’s just too humble. I knew about Roti Eneng from my little sister. She always talked about how delicious Roti Eneng. So when I saw Hans’ blog about it, I planned to visit the new place. Lucky me, Natasha asked me last week. Yaaaay. Anyway, last Tuesday I went there again with Cindy hahaha.. It’s been fun to hang out with friends, right? 🙂 Another luck, I always got the table in the private room. Twice. It’s more private with private AC and private ambiance.

IMG_8538 IMG_8542 IMG_8543 IMG_8535 IMG_8536 IMG_8540 IMG_8537 IMG_8541 IMG_8539

Es Kopi Bersahaja 20k

Another version of ice coffee. Yes, there’re a lot of ice coffees like this all over the coffee shops. You can check my Instagram account @yennymakanmulu and find the photos about them. It’s good but a little bit less milky.

Jangan terlalu sibuk mencari yang sempurna bila yang bersahaja sudah dapat membuatmu bahagia

IMG_8553 IMG_8554

Es Kopi Moka Bersahaja 20k

Love the mocha ice. It’s more chocolate than coffee. But, again, it’s less milky. I prefer it milky. More milky. Milkier. Something like that hahahaha..

IMG_8552 IMG_9105

Organic Stevia Leaf Tea Apple Cinnamon 22k

I didn’t know it’s apple and cinnamon at first. Well, they’re not my favourites, for sure. After I tried a sip, I could say that I loved this tea. Taste delicious with lovely aroma and thick texture.


Earl grey milk 35k

Homemade toast is always good. And Roti Eneng offer various flavour. We chose Earl grey milk toast. It’s a unique flavour for a toast. Earl grey mix with milk. Creamy texture with strong flavour. I love the texture of the toast. I love the earl grey milk combinations too. Sweet but not too sweet.

IMG_8549 IMG_8546

Choco peanut butter 32k

I always loved chocolate and peanut butter medley. And this choco peanut butter toast from Roti Eneng was superb. Just look at the melted chocolate. So sexy and tempting. And the peanut butter was just in a right portion to maintain the flavour of the toast. Recommended!

IMG_9103 IMG_9104

Creamy grilled cheese 42k

Mozarella, cheddar, red cheese, parmesan with beef mushroom sauce

Cheese and cheese and cheese. No wonder it’s a little bit salty for my taste bud. But in a good way salty, of course. Generous cheese and generous beef mushroom sauce! Look at the melted cheese and sauce. Super duper recommended!

IMG_8544 IMG_8547 IMG_8548

I love the place. It’s comfortable, simple and I can get any delicious bread. I will be back soon to try another bread.

Roti Eneng
Jl. Gandaria Tengah IV No.19
Kramat Pela, Kebayoran Baru
Phone: +62 21 7251746
IG: @roti_eneng

Gentle Ben at KH Ahmad Dahlan Gandaria Jakarta

May 24th, 2017. I had an event at Gandaria area, then I thought, “Why don’t I visit this coffee shop near the place?” I heard about Gentle Ben months ago, and I haven’t got the time to visit it. So, that lovely morning, I ordered online car and came to the lovely coffee shop.


Around 7 months ago, Gentle Ben was born in Ahmad Dahlan road. Why they chose the name Gentle Ben? “Gentle Ben is the name of a place in the States. I think it’s where the owner used to hang out with friends there.” the barista explained to me. I searched Gentle Bens and I found that it’s a place for local craftbeer on University Blvd. Tucson, AZ. Anyway, Gentle Ben in Jakarta is a coffee shop and it’s very comfortable. It shares the space with Flipside Concept Store, a retail shop specializing in fashion and lifestyle products. I didn’t have a chance to look Flipside around. I just sat and enjoyed my me-time at Gentle Ben.

IMG_8524 IMG_8515 IMG_8523 IMG_8525 IMG_8521 IMG_8514 IMG_8522 IMG_8512 IMG_8518 IMG_8513 IMG_8520 IMG_8517

Latte 35k

I asked them to make it less coffee, and it made the flavour quite different, I think. It’s sweeter, without sugar. The barista told me that the sweet came from the milk. Next time I think I will try the original latte hahahaha..


Donut Gourmet 22k

strawberry creme

At first, I wanted to try their canelle, but my eyes suddenly fascinated with the red strawberry colour. So canelle next time ya hahahaha.. But I didn’t really like the cream inside the donut. I prefer they filled it with strawberry too. And I forgot to take photo of the cream filling LOL.

IMG_8527 IMG_8528

Croque Madame 55k

Toasted smoked beef and cheese sandwich served with fondue sauce and topped with sunny side up with a side of salad

The presentation of the croque madame was not really impressive, but it tasted delicious. A little bit too salty but if you eat it with the salad, it’s indeed balancing the flavour. I think the salty taste came from the combination of smoked beef, cheese and fondue sauce. Recommended dish for those who love flavourful dish.

IMG_8529 IMG_8530 IMG_8532

I will be back to this place. They offer a very comfortable place with friendly barista. I saw the owner there, but he’s too busy I guess. That’s why I didn’t wanna bother him at all. Well, maybe next time..

Gentle Ben Cafe
Jl. KH. Ahmad Dahlan No.32
Kramat Pela, Kebayoran
Gandaria, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 7204493
IG: @gentleben.id