Pourology Brew Bar at Metropark Residence Kedoya Jakarta

September 15th, 2017. I visited Pourology Brew Bar after I came out from another coffee shop at the same apartment tower.


Pourology offered a nice place to sit or just having fun with your notebook or chit-chat with the baristas. They have smoking area outdoor. Not too big, but quite nice. I thought I will be just a second there, but when I spoke to the baristas, I forgot the time LOL. It’s just really fun to see their reaction every time they asked me, “Have you been to A? Have you been to B? Have you been to C?” And I answered, “Yes” all the time hahaha..

IMG_5065 IMG_5066 IMG_5067 IMG_5073 IMG_5064 IMG_5063 IMG_5074 IMG_5061 IMG_5068 IMG_5062

Red Velvet Frappe 39k

It’s one beautiful drink, for sure. I really like it, since it’s been coffee coffee and coffee all day long. It’s very delicious. It is unquestionably the best choice for those who prefer for a non coffee drink.

IMG_5069 IMG_5070

Pourology Brew Bar
Metro Park Residence
Jl. Pilar Mas Utama
Kedoya, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 22581039
IG: @pourology.id