Biten Coffee at Meruya Ilir Kebon Jeruk Jakarta

September 15th, 2017. I knew about Biten Coffee from Ivan before it’s opened. It’s actually his friend’s coffee shop. Well, I wanted to visit the place with Ivan but didn’t have the chance. So, I went there alone when I had a plan to stay in Cengkareng area.


Located in office area, Biten is really good for people who works around it. They finally have a nice place to hang out or just finding a place for snack time on office hours. Decorated with white colour, I was impressed with the ambiance. When I came in, there’s a bunch of moms waiting for their kids to come home from school. So I guess it’s good for moms, too.

IMG_5032 IMG_5031 IMG_5030 IMG_5028 IMG_5023 IMG_5024 IMG_5034 IMG_5026 IMG_5025 IMG_5027 IMG_5029

Caramel Latte 29k

Coffee shop will never be thorough without a cup of coffee, right? So what’s on the table for today? Caramel latte! Yaaaay.. You see the latte art, right? It’s really nice. And it tasted so good.

IMG_5035 IMG_5041

Cheeky OJ

Fresh sweet orange and ice long black

Lovely presentation. But too bad I didn’t really like long black coffee. So, it’s just ok for me. For those who like orange and long black, definitely must try this one. Tasted unique and very particular.

IMG_5043 IMG_5044

Tuna Croissant 20k

I was hungry so I ordered this tuna croissant. Well, tasted delicious, but I prefer more tuna in the croissant. LOL.


Biten Coffee
Business Park Kebon Jeruk
Kencana Tower Blok B No. 10
Jl. Meruya Ilir Raya No. 88
Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 30067872
IG: @bitencoffee

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