Sam’s Wok at Kota Kasablanka Jakarta

April 21st, 2017. There’s new restaurant opened in Kota Kasablanka. Sam’s Wok. Yaaay, it’s very near my place. It’s so happy to attend their grand opening at the time. I heard that they already had outlet in Sampoerna Strategic Square and Food Louver’s Grand Indonesia. So, this one was the 3rd outlets.


Sam’s Wok was born from our love of Modern style Chinese Food, where all of our signature menus are created with our special sauce. And the best part is everything is freshly made. Sam’s Wok is a great place to enjoy a good meal together with co-workers, friends, and of course family, yet if you need to grab a quick bite, they also serve single serving rice bowl with toppings that you can pick from the menu. Here in Sam’s Wok, all the menus is enriched with many herbs, therefore it is rich & flavorful in taste. You may find Crispy Beef Ribs to Thai Style Fish Soup, or healthy choices of brown rice and stir-fried vegetables.

The 3rd outlet is not really spacious. It’s a compact place to have lunch or dinner with delicious menus. I was the first one to come. After me, there’re a lot of media people. Then, the owners, Mr Triyadi and Ms Diana gave speech about the concept of Sam’s Wok. It’s a Modern Style Asian Food, not authentic Chinese cuisine. And they were very proud of it. The cute things, they have 3 mascots. You can see those cute mascots on their wall and ceiling. Now let me show you around through my simple review.

IMG_6675 IMG_6684 IMG_6696 IMG_6690 IMG_6678 IMG_6679 IMG_6680 IMG_6687 IMG_6688 IMG_6691 IMG_6692 IMG_6689 IMG_6693

Lychee Ice Tea 21.8k


Dragonfruit Cold Pressed Fresh Juice 25k


Black Pepper Beef 48k


Spring Roll (3 pcs) 20.8k


XO String Beans 27.5k


Crispy Beef with Sam Wok’s House Special Sauce 48k


Sam’s Wok Special Fish Bite 39.5k


Fried Chicken with Dried Chili 39.5k


General Tso Chicken 35k


Charsiu Chicken 32k


Steam Fish Thai Style 46k


Po’s Homemade Special Tofu 31.5k

Japanese Tofu, Minced Chicken and Egg


XO Style Fried Rice (chicken) 30.8k


From all the dishes that I've tried, they're all delicious.
But, my favourites were Crispy Beef and General Tso Chicken.
The Crispy Beef was different from any other beef dish. It's tender yet crispy on the texture.
Tasted sweet and delicious. Addicting! Couldn't stop munching it.
The General Tso Chicken was also tender yet crunchy.
Delicious flavour with adorable seasoning.
But like I said, they were all delightful. Just choose which one is your favourite.

Congratulations Sam’s Wok for this latest outlet.

Sam’s Wok
Kota Kasablanka
LG Floor No Unit. L97
Jl. Casablanca No. 88
Tebet, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 29512745
IG: @samswok_id


Ardent Coffee at CoLab Plaza Senayan Jakarta

May 1st, 2017. I had an event in Plaza Senayan around 3pm. So, when I arrived earlier, I tried to find a place to sit, waiting for Hans. I walked around until I saw CoLab space. It was a working space with several tenants. And one of them is Ardent Coffee. I saw Berrywell, Dore, and Lewis & Carroll, but this time I only visited Ardent.


CoLab is a curated concept store for local lifestyle brands. Lucky me, I still got seat there, since it was weekend. So many beautiful things in there. I had to hold the urge to buy things there hahahaha.. The place isn’t small but not too spacious. Well, please enjoy my very very simple review.

IMG_7050 IMG_7054 IMG_7057 IMG_7063 IMG_7053 IMG_7052 IMG_7046 IMG_7047 IMG_7064 IMG_7058 IMG_7049 IMG_7045 IMG_7062 IMG_7044

Hazelnut Latte 39k

I loved it. It’s very delicious. The texture was perfect. Smell so good, with great flavour. It’s weet but not too sweet. Well, it’s like hazelnut latte in general, of course. And I love the latte art. It’s simple but beautiful.


Nutella Marshmallow 31k

I think it’s my mistake to order this nutella marshmallow toast. I ordered hazelnut latte for the drink, and this one for the food? OMG. I should order the savoury one. But it’s too late. Well, it’s just like any ordinary toast. Served with vanilla ice cream and marshmallow, it was delicious, sweet and appetizing.

IMG_7065 IMG_7066

Next time, I will try the savoury toast, for sure. Cannot wait to be back!

Ardent Coffee
CoLab Space
Plaza Senayan B1 A Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika no 8
Phone: +62 821-1140-0088

[EVENT] AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA Celebrates Ramadan 2017

May 9th, 2017. AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA celebrates Ramadan with Signature Indonesian dishes from across the Archipelago Jakarta.

During the holy month of Ramadan, from 27 May – 25 June 2017, AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA formerly known as InterContinental Jakarta Midplaza invites guests to break their fast with a colorful feast inspired by traditional family recipes.


During Ramadan, in-house visitors and local residents alike are welcome to enjoy special local dishes prepared by AYANA’s creative culinary team. Featuring beloved regional specialties, and using only the finest locally sourced ingredients, diners can expect to satisfy their favorite personal cravings, as well as try a unique twist on traditional fare with beautiful presentations that reflect Indonesia’s diverse cultural heritage. Break your fast with delightful sweets such as umali, es teler, fresh sop buah and many more. After breaking your fast, savour in authentic Indonesia cuisine from tahu gunting, rujak cingur, assorted sambal and many more. Priced at Rp. 388.000 nett per person during periode of 27 May – 3 june 2017 and 18 June – 25 June 2017. During 4 June 2017 – 17 June 2017 your Ramadan dining pleasure is priced at Rp. 450.000 nett per person.


AYANA’s contemporary Rasa restaurant is the perfect place to relax with associates after work, or to gather with friends and family over the weekend. Presenting impeccable service and genuinely caring hospitality, AYANA is a premium choice within Jakarta’s commercial business district, for a comforting home-away-from-home ambiance during holy month.

Based on Press Release from Ayana Midplaza

[EVENT] Breakfasting with Archipelago Cuisines at Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran

May 12th, 2017. Event: Breakfasting with Archipelago Cuisines at Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran.

Ramadan is a month full of blessings and special moments for all Muslims around the world. Soon we will enter the holy month of Ramadan. One tradition that is never abandoned during Ramadan is the moment of breaking the fast with family, friends or relatives.


Every year, Botany All Day Dining which is part of the Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran Hotel always presents a variety of special menus to enliven the moment of breaking fast during Ramadan. “This year, we will present an iftar buffet with the concept of archipelago cuisine, this is the right moment to promote special cuisines of our own country and this buffet is a favorite buffet theme from Botany All Day Dining customers,” said Nina – Food & Beverage Manager, Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran.

hik02 hik01

The “Iftar Delights” buffet dinner will be available from 25 May to 25 June 2017. Some special menus will include: Escargot Mercon, Wagyu Fried Rice, Sum-Sum Iga Soup, Sugar Smashed Banana with Durian Ice Cream, Indonesian BBQ Corner and many more. You can enjoy this iftar delights at an affordable price, only IDR 250,000 ++ per person. Get 25% off on 1ST week of Ramadan, 25 May – 1 June 2017. Every Thursday and Friday from 6:00 pm, you will be accompanied by acoustic music while breaking the fast.

hik06 hik05

For those who like to break the fast with a light meal, you can try the “Ramadan Sweets” package that features a variety of traditional snacks and takjil at Habitat Lounge. Get 20% off for BCA credit cardholders. With only IDR. 100,000 ++ per person, you can enjoy this “Ramadan Sweets” offer. This promo available daily during Ramadan period from 5.30 pm.


Botany All Day Dining and Habitat Lounge are located at Lobby Level Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran Hotel with 150 person capacity for Botany and 80 persons for Habitat Lounge. With the concept of natural and contemporary interior, the presence of Botany All Day Dining and Habitat Lounge will provide a new color as a culinary destination for culinary lovers in North Jakarta. For information and reservations, please call 021-2956 8800 or Email to

Based on Press Release from Holiday Inn Kemayoran Jakarta

Molasses Coffee, Cake & More at Cipete Raya Jakarta

May 17th, 2017. “As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?” I saw this somewhere on internet. Well, that’s why coffee shops are everywhere hahaha. Well, I visited Molasses with Cindy. It’s not far from our previous coffee shop. Just across the road. Actually we came in around 9am, but there’s no one. So we came back around 10:30am. 🙂

IMG_8137 IMG_8135

Located at Komplek Cipete Square, Molasses occupied the first floor, while the second floor occupied by other tenant. Too bad, on our visit, they didn’t have any food to order. That’s why we ordered only 1 drink. It’s not really usual for me to make a blog on 1 drink only, but I loved the place. So I wanted to show to you the ambiance of it. Please enjoy my most simple review. Pssst, I will be back there again to order food hahahaha..

IMG_8139 IMG_8138 IMG_8140 IMG_8142IMG_8146 IMG_8141   IMG_8143 IMG_8144 IMG_8145 IMG_8148 IMG_8156 IMG_8157

Ice Salted Caramel Latte 40k

It’s really good, but too sweet for us. Maybe next time I will ask for a less sweeter drink. And we were too full to order another drink hahahahaha.. Too bad they ran out of food, since I was very hungry for savoury food. Well, another time, then.. *wink wink*

IMG_8152 IMG_8153 IMG_8154

Wait for us, Molasses. I will come again to try everything hahaha..

Molasses Cafe
Komplek Cipete Square
Jl. Cipete Raya 55 no 7
Phone: +62 21 7590 0697
IG: @molassescafe

Senyum Indonesia at Teluk Betung Thamrin Jakarta

May 16th, 2017. I planned to visit Senyum since Cindy told me about this new place. But since Cindy isn’t working in Thamrin area, it’s a little bit hard to make an appointment with her LOL. So, when Lisha asked me to visit the place with her, I told Cindy about it, and Cindy said, “Go ahead, you go first, tell me about it later.” Yaaaay.


It’s 11:15 when we made a lunch date, then I ordered online car. I got there first. I was stunned with the place. It’s very comfortable. Cold AC, friendly gesture from the people there, and beautiful paintings everywhere. They told me that they’re selling batik too on 2nd floor. And now please enjoy my photos and simple review

IMG_8040 IMG_8032 IMG_8037 IMG_8036 IMG_8035 IMG_8034 IMG_8033 IMG_8041 IMG_8038 IMG_8031 IMG_8029 IMG_8043 IMG_8042 IMG_8045 IMG_8047 IMG_8048

Teh Jawa 18k

Tea herbs from Senyum and sugar cubes. Popular in Jogjakarta, born in Klaten.


Nasi Ayam Betutu, Bali 75k

White rice, with betutu chicken. Served with spicy tuna, lawar, telur pindang, sate lilit and sambal matah.

IMG_8050 IMG_8051 IMG_8052

Nasi Padang Rendang 75k

Served with kalio broth, daun ubi, green chili and Padang crackers.

IMG_8054 IMG_8055 IMG_8056

I didn't try the Nasi Bali since it's spicy.
I only ate the Nasi Padang. And for me, it's just okay.
The rendang beef was a little bit dry.
They said, that's how they cook the rendang beef.
A little bit different, of course. Every place has its own habits, I guess.

Anyway, congratulations Senyum for the opening. I will be back soon to try other dishes.

Senyum Indonesia
Jl. Teluk Betung No.45
Tanah Abang, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 3146092
IG: @senyumindonesia.jkt