Pitstop Culinary Heaven at Mangga Besar Jakarta

May 13th, 2017. I was invited to their opening, but couldn’t come. So when I had a chance to visit the place, I told one of the owners, who happened to be my best friend’s girlfriend hahaha. After a previous foodtasting, my hubby picked me up and drove me to Pitstop. It’s quite challenging to visit the place since we had to take pathways. But, finally we arrived. Yaaaay.


The place quite spacious. It used to be parking space for a company and a dentist. Pitstop have 3 tenants of their own at one side area, and they rent the rest of the area to other tenants. They opened from 5pm to 1am on Monday to Thursday, and 6pm to 2am on Friday to Sunday. They’re selling toasts, indomie, sate taichan, etc. Quite fun, right?

IMG_7878 IMG_7883 IMG_7881 IMG_7879 IMG_7882 IMG_7884

Ice Strawberry Tea 18k


Milo Dino 20k


Juice Alpukat 23k


Sate Taichan 23k

IMG_7918 IMG_7902

Sushiban Ovomaltine 25k

IMG_7920 IMG_7921 IMG_7929

Indomie Sambal Matah 18k

IMG_7891 IMG_7892

Indomie Kuah Susu 18k

IMG_7924 IMG_7926

Smores Toast 26k

marshmallow, nutella, chocolate sauce, peanut sauce, peanut crunch


Sunny Side Up Beef Bacon 24k

egg, beef bacon, mayonaise, mozzarella, lettuce, tomato

IMG_7893 IMG_7897

I tried several dishes there. My most favourite was the Sushiban Ovomaltine.
The banana was tender and sweet. And I love the presentation.
It's like sushi roll hahaha so cute!!
And it's my first time to try Sate Taichan. A little bit out of date hahaha.
It's delicious. A little bit salty for me, but the texture was perfect. Tender meat.
I didn't try the Indomie Sambal Matah. I asked them to take away the dish for my mom-in-law.
Smores Toast was delicious but too sweet for me.
The Sunny Side Up Beef Bacon was delicious with perfectly runny sunny side up woohoo.
But there's nothing really special about it. Just a sandwich with sunny side up and beef bacon.
Indomie Kuah Susu was my choice. They added salted egg sauce. But, I guess it's too much.
I think next time I have to ask them to add just a little of salted egg.
Overall, I love all of their food and drinks.

Congratulations Pitstop! Love the place, love the food, love the drinks, and love the hospitality. Good job!

Pitstop Culinary Heaven
Jl. Mangga Besar IV No.2A
Taman Sari, Jakarta
Phone: +62 858-8888-8567
IG: @pitstop.ch


Wingstop Indonesia at Gran Rubina Epicentrum Kuningan Jakarta

April 30th, 2017. I think everybody knows Wingstop, right? So I don’t have to give knowledge about it hahaha. As far as I know, Wingstop is the destination when you crave fresh never faked wings, hand-cut seasoned fries and any of our famous sides. For people who demand flavor in everything they do, there’s only Wingstop – because it’s more than a meal, it’s a flavor experience.


You can find many outlets of Wingstop at Plaza Senayan, Citywalk Sudirman, South Quarter, AEON Mall, Kemang Raya, Cinere Bellevue, Bintaro Xchange, Margo City, Harapan Indah, Lippo Mall Puri, Setiabudi One, Kota Kasablanka and Generali Tower. I visited Wingstop Generali Tower. One of their latest outlet. It’s a comfortable place with natural light in every corner.

IMG_6972 IMG_6973 IMG_6971 IMG_6980 IMG_6982 IMG_6977 IMG_6975 IMG_6981 IMG_6978 IMG_6979 IMG_6976

Classic Wings with Teriyaki Sauce


Boneless Wings with Garlic Parmesan


Mushrooms Friters


Original Seasoned Fries


Cajun Fries


Lemon Pepper Fries


Garlic Parmesan Fries


Always love boneless wings at Wingstop. My favorite flavours were Teriyaki dan Garlic Parmesan.
It was very tasty and flavourful. Well-seasoned.
The meat was very tender.
The teriyaki flavour enhanced the sweetness of the meat.
The garlic parmesan flavour was just amazing. Favourite!
The mushroom fritters are very good for side dish.
Juicy and chewy. Just perfect for a snack before eat the wings.

When we talked about the flavoured fries, my favourite was also the Garlic Parmesan.
The cajun was too spicy, the lemon pepper was my least favourite, and the original was great.
But still, the garlic parmesan was the perfect one for my taste bud.
Pssst, my hubby loved them all.

Anyway, congratulations Wingstop for opening at Gran Rubina. Now I know where to go when I want to have some great time at the business area. Hooraaaaay!

Wingstop Indonesia
Generali Tower
Gran Rubina Business Park, First Floor
Kawasan Rasuna Epicentrum
Jl. HR Rasuna Said
Kuningan, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 29023433
IG: @wingstopid