Senyum Indonesia at Teluk Betung Thamrin Jakarta

May 16th, 2017. I planned to visit Senyum since Cindy told me about this new place. But since Cindy isn’t working in Thamrin area, it’s a little bit hard to make an appointment with her LOL. So, when Lisha asked me to visit the place with her, I told Cindy about it, and Cindy said, “Go ahead, you go first, tell me about it later.” Yaaaay.


It’s 11:15 when we made a lunch date, then I ordered online car. I got there first. I was stunned with the place. It’s very comfortable. Cold AC, friendly gesture from the people there, and beautiful paintings everywhere. They told me that they’re selling batik too on 2nd floor. And now please enjoy my photos and simple review

IMG_8040 IMG_8032 IMG_8037 IMG_8036 IMG_8035 IMG_8034 IMG_8033 IMG_8041 IMG_8038 IMG_8031 IMG_8029 IMG_8043 IMG_8042 IMG_8045 IMG_8047 IMG_8048

Teh Jawa 18k

Tea herbs from Senyum and sugar cubes. Popular in Jogjakarta, born in Klaten.


Nasi Ayam Betutu, Bali 75k

White rice, with betutu chicken. Served with spicy tuna, lawar, telur pindang, sate lilit and sambal matah.

IMG_8050 IMG_8051 IMG_8052

Nasi Padang Rendang 75k

Served with kalio broth, daun ubi, green chili and Padang crackers.

IMG_8054 IMG_8055 IMG_8056

I didn't try the Nasi Bali since it's spicy.
I only ate the Nasi Padang. And for me, it's just okay.
The rendang beef was a little bit dry.
They said, that's how they cook the rendang beef.
A little bit different, of course. Every place has its own habits, I guess.

Anyway, congratulations Senyum for the opening. I will be back soon to try other dishes.

Senyum Indonesia
Jl. Teluk Betung No.45
Tanah Abang, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 3146092
IG: @senyumindonesia.jkt

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